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For the past two years I’ve heard a tiny whisper telling me I needed to slow. it. down.

It was easy to ignore and as much as I agreed with it, clearly I didn’t see how important it was.

Because I had junk to do. Little junk. Big junk. Fancy junk, junk I regretted saying yes to, junk I thought would impress people, junk that was fun, hard and expected of me. All sorts of junk good and bad. So much junk that I really just needed to stop.

You know when you are tired to the very bone? Soul tired. Kind of like when you are so exhausted that you just have to sit down. But what about when you need to sit down on the inside?

simply tuesday

But you feel like you can’t because #hustle is mainstream with a vengeance and there’s that new social media thing that you still don’t understand and how in the world is everyone doing so many things and did our grandmothers feel perpetually behind?

Sometimes, because we hear it everywhere, it’s easy to believe we always have to dream bigger! shoot for the stars! build it now! because it’s now or never! make it happen! strive harder! be fiercer! do the next thing! go faster! hurry! It’s exhausting just to type that many exclamation marks, much less follow through.

simply tuesday

If you’ve ever felt that you weren’t created to live like that, then this book is for you:: Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World.

Last year when I heard about the concept of this book I knew it was going to be my favorite thing Emily has ever written. And it is.

If Emily writes another book, I will LOVE it, but this book will always have my heart. This is the book our generation NEEDS. This quiet, gentle book will speak truth into your life, truth that you’ve always secretly hoped and deeply knew was true. I wish I could personally give this book to everyone who reads this blog, everyone who reads any blog, everyone who has an online presence of any kind, because the online world has changed how we compare ourselves to others and the message of this book brings us back.

simply tuesday

Believe it or not, I have read Simply Tuesday THREE times already. I’ve highlighted it like crazy-town. I feel sorry for my own sister because since she wrote this book, she doesn’t get to read it like the rest of us do.

It’s so fantastic to be reminded that sometimes our smallness is a wonderful gift.

That ordinary is normal and good…

#itssimplytuesday #ItsSimplyTuesday hashtag on instagram–where thousands of people share their ordinary moments every Tuesday.


…that small is the new free.

And freedom is just about the most appealing thing right now.

small things

I promise, Simply Tuesday will encourage you right where you are, no gumption required.

conversation guide

And for a limited time, if you purchase Simply Tuesday you can get the Small Group Conversation Guide for free.

Here’s the thing, if small groups make you hyper-ventilate (INTJs and such, I’m with you), you can do this with a SUPER small group, like one friend. This is the kind of book that makes you want to call that friend after you read every chapter. Now that I think of it, you should probably go ahead and buy two copies and give one to her (it will be the best $18 you’ve ever spent).

this next

So, if you are on the fence, wondering if Simply Tuesday is right for you, go here, listen to Emily read the introduction & first chapter. (one of my favorite stories of the entire book starts around 14:30).

If you want to find out more about the book, check it out here–to read more about it, be sure to scroll down, or click play on the screen to listen to the first short video.

If you’ve already heard enough and know this book is for you, order it right here (just $9!)

If you have a friend who would love it too, this is the perfect $9 gift, even if you save it for her birthday or Christmas, plus, the cover is so cute with its gold foil, it looks great with everything!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that this day has finally come. And I’ve never been more proud of my baby sister and her words.

small moments