diy art

DIY art

There’s absolutely no excuse not to have beautiful things on your walls if you are longing for beauty.

Here I’ve got

  • a $1 yard sale chalkboard with a spray painted sea fan from TJMaxx that I hot glued onto the chalkboard.
  • a black and white painted canvas (remember to buy those ugly thrift store & yard sale paintings so you can paint over them) (this style is fun too)
  • an embroidery hoop with some leftover fabric that I like
  • fall leaves the kids decorated with metallic paint pens

Remember, I’m not trying to tell you to copy my style (you can, but that’s not the point) maybe you hate black and white and think leaves on the wall are dumb, that’s fine, the point is to think about hanging things you love on your wall that aren’t always covered with a sheet of protective glass and come from a retail store with a retail price.