Metallic Linen Pumpkins? Yes Please. :: A Giveaway (Giveaway Closed)

linen pumpkins


I look forward to this post ever year.

It’s the 4th annual giveaway hosted by my friends at the LoveFeast Shop. And this year they’ve outdone themselves with Metallic Linen pumpkins!


linen pumpkin

These Metallic Linen Pumpkins come in silver or gold (these are the silver) and some have a subtle herringbone pattern and all have metallic threads woven in which adds a hint of sparkle. These pumpkins (like the Velvet Plush Pumpkins below) are weighty and impressive in person. Each one is unique with its natural stem and I’ve yet to see an imitation come anywhere near the quality of these. They don’t disappoint. Not including kittens these pumpkins are pretty much the cutest thing ever that you won’t want to put down.

plush pumpkins

linen pumpkin

The LoveFeast shop is giving away a Large Metallic Linen Pumpkin set in your choice of Silver or Gold. Check out the LoveFeast Shop for pumpkins and all sorts of lovely items for your home.

To enter to win simply leave a comment telling us what you love about fall.

**giveaway now closed**

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  1. I love decorating my house for fall. Bringing out the gold, orange and “warmer” tones is always so nice. These pumpkins would make a great addition to my fall decor.

  2. I love the cooler temps mixed with warm, golden colors! Such a great combo!

  3. Crisp mornings, followed by warm, breezy afternoons and lots of pumpkin spice candles.

  4. I love warm pumpkin bread!

  5. The smell of the air. Mother Natures color palette. The smell of the air. Pumpkins. The smell of the air!

  6. Love everything about fall.. the leaves, beautiful colors, tea drinking, baking & turtle necks. One word- coziness!

  7. I love that Fall means the Holidays are coming. My favorite time of year!

  8. Christine says:

    Love the colors of fall and and the cooler temperatures it brings. Everything about fall is great!

  9. What isn’t their to love about fall! Jackets! Cardis! Fireplace! Hot starbucks!

  10. The weather and everything pumpkin!

  11. Boots, sweaters, and rainy cozy days at home!

  12. The leaves (until they fall and have to be raked up), pumpkin spice smells and putting out my Halloween decor.

  13. The cooler air although it has been unseasonably cool here in NY and the beautiful colors. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  14. I love the feel in the air, the crisp mornings, the fall sky’s, hot tea and warm breads, school children excited about fall festivals, football games and pumpkins. They can be used through Thanksgiving. Yea fall.

  15. After enduring the South’s hot weather, I love the cooler temperatures in the fall, even if it’s in the 80s. And I love all the pumpkin recipes.

  16. Fall is my favorite time of year – school starting – new crayons and notebooks- shorter days – deep blue cloudless skies – cooler days and nights – SEC football – the first fire of the season. Love the textures and colors of these pumkins. They would great in my home and I could use them from September until Thanksgiving!

  17. Love the beautiful fall colors of the leaves and new beginnings for school! This fall is special as my youngest child will be a teacher herself!

  18. Judith M. says:

    I can turn the oven back on and do some baking and put my cowboy boots back on.

  19. Brittany Miller says:

    Pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!!

  20. Shirley Elliott says:

    Actually, I think I love everything about fall but the wonderful weather tops the list. Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Rachel L. says:

    The cooler temps! We live in the Arizona and loooooong for fall weather!

  22. I love so many things about fall but college football is close to the top of the list!

  23. Kathleen Rodgers says:

    I love the crisp night air,the myriad colors of the falling leaves,the fragrant aroma of cider and doughnuts and the promise of a bountiful harvest.

  24. Dott Stroud says:

    I love everything about fall….the cooler temperatures, the exquisite colors here in the Blue
    Ridge mountains and the promise of cozy evenings with a nice fire and good book.

  25. Changing leaves, cooler temperatures, family gathering & pumpkins!

  26. Crisp air, the bite of a fresh apple, burning leaves, sitting on the deck wrapped in a blanket watching the neighbor’s cows, high school football games, high school tennis, long walks, homemade sourdough bread, apple crisp and the list goes on!

  27. Kate Bredbenner says:

    Cool spark in the afternoons, brilliant blue skies, hot cider and fires in our backyard fire bowl. Mmmm.

  28. I’m looking forward to watching my two toddlers discover the fun of fall. Seeing everything through their eyes makes it fresh and new: pumpkin carving, candy, jumping in leaves, bonfires, yummy foods, outdoor sports. In fact, this year, my 3-year old will experience his first team sport–soccer. Looking forward to cheering and coaching fall sports from the sidelines!

  29. Mary Miller says:

    I love all the colors and smells of fall! Last year my friend introduced me to a local orchard with fresh apple cider and donuts! Can’t wait to go again!!

  30. I love the cooler weather and cute fall clothes!

  31. Everything! Especially silver and gold pumpkins.

  32. Jill Powell says:

    Anticipating holidays, cooler weather, all the autumn smells, and decorating!

  33. Sarah Ratliff says:

    I love dressing my babies in plaid!

  34. Laurie Huffnagle says:

    I love cooler temperatures, changing leaves and pumpkins!

  35. The coziness–the warm smells, the leaves, the foods–just about everything! Fall is my favorite!

  36. I love being able to enjoy soup again … and the cooler weather!

  37. Crisp days and trips to the pumpkin patch with the kids.

  38. I love the cooler weather!

  39. College football! Go State!

  40. Stephanie says:

    I love the yellow Aspen leaves, fall baking, cider, crisp air, sweaters… It’s my favorite season.

  41. Fall colors make my heart sing!

  42. Fall is my FAVORITE season! What do I love? The crisp, clean air. The earlier sunsets. Wearing jeans, a sweater, and my favorite boots. The warm colors of the leaves on the trees. The crunch of the leaves under my feet with each step. Long walks. Longer nights with my family all cozy at home. Good, warm soup, crusty bread (!! Gluten !!). I could go on and on…..

  43. Sharp new pencils and clean, not yet written in notebooks

  44. Pumpkin EVERYTHING! Including these cuties! :)

  45. Going out of my way to step on that crunchy leaf :)

    Fall is my favourite.

  46. I love the cold fronts that start to move in.

  47. I love my fall decorations along with wearing boots and sweaters again!!

  48. Brooke Butcher says:

    I anticipate fall each year because of the nostalgia it brings…annual trips to the pumpkin patch, the smell of pumpkin spice in the air at my grandmother’s house, and the many many get togethers that my family has this time of year. Autumn brings with it the best weather, comfort foods, and God’s breathtaking display of the changing leaves. In a word, fall is cozy. :)

  49. Fall decorations, the bright, gorgeous colors, the Smoky Mountains, the crisp air, and everything pumpkin related.

  50. Elizabeth says:

    I love everything! I feel like Fall cleans my palate from the hot and busy summer. Thank you!

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