Show Your Home Some Love Today


Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the parts of your home that you need to change or the parts you despise.

Sometimes our home just needs a little attention from us.

This week I bought me and my home some flowers and we are both happier and easier to live with.



I’m joining in with my friend, Melissa from The Inspired Room, celebrating the launch of her fresh new book Love the Home You Have and I’m taking the Love Your Home Challenge by making one small change that shows my home some love.

love your home

love the home you have


Visit Melissa’s blog to see more home challenges, and check out her new book Love the Home You Have. Your home will thank you!


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  1. Ranunculus! I love those flowers. Used them in my wedding. I think every home ought to have fresh flowers. It’s a part of my weekly grocery list. Makes the days a little brighter.

  2. I’m 70 (and love your blog!) …still loving my home. Tell you what..even when we were pinching pennies, I spent $5.00 a week on flowers at the grocery store. I’d go home, make my arrangement, and then clean the house. Just wanted the rest to look as good as that bouquet. Flowers are God’s gift to us:)

  3. beautiful flowers! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the UPS guy with my book today :-)

  4. Ranunculus are my favorite! Those look stunning :)

  5. Oh what fun! I just ordered my copy of your new book and I can’t wait until arrives. In the mean time I checking I’ve been checking out the blogs of some of the people that you invited to participate in the 31 day challenge and I was inspired by Brook over at All Things Thrifty. She completed challenge day #14. Welcome Home. Although my front entrance isn’t horrible, it isn’t very cheery and not very inviting so….I’m gonna start with Challenge Day # 14 as well. I can’t wait to get this project started and I look forward to the arrival of my book, so that I can follow along.


  6. Oh my how embarrassing! I just realized I posted my comments to the wrong page! I guess that’s what happens when you have to many open tabs – you lose your place!

  7. I can always use more flowers! I love the message of Melissa’s book. I think it’s great that you have decorated your home and made it an even more beautiful space.

  8. Gorgeous flowers!! Thank you for being a part of this day, friend. I’m honored and so grateful our paths crossed and continue to do so as time has gone on!! Your friendship has been a blessing to me. xoxo

  9. Loving those flowers!!! They are gorgeous!


  10. Beautiful flowers! I love picking up some at the market. Last week my son and daughter in law sent me a lovely mix with pink roses to congratulate me on being a grandmother to a granddaughter! What a lovely way to be inform me of an ultrasound result don’t you think?

  11. Beautiful flowers! I don’t buy them for home nearly enough. Thanks for a great idea!

  12. Even if my kitchen is in a mess, as long as I have flowers on the table I don’t care! :)

  13. Gorgeous flowers ….brightened my day. I am currently (always) smitten with daffodils. So much hope , so much promise, and so sunshines yellow! A lot of pressure for a little bulb, but if it can bloom, so can I . <3

  14. I only just became a fan of her site a little while back… and now there’s a book? I’m on RIGHT now ;) Love your images on every post, Myquillin… they are inspiring to say the least!

  15. Lovely flowers! Also, great book! I agree… it’s good to show a little love to your home every once in a while. I mean, home is where the heart is, right? Great post!

  16. Such gorgeous flowers! They remind me of a cross between peonies (my fav) and roses.

    Melissa’s book is fabulous! It’s no surprise it’s doing so well either. It is so well written and beautifully illustrated!

    (Stopping by from Kelly’s blog to finally say ‘hi’)

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