Sleep Tight. We Are


Sometimes I think we are the only couple left in America who share a queen sized bed.

We’ve talked about if we should upgrade to a king size in the past few years. When I’m asleep I like my space. And whenever we find ourselves in a king size bed at a hotel we cannot believe how much space there is. GLORY!

So it was time for us to get a new mattress and we had to make The Big Decision. King or Queen.

What do you think we did?

We stayed with the Queen.

Long live the Queen and other cheers!

We were kind of worried that if we put a king sized bed in our little bedroom it would feel more like a trampoline park than an actual room with a floor. I admit, I was the one trying to convince Chad to upgrade but, when I thought about starting over with sheets and even the bed, it made me so tired that I wanted to take a nap– in our queen bed.

bed in a box

We are on our third mattress of our marriage. The first one we had for ten years–it was used when we got it and I think someone left it in the house we rented. We bought the second one ten years ago at Sam’s Club–just give us your least expensive new mattress please.

Back then there were no trial periods. You did your best to lay on a plastic-wrapped mattress in the store and act like you don’t see people giving you funny looks and imagine if you’d like sleeping on it. Then you bought it, tied it to the top of your car, drove home slowly and hoped it worked. Then you kept it for 10 years whether you loved it or not because TROUBLE.

mattress on a car

This is how it worked in the olden days.

These days, we are so spoiled. Because if a company is smart, they’ll let you try out a mattress and if it isn’t right for you, you can send it back. WHAT?!

We’ve been sort of on the lookout for a mattress for the past two years and I’ve actually been offered a few different mattresses (as a blogger this happens sometime) but it wasn’t until the Leesa Company came along that they caught my attention.




Y’all this mattress is gorgeous. No more weird faded bouquets of flowers–amiright? The lovely cover is made right here in North Carolina, the entire mattress is made in the USA.


And the truth is, none of us really know if we are going to like a mattress for real until we sleep on it for a while. We can pull every stunt and position in the store–but it’s not until you get it home that you really know–I actually feel the same way about jeans and bathing suits too.


So with our new mattress we get 100 nights (that’s over 3 months!) to try it out and make sure we like it, and if not, guess what–they’ll come pick it up. And there’s not slowly driving home with a mattress tied to the top of the car–this one comes in a little box, delivered to your doorstep.

I could tell you that this mattress is really beautiful, has the perfect amount of give, softness and bounce, and is comfy for a back and stomach sleeper, but the truth is, unless you sleep on a mattress, you’ll never know if it’s right for you. And now that’s exactly what you can do.

Why you might want to try Leesa:

  • Leesa is like the TOMS Shoes for mattresses. For every 10 mattresses they sell, they will donate one to a shelter!

  • You order completely online with free shipping to your doorstep, compressed in a box the size of a mini-fridge.


Sleep tight friends, and tell me, are you kings or queens?

This post sponsored by Leesa

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  1. Ok, then we must be the only couple in the world to sleep together on a full! Maybe someday we will upgrade to a queen. :)

    • Beth W. says:

      Right there with you! We’re sleeping on a full, too!

    • Yup. Full size here, too. Hubby likes it, but I’d like queen mostly because of the dog! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      We sleep on a full. I just love my antique cast iron bed frame!

      • Loribeth says:

        I’ve got a family heirloom antique cast iron bed also! We don’t mind the full mattress size as much as the fact that our actual mattress has been around since my husband and I were in elementary school. I so wish we could afford a nice mattress right now! Maybe that’s what I’ll ask for for Christmas/Birthday!

        • I’m right there with you other ladies—we have an antique wrought iron bed, too. Full size is the only option, but I wouldn’t give up our gorgeous bed for even a queen. We’re used to this size, and it’s real cozy in the winter!! We do need a new mattress so I find this post very interesting.

  2. Julia M says:

    So, I’m curious… how does that compressed thing turn into a sturdy mattress?

  3. Brittany says:

    We got a Stearns & Foster king size mattress with our tax return this year and I luhuhuv it! It was really hard for me to spend the money (cheapskate alert!) but it’s an investment in the long run and it was totally worth it. Our room is small so it’s definitely tight, but I never ever lie in bed tossing and turning anymore. That alone is worth one meellion dollars :)

    • So true, I think mattresses (matri?) sofas, appliances and beds are always worth investing in. Tables and tchotchkies? I like to find those thrifting!

    • shannon says:

      Stearns & Foster is awesome!! I use to sell mattresses and can’t afford one, but would love to!

  4. Going on sixteen years of marriage, on our third queen mattress. My husband is 6’4″ and I also need my space when sleeping, but we just don’t feel the need for THAT much space. Plus then the vacation beds feel very luxurious. :-)

  5. We’re all about the queen mattress, too. Funnily, even a queen bed is too big for our 1940 house’s stairs — we had to cut our boxspring in half and then reassemble it upstairs. A double would be ideal for the house, but with my husband standing at 6’5″ we need that extra length!

    • Same here! Our house was built in 1900 and when we moved in and tried to fit our queen box spring up the stairs… um, no. We slept with our mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks and special ordered a split queen box spring.

  6. Somewhere along the way, I heard that couples who sleep on a queen as opposed to a king size bed, have better and happier marriages. We thought about upgrading to a king, but kept the queen size and I’m glad we did. King size beds in hotels feel soooo huge!

  7. We’ve been married for 17 years, and we still love our queen mattress (although there are times we’ve thought a king would be nice!). :)

  8. Catherine says:

    We are on a king bed and there is no going back. For the first eight years, we slept on a full. It was fine, but obviously tight. Then, we made the jump to a king. I like to spread out and I don’t like to be touched when I’m sleeping, so it has worked well for us. The only issue is the size of our bedroom. The bed is tight (no end tables), but it’s worth it to me!

    • Same with us, Catherine. We got our king bed when I was preggo with our first child. AHHH … it was glorious to have all of that room to stretch out my preggie bod! :) And now, NOT GIVING IT UP.

      • Jen Heindl says:

        Agree! Went through two pregnancies on a queen and during the third last summer I decided I NEED. MY. SPACE. Best decision ever. Hands down.

  9. We sleep on a full! When we sleep in a king bed at a hotel, I feel like I’m lost in all the space and it’s just weird! That mattress looks nice. I need to get my parents to buy one of those – they’ve been using the same mattress their entire marriage and they’re celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. My Mom has been ready to get a new one for a long time, but my Dad still thinks theirs isn’t that bad, ha.

  10. We’re queen size mattress people too! I kind of want to upgrade to a king (especially when one or more of our five children end up in our bed during the night), but I imagine when the time comes to upgrade, we’ll stick with the queen too.

  11. We’ve had the same queen for most of our marriage which is turning 14 years next month. We’ve shared it with 3 children and a dog over the years but currently our third child manages to hog most of it at only 7 weeks old.

  12. Ashley Beth says:

    My husband and I own three mattress stores so we’ve tried out many mattresses over the years in queen and king sizes. We’ve settled on king and love it. The cuddle option is still there on a king, you’ve just gotta scoot together to make it happen! We sell quite a few full sizes to folks too though. I don’t believe the size of your bed says a thing about your marriage, we’ve seen couples madly in love on a king (like us!) and madly in love on a full or queen (or even without a bed at all). It’s all about being intentional in a marriage no matter the bed size.

  13. We love a queen! Our room would easily accomodate a king, but we’re sticking with queen. Going to check more on this mattress. I also want to check out intellibed.

  14. We are kings, because most nights, we end up with a buddy or two. More room for friends. :-)

  15. We have had a queen mattress our whole marriage (almost 15 years so far). I think it is just the right size for us. :)

  16. We are newlyweds with a queen and wishing for a king! I so agree with you about the glory of a hotel king! It’s fantastic :)

  17. We’re a queen couple. I love staying in a hotel with a king, but we want to eventually go on the mission field and decided it would be easier to move up than down in size, so we started our marriage with a queen. The good thing about starting smaller is that you can sleep on a full if you have to without it being horrible, and a king is total luxury!

  18. Long live the QUEEN! But in our guest room we have a full size bed. Seems to help keep visits at just the right length. :)

  19. We downsized to a full almost 2 yrs ago and still feel like we each have room…unless the three cats try to join us! Lol

  20. First of all I LOVEEEEE your master bedroom! Second we might be the 2nd couple left using a queen sized bed hahaha. We actually downsized from a California king & it was quite the change at first. First night we literally said we were smashed in like two tootsie rolls hahaha. We now have had a queen for 3 years & it’s perfectly fine..although the Cali king still is obviously better!

  21. We spent our first year of marriage in a full and upgraded to a queen last year. A king just feels like Ryan is soooo far away from me! I like to be able to reach out and touch him.

    • My thoughts exactly! Whenever we are in a king while traveling, we can’t wait to get back to our queen. A full is just a little too small, especially when I’m pregnant. My husband is tall and puts out heat like a radiator (and likes to bundle up in blankets even when it’s warm!?). Add a growing tummy and the space it takes to turn it over, and it’s a recipe for trouble. ;-) If only there were a cost and space efficient way to have a king for third trimester and a queen for the rest of the time…

  22. Just wondering if there is an art/secret to making the UN-made bed? Yours looks fabulous!

  23. We sleep on a queen. I like my space too so it will be a king for us very soon.

  24. shannon says:

    We have a Queen size because our room is too small for a King.

    I use to sell mattresses and really don’t want one without sturdy coils. I’ve learned anything under a 12.75 gauge (so any number above 12.75) is not going to last. Here in Cincinnati, Original Mattress company makes the best mattress for a great price. :)

  25. Clarissa says:

    I love your bed-frame! Can you provide the link to the store? I’m 5’3″ but I need my space..King all the way!

  26. Happy sleeping on your new bed! It’s such a luxury to have new bedding!

    A short story. We’ve been married for 35+ years. Our first two years of marriage we slept on a twin! We were poor college students! ha Then my husband’s aunt took pity on us and gave us a used full-size. We lived in luxury on that one for seven years. Then we bought a queen right before our first child was born. Two years ago, we moved to a small house with a strangely-large master and decided to invest (half our retirement it seemed!) in a king. No complaints here!

  27. SoCalLynn says:

    Married 20 years, still sleeping on a queen size mattress. The last time we bought a mattress, 5or 6 years ago, I went by myself (my husband had been in an accident and we moved our old mattress into the room he was recuperating in) and ordered a firm, thinking it would be better for my back. Well it was WAY too firm for about 3 years and is just now feeling softer. I have piled on foam pads, an extra comforter underneath the sheet to make it more comfortable. I WISH I could have taken that mattress back when we first got it.

  28. When we’ve used a king in a hotel it was lonely. Too far from each other! We’re happy with our queen. :)

  29. We’ve got a queen. Our old bedroom would have accommodated a king, though it would have looked silly. This house is older and the master bedroom is smaller, so while a king *would* fit, it would be uncomfortably tight. On the rare occasion we find ourselves in a hotel king bed it is glorious. But we invested in a memory foam mattress a couple years ago, the kind on which you can’t feel the other person’s movements throughout the whole blessed bed, and that was an immense improvement. My husband is a flailer, and I was forever waking up when he’d flail in his sleep (or come back to bed and do what felt like a whole body bounce)–with this one I sleep a lot better.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    We got a memory foam 17 years ago because my husband was a “whomper”. He’d go “whomp” and I’d go “boing”. He was twice my weight and I’d be bounced by his movement. He’d wake me up every time he moved, but the Tempupedic fixed that. And they allowed a trial period, too. It was so wonderful that we kept it.

  31. We still love our 10 year old Tempurpedic. I doubt we’ll ever buy another brand for our room. We did recently buy a twin mattress for our 9 year old online. It came conveniently packaged rolled up like yours, it was affordable (hello,, and it’s actually comfy. I’m considering buying 2 more for our younger children. Matresses have come a long way. Funny thing is I’m sure I’ll never buy a boxspring again. They seam to be a thing of the past.

  32. We’re queen people too, so you’re certainly not alone in this, Nester! We love that we have our space, but cuddle easily too…9 years and still cuddling! :-) Kings feel very luxurious but a little lonely when we go on vacation, but I always get a room with one as a treat.

  33. Oh my goodness…we sleep on a futon (hides head in shame)!!! For the same reason-our bedroom is tiny! That matresses sure is pretty though! One day we will get a grown up bed!

  34. We are definitely queens. We slept in a king on vacation and it seemed huge. Our bedroom is really not big enough for a king. We will be getting a new mattress soon, and it will be queen as well.

  35. We have been married for almost 17 years now and have had a queen the whole time. A king is just too big but, I always buy a king size quilt or duvet as I like to have plenty of drape. We have had a Sleep Number bed for about 10 years and we LOVE it! If we travel anywhere we can’t wait to get back home to our own bed.

  36. We’ve always had a California King (try finding sheets for that in the store, lol) and LOOOOVEE it. My husband is 6’4” and we both love space in a bed. The Cal King is nice, because it’s not as wide as a King, but has extra length so my husband’s feet don’t hang off the end. It has worked so well for us, but I do admire people who can walk into any store and pay a reasonable amount for queen or king sheets! :)

  37. We have just been talking about buying a new mattresses this week. Like you we enjoy sleeping in king size when we are away somewhere but we have a small bedroom. I like the fact that the company gives away beds! We’ll check it out!

  38. Will look forward to hearing if you still like it in 100 days!

  39. We are queen people too! How nice that it can be sent right to your doorstep! (Though how to dispose of your old mattress? Just curious…) And yes, it is great thing that they have a social conscience as well! Huzzah!

  40. Hi Nester! I have a question about your wall. Love it! Is that white washi tape strips? Have you posted about this before somewhere? We just did the same routine with new mattress! We kept queen as well. We are only on our second marital mattress (and went with another Sam’s…but the “upgrade”) :). Maybe our third will be more luxurious.

  41. We are queen bed folks, as well. We have tossed around the idea of going with a king (because isn’t that what you do if you can afford it?) but we love to roll over and feel each other close by at night… frankly a king-sized bed is just too much space. When we stay in a hotel room we use about half the bed. We are just hopeless snugglers… hee hee

  42. We too are queen people but would sleep on a full if were as long as a queen. It’s hilarious as we both sleep on the edge of had bed so even a queen gives us LOTS of room but at 5’2″ I sleep stretched out from top to bottom. Seriously in a full sized bed my feet actually hang off the bed. :-) We bought 3rd mattress in 23 years of marriage 2 years ago at…,.. sam’s club. Super cheap but it works for the time being but when we move this next move we are getting a GOOD mattress as it looks like we will be moving every 2-3 years for a while so I may as well get a good sleep, right?!

  43. We started out on a full size bed and went through a couple of cheapo mattresses. When we finally upgraded to a quality mattress with good support we decided to jump to king size and went with Stearns and Foster. It felt so big at first and I missed my full size bed. In our current small room I joke that we have a room bed instead of a bedroom. We have talked about going down to a queen. I think I would like the queen better. Stearns and Foster mattresses are just so dang expensive that I hate to invest in a new set, but we’ve had them since 2001 and I read somewhere that you should upgrade your mattresses every 10 – 15 years. I’d say that is about right as I can tell ours is losing some of it’s firmness. I want to go with a memory foam next time – slept on one last year on vacation and it was the best sleep ever! The concept of a compressed mattress is a little hard to wrap my head around, but I know there is a science behind it! Anxious to hear how yours is working out after you’ve tried it for a while.

  44. We just got a King Leesa in June! We replaced a ? Years old ( inherited) King….why oh why did we wait so long??! What a wonderful nights sleep on our Leesa! We both absolutely LOVE it. And the transaction was completely painless ( including the $75 discount from sleepopolis). My husband heard about the mail order mattress businesses ( and how they will revolutionize the mattress industry) on CNBC and I did the research! So happy that I chose Leesa….especially love the product AND that they give back by donating a mattress to a shelter for every 10 sold! Awesome!

  45. For the first 8 years of our marriage, we slept in a full and my husband is 6′ 4″! We now have queen, I would never get King. Bedding is too expensive and it’s too e-z to never make-up if you are so far away from each other.

  46. We are currently sleeping on a queen- and celebrating our 40th anniversary this fall! Snuggling is wonderful until you start having hot flashes. Just wait- you will see what I mean. :) I am planning on upgrading to a Cal King soon as my husband is 6’4″ and we could use the extra length.

  47. Queen size here as well – for over 22 years of marriage.
    I have been thinking I am beyond ready to replace our current air mattress {old version of sleep number} and the waterbed frame. Oy. {$$$} At any rate this Leesa mattress is intriguing, so I will have to add it to my notes from previous shopping.
    Question: They don’t appear to offer a foundation piece?

  48. For the first 20 years of our marriage, we slept in a full. Our friends and family used to laugh at us. Then we hit 40 and started to have the back aches and not sleeping well. . .invested in a king and nice sheets and good pillows and I tell you. . no more neck pain, back pain, sleep all the way thru the night. It was an investment in our health.. . .no going back now.

  49. My husband is 5’7″ and 145lbs…..I am 5’2″ and weight 107lbs. We love our full size mattress and wouldn’t change it for anything.

  50. We have a queen size bed, too! You’re definitely not alone! We’ve talked about getting a king down the road, but really, the queen is fine for us. Enjoy your new comfiness! I agree, it’s worth investing in!

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