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This past week we spent some time in Williamsburg, Norfolk and Hampton Virgina for a last week of the summer, before school, family vacation. And because I always forget about my TimerCam app, I don’t have any proof that I was with these four handsome men.

And one day I wasn’t with them!

This wasn’t one of those relaxing kinds of vacations. Every now and then we take those (like when we went to The Cottage a few weeks ago) and sometimes we take the kind where we do lots of things and wake up in time to eat the free breakfast at the hotel and stay up late because well, it’s summer and that’s what you do.

when in williamsburg

We’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg area before as a family, and Chad took the boys last year for a homeschool trip, so this time we toured the USS Wisconsin and did go-carts and restaurants and the hotel pool. One day the fellas all went to Busch Gardens and since I’ve somehow turned into an old lady who no longer can ride roller coasters, I opted out and asked for advice on instagram where I should go for good coffee, books & thrifting.

So I had one of those caramel blended drinks at Aroma’s Coffee in Williamsburg, I went to the DAV thrift store on Merrimac, and I had lunch with just me and a book at the Baker’s Crust. Thanks for all the advice on where to go!

I walked around Colonial Williamsburg by myself (y’all it was SO fun!) and took a million photos of house parts, because I am me.


This year I didn’t even take my real camera. I relied solely on my camera phone which takes great photos and makes my life so much easier until this…


UGGGGG!!! So I do what so many of us do and quickly scroll through the most recent of the 2000 photos that I have in my iPhone and delete whatever seems irrelevant which is almost nothing because I’ve been doing this for the past six months and now I’ve deleted almost everything that I don’t like.

Yes, I know I could ‘simply’ plug in my phone and download the photos, but last time I did that they all got moved around in my computer and I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Besides, my computer has over 20,000 photos already, and I’ve been meaning to organize those for years. It’s one of those important, non-urgent things that I’ve always meant to do.

And two computers ago, I lost EVERY photo because my computer was dropped on the floor and nothing could be recovered. I need a safe place to store my photos where I’m not required to name, organize and babysit it all the time.

photo storage

I just got the LyveHome photo storage device and so far I love it. You download the LyveApp and you can connect your whole family’s devices–so any phones or tablets or computers and they can all connect wirelessly with your wifi or there is pretty much every type of plug-in hole imaginable so you can load photos from old hard drives, flash drives, SD cards or whatever you have. You can set it up to automatically store every photo you take on your phone and load on your computer so you can safely delete as many photos as you need to from your phone. YES. No babysitting.

This magical photo storage box automatically stores every photo you take.

the boys

Plus, it acts as a digital photo frame as it sits in your house because you can set it to scroll through your photos which is fun. When I want to see the past photos I took on my phone I don’t have to have them all saved in my camera app using up my storage, I simply click the LyveApp on my phone and I can access all my photos there and they are organized by date.

photo storage

It’s got 2TB of storage and I have no idea what that means but I do know that after syncing the photos from my phone (2322 photos and 24 videos) I still had 99% of space left. Apparently, this can hold over million photos. That means I don’t have to think about photo storage for a long, long time. Amen.

The Last Giveaway of the Summer


We’ve had lots of fun giveaways this summer and this is the last one for a while. You can enter to win your own LyveHome device, just click over to the LyveHome site, watch the quick video then come back here and leave a comment telling us how many photos you currently have on your phone and what part of LyveHome appeals to you. Winner chosen the first week of September.

This post is sponsored by LyveHome, opinions and grammatical errors are all mine.

Winners of the metallic linen pumpkins and Dyson giveaway will be announced this coming week!


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  1. I have 564 on my phone! Would love to keep everything in one spot! Love it!

  2. Looks like such a helpful invention. I have 3,184 pictures on my phone. Didn’t realize that til now! OOps!

  3. I have 159 photos on my new phone. I like the idea of having all device photos in the same place! This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for the grandparents.

  4. I have 1,455 pics on my phone. I love how easy it is to use because nothing else out there is – hence so many pics still on my phone!

  5. Jennifer Hayes says:

    I have around 800 photos that have yet to be gone through.

  6. I have 124 photos on my new phone. I love that the LyveHome also works as a digital picture frame! Such a cool-looking device!

  7. I have around 1200 photos on my phone. I love that this device keeps them all in the same place.

  8. I have no pics on my phone- but a ton on my camera. :) Looks like a great device for easily protecting your pictures- love it!

  9. I have 280 pictures on my phone, and that’s only because I just got the “out of storage” message a few weeks ago and had to dump everything on my computer. I love that this device has so much space and that I could get my husband to link up to it as well! Between the two of us we take a ton of pictures of our family and it’s always so hard to share them with one another. It sound like the LyveHome would make this a lot easier.

  10. I love this idea! I have around 300 photos on my phone and would love to have them all organized on one device! I love that it’s a no-maintenance system!

  11. I have over 1200 photos on my phone because I have a new home and a really cute grandson! I’d love to win the LyveHome device. Love that it’s also a digital picture frame.

  12. I have over 200 pictures on my phone, plus countless others on my computer. I love the amount of storage on the LyveHome device!

  13. I have 1,826 photos currently on my phone taking up 16gb of space.

    In addition to the wireless syncing, I like that there is a dedicated harddrive just for photo storage. The fact that it doubles as a digital photo frame and touch screen just makes it ask the mute awesome.

  14. I have 1,234 on my phone and that’s after I purged. I definitely could use this!

  15. I have 1214 photos. This device is really cool. I love pictures!!

  16. Stephanie says:

    We have 125 pics and 87 videos, but we just uploaded a whole bunch to the computer.

  17. Hi! Love this. Between me and my two tween girls? Oh the photos seem overwhelming. Ok most do them might be tween selfies but view worthy the same:). Thanks!!

  18. i only have 152 photos on my phone because i just backed it up. but i’m always looking for a better system and this looks awesome!

  19. Mendy Thomas says:

    Looks amazing! I get attached to my pictures so I leave them on my iPhone for easy access.
    I would love this for our home. I have 2919 pics on my phone, lol.

  20. I have not developed pics of my last 2 kids! Eeks. They are all on my phone.

  21. I have 1426 photos on my phone – yikes!! I love that this a secure way to store photos. I recently got a ransom virus on my computer and quickly found out the documents that meant the most to me – pictures of my kids! This sounds like an awesome product. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  22. I have 633 pictures and 39 videos on my phone. I often get the “not enough storage” message. It’s panic-inducing! This looks like a fabulous solution to safely store my pics in ONE place! Great product and giveaway! *fingers crossed!*

  23. ellen casper says:

    1324 photos on my phone and I like that it can interact with many different devices.

  24. I can’t download the new operating system to my phone because I can’t open enough space. I have 733 on my phone and 80 bazillion (okay, slight exaggeration) on my computer. I fear losing everything . . .so this sounds like an amazing solution. Loved their video!

  25. I regularly take the photos off my phone, but I can amass a few hundred in a months if I do not. I like that LyveHome device can sync numerous devices at once so that all of our phones and wifi electronics can upload photos easily.

  26. Robin White says:

    I have a newish phone and only (only!) 540 photos on it, but tens of thousands on my desktop, laptop, and external hard drive. I love how easily Lyve syncs all the devices AND displays them, too!

  27. I have around 750 photos on my phone, after deleting many. Love the storage on this device.

  28. None!
    I just got my phone back from being repaired. It was stressful backing them up pre-repair! I’m never really sure whether they all got onto my computer or not.

  29. I just checked and I have 800 pictures. Nice round number. ;)

  30. I keep my photos on my phone low so I don’t have this problem :)

  31. Natalie O. says:

    I have about 300 right now, but that’s because I keep deleting! We just returned from vacation and I was going through photos once again. I really liked that you can use the Lyve App with so many different devices and in a variety of ways. It looks pretty straight forward/user friendly.

  32. Amazing device! I don’t have a smartphone YET but we have a new iPad which has about 10 photos on it right now. All of them were taken by my 12yo son. ;) Now my computer and external hard drive? Tens of thousands at least. Thanks for the chance.

  33. Rebekah Bennett says:

    I have a new phone so I currently only have about 50 photos on it. I live the idea of being able to download the pictures from all our various devices wirelessly and be able to have all our pictures in one place!

  34. I have 4041 photos on my phone! I love the lyve app that allows you to still view your photos from your phone once you’ve moved them off.

  35. Cool device! Love that it doubles as a photo display. I have 290 on my phone and too many on my computer!

  36. I currently have only a couple hundred photos on my phone, but who knows how many I have on old phones and on my computer. I would love to have them in one place that can sit and play them for me too!

  37. Misha Lebell says:

    599 photos on my phone. I’m all out of space on my computer because of all my photos, but haven’t known what kind of storage would be best for me–love that this looks so user friendly and you can access your photos from any device!

  38. Emily Johnson says:

    This is amazing! I have 800+ photos on my phone and no room for any more. I love that I can take pictures and then I can delete them knowing they are automatically stored somewhere. I need this!

  39. I have 285 pictures on my phone right now only because I ran out of memory! This would be awesome!

  40. I have over 1100 photos on my phone

  41. I have 2100 after deleting over 100 the other night…I also got the dreaded cannot take photo screen last night! I love the idea of keeping all my photos in one place and being able to access them through an app instead of using up my phone’s storage.

  42. Whoops! My comment posted without its entirety.
    I love everything about this system from what I can tell from the video.
    Seems like an answer to my prayers! For real.

  43. I have 2,209 photos on my phone and have never synced to my computer which is just ridiculous! I would love to take photos that are stored on different computers and our phones and consolidate them in one area. This device looks awesome!

  44. I love all of it – especially that is saves and protects my photos while letting us view them!!! Right now I have 1949 photos and 11 videos on my phone!

  45. I have 1266 photos which is literally my 16 month old daughters life! I love the storage by date as theres no other way i’ll keep them organized.

  46. Jackie Hughes says:

    This is awesome! I’m using my phone camera more and more so the ease and space on this system is wonderful!

  47. Leslie P. says:

    You all know the song, “At Last” by Etta James…totally my mental theme song playing while I watched the video! At last someone created a device holds all my pics and from a variety of sources… Oh, and plays them, too. Holy cow… It would be a delight to store my 1799 pictures there!

  48. Nancy LeB says:

    Lyve could get / keep me out of a jam! 1311 photos and 28 videos on the phone at the moment – would be more but I forgot to take it out with me tonight :)

  49. I have 2161 in the camera portion but another 215 in the downloaded pics that people have texted me that I want/need to save. I currently have “no memory space” and am constantly deleting pics. Can’t even post to instagram, ugh! Life was easier and I was more organized with film I had to develop! This device sounds like a game changer for me! ~Kim

  50. Lori Montgomery says:

    I would love to have 1 central location with a huge amount of space to store all my photos. I currently have 1532 pictures plus video on my phone. It would be wonderful to win!

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