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I wanted to share some homes with simple and lovely Christmas decor–basically, to me, these houses are decorated in the Cozy Minimalist style–could they put a bunch more decor/seasonal stuff out? Yes, of course they could and that would be just fine, but they choose not to and it’s amazing the beautiful statement that is made with just a few choice items.

Like Anissa’s Christmas Home Tour in the photo above.

Notice how every item in her home has a voice? Each piece has room to make an impact–hello plaid throw over the chair, hello wreaths with the red bows.


Merry Christmas – Welcome to Our Home // Paige Knudsen

Paige’s home is a great example of collections groped together to make an impact but not over done, and signature pieces (hello chalkboard) there are still places to sit a coffee mug, and it’s beautifully styled without being over the top. There’s nothing wrong with over the top decorating at Christmas, but it’s not the only way to make a home Christmasty, and often times I feel like it’s the over-the-top pretty homes that get all the attention this time of year.

If you need some simple inspiration, these home are for you, especially if you don’t want to store away or invest in tons of seasonal decor.


How to Decorate for the Holidays Without Punching Someone in the Face// The Lazy Genius Collective

Huge YES. Kendra explains this in one post better than I can in three years of blogging–pretty good from someone who claims they are ‘Zero percent decorating expert”. If you are still struggling with decorating for Christmas, read this post now.

fixer upper

Off the Christmas topic but, season three of Fixer Upper premiered this week. I recorded it so I haven’t watched it yet, but from just looking at the photos, this might be my favorite design yet. I have a soft spot for dueling sofas–and leather chesterfields? Yes please.  There’s a recap on Joanna’s blog with lots of photos. And, this is hysterical: 49 Thoughts you have every time you watch Fixer Upper

hopewriters logo hope*writers

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big magic

What to do when someone else already wrote your book // Emily P. Freeman

(PS, get yourself some flowers like that here)

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  1. Yep, this week’s Fixer Upper was the . best . one . ever, Nester!

    Now to figure how to persuade Joanna to make her way up to Cape Cod to do her magic in our place …


  2. that was like a big frontal hug, a high five & a warm vanilla cup of coffee….thank you sweet lady. you made my home feel mighty special

  3. I loved this, Myquillan! I’m so feeling the Cozy Minimalist holiday decor this year and those tours have been among my favorites. I love all the space left for living in them. I’m slowly giving away a huge amount of my “storable” decor – replacing it with things that can be recycled/composted after or are seasonless (white candles never go out of style!) Life is just so much calmer like this.

  4. I haven’t taken your course yet (it’s on my Christmas list!) but Cozy Minimalist, AKA Stop Putting So Much Crap Everywhere, is totally my style. Love all these images and can’t wait to take your course.

    Also, this Fixer Upper was the best.

  5. Lisa Mothersead says:

    Paige Knudsen’s home is always my favorite on the house tours. I love the opening pic’, also. Another home you can enjoy simply and calmly. It’s fun to see the super full of xmas decor homes, but to live in them – well, no. Lemonade Makin’ Mama just wrote about this on her blog. Always enjoy your home pic’s.

  6. One of these books + a couch = heaven!

  7. OK so fixer-upper fans…I live in Waco. Just like all other celebrities, TV makes it look simpler than normal. Nobody else in Waco can come near to the prices Magnolia offers, because their subs all DIE to be on the show so offer super low prices. It actually makes it very hard for contractors (like my husband) because folks CANNOT figure out why it’s so expensive in the real world to do what they do on TV. Just sayin, Waco is not paradise, and homes with land may seem cheap but we do have very high property tax. We are home shopping right now, and a house with 5-10 acres is around $200,000. Honestly, just come visit Magnolia’s BEAUTIFUL shop, and watch fixer upper and DROOL….from wherever you are, it’s much more charming that way ;-}

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