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domaine home

old bathroom

We bought this house knowing every wall, floor, ceiling, window, and fixture would eventually need to be replaced, touched by paint or repaired.

After living in 14 different homes, I’ve learned that even though it’s a pain to have to replace things, it’s a bigger pain to pay more for a house because you are buying someone else’s remodeled, or recently built choices that you don’t even like. So instead of investing in the previous owner’s style just to have a finished house, we’ve decided to pay less and take on the work ourselves. Over time.

Sometimes it’s a big, ugly nightmare and I think I’m the dumbest person ever. Then, once it’s over, I slowly start feeling like I might possibly be smart. Sadly, we’ve yet to truly have a completed project!

So the other day Chad was sitting at the kitchen bar while one of the boys was taking a shower in their upstairs bathroom and water starting dripping from the pendant light over the kitchen island–while the light was on.

Guess what room we are focusing on next…

fix up a bathroom

old bathroom

I didn’t even bother to clean it up before I snapped some photos. When we first moved in I started to at least paint the trim to freshen up the boy’s bathroom, but it was the least rewarding thing I’ve ever done so I gave up midway through.

old tub

The old pink tub has dark rust stains from the years without a good water filter and softening system.

help me

What kind of mother am I to let my kids (and guests!) use this?! I never even looked closely at this before! Dear world, please accept my deepest apologies, I was knee-deep in kitchen and barn renovations, I never noticed this disease ridden shower head.

popcorn ceiling

And the popcorn ceiling (mankind’s worst idea) is falling down on its own.

old bathroom

Y’all it’s time.

To fix the leak properly we have to dig into the wall, so guess what my next project will be?

A teenage boys bathroom!

My first stop is pinterest.

I look at everything I’ve pinned in my “Bathrooms I Wouldn’t Mind Cleaning” board and figure out what I want the overall room to feel like (bright, with some contrast, simple, clean with storage for 3 boys and places for towels.

I want to keep the price as low as I can, but I still want style and long-term solutions.

I can’t wait to see what happens with this space.

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  1. WOOHOO! Looking forward to this project. We are also starting a boys’/guest bathroom redo in the next months, and DESPERATELY need ideas. :)

  2. We’re starting our 1 main bathroom renovation soon as well and am definitely looking to get the biggest bang for my buck as I can get for the space! I’ll be following along with you for sure!

  3. How Exciting! I was hoping it was going to be your master bathroom, because I know how you feel about that room. But this will be a great project too! I’m off to check out your ideas.

  4. And, your public and readership eagerly await the fabuNESTlous reveal!!!!

  5. We are about to start an identical project. Have picked out tile and toilet. Lots of details to decide on yet. Can’t wait to see your project!

  6. Ok Myquillyn… first off let me say I know “everyone” refers to you are “The Nester” or “Nester Smith” but I simply love your name and its quirky spelling. Trust me as a girl growing up being asked if my “real” name was Margaret or Peggy Sue or being asked how Kermit was doing… I get how it might be easier. But your name is so lovely!
    That aside… if the first picture one of your pinned pictures because it is so gorgeous. Simple yet classy. Ok to be honest I can see it in a tiny master bath. teenage boys and a bath/shower where they actually have to make sure a 360 degree shower curtain is in the tub just reads recipe for disaster especially during the early to middle years of adolescence. :-) yeah ask me how I know! It will be gorgeous when it is done! I can hardly wait to see what you all come up with and until then I am going to go take a look at your board. Are you doing the work yourselves? It is totally doable but I am sure you know that already! We remodeled the one and only full bath in one of our old houses during the summer. Yep outdoor showers but thankfully we had a 1/2 bath for a potty. :-) Have a great day!!

  7. the inspiration picture is amazing! exciting adventure. my showerheads look like that, too. time to get the vinegar out!

  8. Thank you for being REAL by sharing a picture of your boys’ bathroom with the potty seat as you found it! Hey, as I continue pondering what you have done I am realizing just exactly how big of a REAL person you are. Not only are you showing people you don’t know your boys’ bathroom (yikes!) but people you do know! That’s even more difficult. I have two practically grown boys so I’m familiar with the look.
    You do have great cabinet fronts to paint!

    • you are so right! it’s 100 times worse with ppl you actually know!! so Caroline & Tsh–who have actually USED this bathroom–I am SO happy you don’t have a judgmental bone in your body!!

  9. I just started following your blog after reading your book, and I’m so looking forward to seeing how nice you make this bathroom! Thanks for sharing such inspiring photos and projects. -Beth

  10. I LOVE the inspiration picture!!!!

  11. The first photo I would be concerned about the distance across to the all important toilet paper roll. :) And, yes, I would probably go with a very enclosed shower to reduce the risk of water escaping. That openness and large shower head just looks like a mess waiting to happen. For an open look, I have wondered about glass/ acrylic blocks for a shower?I LOVE that ceiling though. Is it tiled?

  12. Shouldn’t that board be titled “bathrooms my boys wouldn’t mind cleaning?” ;) I can’t wait to see what you come up with on this remodel!

  13. …and yes, all of us can hardly wait to see what happens with this space, too. I have a vanity that is so similar to what you currently have…..would love to replace it down the road but it will get a paint job until then (temporary fix)!!

  14. Thank you for posting pictures of bathrooms we can all relate to! It reminds me, that with time, there is hope for mine as well! ;)

  15. So I’m not an interior designed by ANY means, but we live on a cattle ranch and are going through remodeling our house to add a second bathroom. There are two things I told my contractor that I wanted – a functional space with storage, and something that was EASY to clean and maintain. Two things we’re doing in the bathroom are – 1) Using Engage floor planks and 2) Installing a cultured marble shower. The Engage planks are pricy, but are waterproof and have a lifetime warranty (depending on the style you choose). We’re actually using these in the majority of our home. The cultured marble shower was recommended to us by our contractor – he said it’s about the same price as installing a tiled shower and you get to choose the colors, etc. and it’s virtually maintenance and seam free.

    Thought I’d share those two things – there’s a few pictures of the Engage tile at my blog (see link below) and I’ll post more pictures of the shower once it’s installed. Good luck to you! I love reading the blog (but don’t comment as much as I should).

  16. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

  17. Sorry for the leak! That can be frustrating, but then again, it means a new bathroom :) Can’t wait to see how you change this space for your boys!

  18. Hey! You have my woodwork! I have a bathroom that looks very similar. Can’t wait to see what you do with this.

  19. Bathrooms are so painful to remodel…mostly because it means you’re down a bathroom but the rewards are worth the effort. My only advice as a mom is make it beautifully indestructible…and very very water friendly :-)

  20. I CANNOT wait! to watch this redo.oxox

  21. Tanya Gelo Herald says

    For YEARS that I’ve followed Nesting place I’ve waited for a Nester style bathroom. Sure we’ve had doiley shower curtains here or a painted vanity there. Even mistreated windows way back in the day. But this…THIS is what I’ve been waiting for! Thank you shower leak gods! Can’t wait to see you unleash your idhtbptbb fury on the throne room!

  22. I can’t wait to see what happens, too!

  23. Besides the toilet you can tell it’s a boys’ bathroom simply by the lack of stuff on the counter! Man, I wish I had just lotion and alcohol/peroxide.
    Have fun with this one!

  24. Myquillyn, where do you find the awesome bold stripe fabric?! I know you’ve shared your source for your living room drapes (I’ve been scouring online and fabric stores) and never finding anything like it. Please do share your source once again!

  25. That first picture is GORGEOUS! I started following your blog a few months ago, and I love how you show real pictures of your space in all it’s lived-in glory. Pictures like this remind me I’m not alone in having a dirty house, and I’m grateful for that. Dusting and cleaning are overrated if you ask me!

    And I feel your pain about the master bathroom…we moved into our first home this year and our master bathroom is about #27 on the priority list. Slowly but surely, right?

  26. Michelle (aka mybelle101) says

    I’m so excited to see what you do! I’m itching to remodel our two, original 1959 bathrooms, but they’re perfectly functional. Plus, it takes a while to save up for a remodel like that, especially when there are so many other things begging for attention in a 50+ year-old house! I love that you’re going to be doing it on a budget…can’t wait to see the end product!!

  27. CynthiaJo says

    Yay! I will be watching this one pretty close. Our boys bathroom, while not bad is still rather ugly and I don’t have a clue what to do with it, after 11 years! It could be the purple trimmed countertops and orangey cabinets that have been thwarting my attempts thus far. Whatever it is I can’t wait to see what you do!

  28. Kind of like “If you give a cat a cupcake”…
    I can’t wait to see how it turns out! We had an old house once that we redid. It seemed to be forever before progress started looking like progress, too many partially finished projects. It all pulled together though, and yours will too!

  29. I am all for renovating myself. I think the process of it is really fun and exciting! Can’t wait to see how this space turns out.

    The Office Stylist

  30. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  31. I’m excited! I really want to bring the towels into my kid’s bathroom (out of the linen closet). But every solution I have found has proven to be too bulky for the space. I’m looking forward to your ideas.

  32. Oh yay, I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to see what you do with this space.

  33. Excited to see you tackle this project! We also bought a house that needs lots of love and the bathrooms haven’t been touched yet! Waiting on the funds to start my ideas. Can’t wait to see yours come alive too!

  34. Popcorn ceilings ARE man’s worst idea ever!!! There are so many projects to be done in the world of owning a house, that it is just overwhelming. At least when that drip came down through the electric light it gave you some clarity as to what to do next!


  35. I love that you share photos of how your home is NOW and don’t just post the really beautiful pictures of finished, dressed rooms. Too much time on Pintrest has me thinking that everyone lives in a show home and I love your blog and book because you’re actually honest about the imperfections and about embracing the process not just the finished article.

  36. Very exciting! We’re about to start giving our builder bathroom some much needed personality – Love your Pinterest board!

  37. Three boys? One bathroom? Two sinks!

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