18 Summers

18 Summers

Our oldest is a senior next year, in many ways, this is our last normal summer.

Our middle boy has 5 summers left.

The youngest has 6 summers.

I know, they’ll still have summers after that. But you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You’ve probably counted too. And if you haven’t, you are adding it up right now. We talk about it here every year.

the days are long but the years are short

I love this quote, it’s been around long before the lovely Gretchen Rubin made it famous.

And it is so true.

How many summers do you lave left?



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  1. Christi {Jealous Hands} says:

    My count is 7 & 9. It goes so fast! I am thankful that with homeschooling we get a whole extra month of “summer” after school starts. xo

  2. It’s so true that the days are long, but the years are short. But let me encourage you! Things do change as the kids get older, but there are still sweet times together. I have kids who are 23 (she’s married) and 20, along with 16 and 12 year olds. Our oldest kids and now our son-in-law still gather for Sunday dinners and even go on vacation with us when possible. Heck, we still vacation with my parents! I think it’s a lot of pressure to think that you only have 18 summers. There’s so much more! Every age and stage can be enjoyed and grown into. Enjoy it, but be careful not to cast a bittersweet taste over it by counting it down.

  3. I agree with Tiffany. Don’t obsess over the summers left. My oldest child is 40, so it has been a long time since we had a “normal’ summer; instead we have summers visiting in the interesting cities where they live or they visit us. The grandchildren visit us alone, which a great experience. Every stage of life has its good experiences. Enjoy them.

  4. I first heard that quote about 30 years ago, and I’ll never forget the situation—a young mother with three small boys was coming out of the grocery store as I was going in. The boys seemed to all be heading in different directions, and she was trying to gather them like a hen trying to gather her chicks. She was an acquaintance, and I remarked, “My, you certainly have your hands full.” She looked up, smiled sweetly and said, “The days are long but the years are short.” I never forgot the quote and have used it so often through the years. Our four children are all grown, married, and parents now … but boy, is that statement ever true. And as Tiffany stated, “there are still sweet times together.”

  5. Being a grandma, I totally get it. Our oldest grand starts college this August! Our other grand has six more summers! Love that quote – glad you know who said it first!

  6. I love this post- such a good reminder! My oldest is grown up and I only have 6 more summers with my 11 year old. I cherish every single day! This is another reason why I love Disney, it is one of the few places my oldest and my little can make memories that they each treasure! Enjoy your summer!

  7. My oldest graduates this year… the ceremony in just six days… My second and youngest will be a junior next year. Time does fly, and soon so will they!

  8. Robin Steinweg says:

    Hi, Myquillyn,
    It’s quite a shock to reach the year of “lasts.” But a precious time, too. I see you call this “18 Summers.” You might read the “Just 18 Summers blog?” So much encouragement for parents there. And then there’s the novel, too, by the same author (Michelle Cox). Keep up the beautiful writing!

  9. I was JUST talking to my oldest who is finishing 7th grade. I said to him that I thought we should plan for one really big trip before he graduates…somewhere far away that we might only ever visit once-in-a-lifetime. (You think I might have laid it on a little thick?!). Anyway, he said, “Mom, what are you talking about? First of all, I’ve still got 5 more years before I graduate so why are we even talking about this? And second of all, what happens after I graduate? We’ll never go on another trip ever again?” I laughed and said, “Oh, honey, yes, of course we can go on trips after you graduate but you probably won’t want to! You’ll have your own life, with your own travel plans…” He just looked at me and rolled his eyes. Ah, 13 year old boys. I love how they live in the moment with no sense of what’s to come. It’s awesome!

  10. It is good to cherish those days but don’t get too blue about it. I agree with all the others with grown children. They come home for visits, they love to join us at the beach and now we are getting the grandkids for a week at a time. We just bought a beach house this spring and your post reminds me that beyond our own enjoyment in the winter we really are establishing a reunion place that they will all want to gather in to see their children enjoy the same things they did as kids.

  11. Jessica says:

    Funny you blogged this….I am right there with you counting the summers. My oldest is too, a junior and this is our last “normal” summer as a family of 5 together. Secretly hoping that isn’t the case once she’s off to college. It has me so worked up that I wake in the middle of the night in a total panic thinking that “this is it” and wanting to make sure we fully embrace every ounce of summer this year.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    My count is 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
    The 0 became very real on Saturday, the morning after graduation. I’m not crying or in despair, as I’ve heard friends have done, but feeling a little “off,” trying to figure out how to be the mom and let go.
    We’re going to have a great, different, new kind of summer and I am looking forward to seeing what The Lord does in my son’s life.

  13. Hey there! Not to be contrarian, but it never even occurred to me to count summers! (maybe because we homeschool?) Our boys are 27 (married w/2 kids; love our “bonus daughter!), 24, and 21, and our daughter is 14. The 3 youngest are in various stages of home/college/working/homeschooling, etc. I love the times when they’re all here, but also am cherishing the blessed quiet when they’re not! I kinda agree with Tiffany up there; enjoying all the stages!

  14. Donnamae says:

    Don’t ever think it’s over! My kids…well, not really kids…are 27, 31 and 32. While we don’t have whole summers…we have nights, days, occasional weekends…and with enough planning, even family trips! You can stay together even when you are on different continents…don’t let anyone tell you any different! Now…just enjoy your summer! ;)

  15. Jennifer says:

    Being in the throws of change (my kids are 24, 22, 20 and 17) I used to look at it as time passing (all too quickly at times) but I now find it more rewarding to think of time as coming. All the” lasts” lead to more firsts and as parenting takes on a decidedly more relational role, I find myself truly enjoying these years (more than I ever would have expected!) Our lives are rich with stories, adventures and personal growth both theirs…and ours.

  16. No summers with my first and second born. Two summers with my third and five summers with my last. Yes. Time is flying by and I don’t like it. Not one single bit!

  17. My oldest is leaving 9 WEEKS. We drop him off at the university on his 18th birthday. My husband is preparing for his wife and youngest to turn into puddles. The youngest is due to launch in 7 summers.

  18. My oldest is going into her senior year as well, and then we have 3 younger children. I too have a tendency to get melancholy at how little time is left with the 6 of us at home. I have loved reading all the wise words from other moms and grandmothers who remind us that there is beauty in each stage! And I want to be a glass is half full kind of person-so I’m going to change up my thoughts to look forward to all the celebrations and good times in front of us rather than mourning what’s behind. Another reason to love your blog!

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