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This post created in partnership with Sugru, wait until you see this stuff!

I keep a DIY toolkit.

I’m not organized enough to have a cute pink tool box, but there are a few things I always keep around my house for when the need arises. Things like hot glue and glue guns, gold metallic paint pens, feather pillow inserts, washi tape, plate hangers, upholstery tacks, ring clips…you get the idea.

Recently I’ve added something else to my DIY tool box. Sugru.

Sugru is like adult play dough that cures into a strong but flexible rubber–overnight and sticks to pretty much whatever you stick it to. Why didn’t I think of that?

Let me explain in pictures…

diy better hangers

Let’s say your strappy shirts keep falling off their hangers. See those little black triangles on the hanger up there? Sugru.

wood hangers that hold straps

I used a little packet of black Sugru and separated it, rolled it into little balls then pressed it onto hangers and let it sit over night–one single pack was enough for three hangers.


If you own an Apple computer or phone, you’ve probably dealt with the dreaded frayed, broken cable.

I mixed together some red and white Sugru  (yep you can blend the colors!) and repaired my cord and now it’s pretty and flexible and durable and I don’t feel like I’m on the verge of electrocution from a laptop.

apple cord repairSugru is suitable to use on low voltage cables under 24 volts


I love this ladder made of imperfect, natural pieces of wood. But, when you have something made with real branches, it’s not going to be perfectly balanced. The right top of the ladder leans against my white wall and takes all the weight (the left top doesn’t even touch the wall!) and I was getting scratches on my wall every time someone grabbed a throw.

ladder fix

Since Sugru is easy to shape like play-dough and easily fills weird gaps, just attach it, mold it to the shape you want and let it cure for 24 hours.

I added some white Sugru to the back of the side that scratched the wall and now my ladder doesn’t slide if we grab a throw and my walls are protected. Double win!

marble cutting board

Within a month of buying my marble cutting board, all of the plastic feet had fallen off–you can see where they were on the top photo, whatever glue was used just didn’t want to stick. So I used one packet of white Sugru and split it into fourths, rolled it into balls and smashed it into place right where the old feet were. It’s holding great and now has a pleasing, soft, thud when I set it on the counter…


I did the same with my slice of petrified wood and slice of geode. What? Your petrified wood and geode slices already have feet? Well, consider yourself lucky!


It’s amazing what little Sugru feet can do.

Just a little lift on the bottom of my marble, petrified wood and geode suddenly turns them into more of a display piece–almost like a tray. I didn’t want anything too tall, just something to separate them from the surface they sit on.

Before they felt a little flat and it was a pain to lift them off the kitchen counter–especially if there was any water underneath it would act like suction and stick.


Sugru is one of those things that’s great to have for any time you want to fix, adapt or improve something at home. Plus it makes it easy and fun for anyone to be a DIYer. I bet you are thinking of something right now you can use it for.

Here are a few more ideas–use Sugru to stabilize your hair straightener and keep it from damaging your furniture, here’s some clever cord storage ideas, even incorporating legos! Discover lots more project ideas and inspiration at Sugru.

Sugru is available at Target and Lowes stores nationwide!

This is the perfect stocking stuffer!

A Giveaway!



Sugru is giving away a $200 Target Gift Card!


  • to enter, click over to Sugru website, pick your favorite project, and then comment back on this post sharing which idea you liked the most
    • {open to US only (apologies) giveaway ends November 19}




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  1. The shoe hanging storage idea is pretty awesome. I would definitely like to make something like that!

  2. I like being able to add bathroom accessories without drilling into the walls or tile.

  3. I love the idea of being able to hang things in the bathroom without drilling holes, especially on tile!

  4. Elyce Jennings says

    Oh how nice it would be not to have to buy so many Apple power cords!!!!!

  5. I love the idea that you can attach things to the walls without using a screw or nail. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Kathleen Lee says

    I have several things that could use feet…I would probably start with those. I also like the jewelry hangers. thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I like the fun hooks that kids can reach. thanks for the chance to win!

  8. The “Make everything magnetic” kit would be awesome… I have magnetic framing on some shelves, and it would be so cool to have “floating” decor on them :)

  9. I love the driftwood storage ideas in the bathroom. Cute and clever!

  10. oh my goodness, I need to get my cables under control. And i need to cover some fraying. I bet my husband would like this for Christmas.

  11. Nester! What a great giveaway!
    I LOVE “how to hang bathroom accessories without drilling into the tile. I live in a mid-century modern house. The tiles in all of the bathrooms are in mint condition, but the colors and style are no longer available. We desperately need new towel bars, but don’t want to drill. If a tile accidentally cracks…we’re doomed!

  12. Love those twig hooks. And I’m thinking of turning some geodes and beach stones into very cool door stops!

  13. I love the shoe-hanging idea— actually ALL the ideas because organization (or lack of) sometimes rules my life!

  14. The Lego block which holds the cords! So need this stuff!

  15. wardrobe hacks look good to me.

  16. I have two projects that need Sugru–the dishwasher and a broken Storm Trooper.

  17. Keep keys tidy with Sugru + Magnets

  18. I would love to hang things on our bathroom tile without drilling holes! Such a great idea.

  19. Oh my gosh! The shoes!!! I’ve got 5 people in my house & the shoes make me nuts!

  20. Brittany Waller says

    Those tennis balls used as shoe storage- genius. Simple but effective.

  21. Those toothbrush holders are too much. I’m heading to Target today to get some to put on the bottom of some wooden boxes. The screws stick out on the bottom and scratch the shelves every time the boys pull the boxes out to get their toys. Can’t wait to try this as a solution!

  22. I like the project organizing cords. I have a problem with that.

  23. I love the Lego guy holding the cord! I am going to hunt through the Lego bucket and find some guys to hold our cords!

  24. You mean I could finally fix that blankety-blank-blank towel rod that daily clatters to the floor of my upstairs, resonating bathroom???!!! Terrific idea!

  25. Loving the hanger grippys! It’s on my list for today’s errands to go to Target and find this magical goo!

  26. I love being able to add bathroom accessories without drilling into the walls or tile. We rent a town house and we would be charged a lot to make those changes when we left. :]

  27. I like the toothbrush holders!

  28. Hanging things from tile without drilling?!? I can think of at least 5 places I could use that right now!!!

  29. I thought the idea to use sugru to stop water from flowing over the sink was pure BRILLIANCE! What double sink user coukdn’t use that?!

  30. Great way to use all those old Legos we have sitting around!!

  31. liked the cable organization tip

  32. I love the lego cord attaching thingies. Perfect for the techie hubby.

  33. I love the idea of fixing my fraying Apple cord and also the cord organizers.

  34. Oh! The Lego cord holder is hilarious! :)

  35. Love that you can use it on tile for adding bathroom accessories!!

  36. I liked the idea of making cable cord holders to keep them from getting tangled together!

  37. I love the little toothbrush holders added onto the side of the bathroom sink. Adding the peices to the hangers is pretty brilliant as well!

  38. with two boys, it’s good to know toys can be fixed with sugru!
    what cool stuff!

  39. Cord holders

  40. I’d definitely try Sugru to add hooks and bars to our bathroom :)

  41. Honestly? The Fixer’s Manifesto is pretty fantastic. ;)

  42. i love the toothbrush holders on the side of the sink!

  43. I got my husband the starter kit. What a great stocking stuffer idea!

  44. I’d try the magnet keyholder project.

  45. I love the shoe project!!!! I have a ton of shoes and this will solve my storage problem!!! This product looks amazing! I will be heading to Lowes this weekend. I have all kinds of things this will work on!!!

  46. So much technology in our lives = cables everywhere! I love the idea of using it as a cable organizer.

  47. I love the cable organizing idea with Legos and Sugru.

  48. I like the fun hooks for kids and the cable grips.

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