2014 is swiftly coming to a close.  I don’t even like writing that. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But there’s a tiny part of me–smaller than years past thankfully–but still there, that holds my breath as the season approaches.





And all I want to do is slow it all down.

To a screeching, snow-filled halt.

the best yes

wrapped gifts with letter blocks


I hope you are scheduling in your own margin this year. It’s part of being a responsible adult.

This weekend Caroline came down from Chicago to help us with Hope*ologie live at the barn (I’ll tell you about it so soon) and she was gracious every night when I went to bed at 8pm. And she didn’t laugh that day I called nap time for two 40-year old moms one afternoon so we could each have some downtime before our big day on Saturday.

cats at home

We need margin. We need to create a safe place to come back to where we can be a mess. A pretty decorated house is great for Pinterest, but doesn’t serve us well if we can’t mess it up with our coffees, yoga pants, Elf watching and lazy cats.





For the past SIX years DaySpring has sponsored a post about doing less and being more here at Nesting Place. It’s one of my favorite posts of the year because it’s always a time for me to think about the last few weeks of the year and sort out how I’m going to approach them.

This year DaySpring let me pick out my nine current favorites from their shop and with code: NSTRDLBM (stands for Nester Do Less Be More–it’s almost like they are chanting me on!) they’ll be discounted 35%! I love that their new collection looks great at Christmas, but can stay out in your home year around. Instead of buying a bunch of Christmas decor that you have to pack away every year, consider investing in meaningful beauty for your home that will look lovely every season.



Someone is going to be gifted with a $300 store credit and my nine favorite things. You can keep everything for yourself, or give some away. These are my favorite home decor beauties from DaySpring along with two of my current favorite reads (both quoted in the images above). Click here to see everything & use code NSTRDLBM for 35% off any or all of these items.

favorite things



GIVEAWAY CLOSED – winner announced here. Leave a comment to enter to win my favorite things & a shopping spree for some four season, meaningful beauty for your home. I hope as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas that we’ll allow ourselves to choose some margin, choose some rest and slow down in our cozy homes.