When You Need An Excuse to Gather Your People

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One of the things I’m looking most forward to this summer is hosting a baby shower along with a few dear friends for a friend of ours who moved away and is now expecting her first baby. There is just something about having this group of women in my home all together–the world will stop for those few hours and we’ll laugh, have 1000 word conversations within 2 seconds of eye contact and feel like we’ve never been apart. I’m so glad we have this baby coming so we can celebrate, the very best excuse to gather together.

And I make a mental note to myself to do this every year, baby or not, because these states away & hosting friends are my lifeline. Why have I waited for an excuse to get together?


I know exactly why.

Because Later always seems like a better idea. 

Sometimes Later lies to us.

If there’s no purpose or baby gearing up to be all born then why not wait until I’m less busy, until that project is done, until life slows down?

If you need an excuse to get together with your friends, because sometimes it’s easier when there’s a purpose, you are invited to host a Mary & Martha gathering. I’m partnering with Mary & Martha to introduce you to their line of really pretty home items and it’s all available through home gatherings–a fun reason to have your friends over for a no pressure look at meaningful beauty for their home.


DSC_5870lanterns hold candles or flowers or candy or collections

Be introduced to items for your home that are both meaningful and beautiful, and earn these items for your home.

They run fun specials every month, for example June Hostesses get the giant Ampersand tray at a big discount, and they continue to run specials like this every month.

specialI really love the huge Ampersand tray and when I saw it I knew I wanted to put it somewhere where we could enjoy it all the time. So I hung it on the wall and finally have my ‘something round’ on the gallery wall. Do you know that every gallery wall can benefit from something round? And do you also know that it’s taken me ten months just to get this awkward corner wall to this almost finished state?


Find out more about Mary & Martha, host a gathering and swoon over all the pretty.

And, you have a chance to win some pretties for your home too…

Mary & Martha

Leave a comment and tell us the last time you had friends over, was it for a special occasion? Or just because they’re special? Winners will be announced Saturday June 21st.

Check out Mary & Martha and host your own gathering this summer. I know you won’t regret hanging out with your friends.

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  1. Rachel B says:

    We had friends over last weekend to help us eat an abundance of hot dogs we had in our refrigerator. The weather was perfect for grilling and eating on the deck.

  2. Had friends over this winter for a great meal and tons of laughter. Haven’t done anything this spring/summer yet (beyond an almost daily hosting if assorted teenagers who i adore!) but need to get on it! Love when my home is filled with friends!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I cannot remember the last time we entertained friends. We always seem to be entertaining our children and their friends. I would, however, be nice to take the time to have our friends stop in for a relaxing light hearted dinner, conversation and drinks.

  4. I hosted a gathering along with the other bridesmaids for my best friends bridal shower with a tea time theme :) it was spectacular to celebrate her and to have all our girlfriends together <3

  5. Kelly B says:

    Last Sunday, Fathers Day, we had the kids, grandkids and some of their friends over who didn’t have dads to celebrate with.

  6. It’s been too long! My birthday is this weekend and I might host some friends :-)

  7. We have friends over every week.for playdates,cookouts, dinner.we love hosting folks in our home.

  8. My husband and I are still fairly new to town, but we love hosting in our home! So we invited some new friends (very new for me since it was my first time meeting them all!) over Sunday evening for a Game of Thrones watch party. There was lots of food, wine and shouting at the tv. It was glorious.

  9. Courtney W. says:

    Most of our gatherings involve TONS of kiddos. The last event was about two weeks ago. I’m looking forward to a gathering with my friends and not just the kid’s friends (although I love them too!!). :)

  10. Kelly Kasten says:

    The last time I had friends over was to help us move! We sold our house and had a moving party. You really learn who real friends are when it’s time to move!! So looking forward to our bigger home full of lovely entertaining space!

  11. Michele Laramay says:

    I actually hosted a bridal shower for my daughter-to-be last weekend and it was wonderful!

  12. I’m having friends over tonight for book club! Sometimes we don’t even read a book- it’s just an excuse for friends who used to work together to still hang out and eat yummy things! ;)

  13. I has been way too long. I think the last time was New Years Eve, we had a group of families over. It is so fun, why is it so hard to make that commitment?

  14. We haven’t had friends over in awhile because it seems we are always running our kids around from place to place. Trying to schedule a date with friends seems like an impossible task sometimes because of all of our busy schedules. We really need to stop running and spend some quality time with good friends. YOLO.

  15. Ann Thompson says:

    One of our greatest joys is opening our home to friends. We frequently have people over and love it! Had a house full of middle school girls a couple days ago to celebrate the last day of school. So fun, seriously you haven’t lived until you regularly host middle school girls!!!

  16. Rachel Franklin says:

    I haven’t been able to have people often because of illness. Though, family always appreciates the atmosphere I hope to create. I do know the importance of putting together a welcoming and warm place to dwell for yourself. These items are beautiful!

  17. We had family and friends over a couple of weeks ago for prime rib dinner, lots of conversing, and the sound of kids playing. Love it, and love this time of year!

  18. I hear ya! Unfortunately we’ve been moving from apartment to apartment and are trying to find some furniture so we can start hosting small get-togethers soon! The last time that we had some friends over was a month or so ago, for the sole purpose of enjoying time with friends before we all graduated college. It wasn’t anything fancy, but I love to pull out a few decorations and sit out some tasty foods and a special drink for everyone to enjoy. :)

  19. Mary Kaye Peterson says:

    I had family over for Easter but haven’t had friends over in a long time since I am sort of in the midst of remodeling my kitchen and basement and want to wait until it is finished before I have a gathering of peeps! ;)

  20. Cindy P says:

    Last time I had people over was this past Saturday and it was just because. We hadn’t seen them in a while and it was time to remedy that! It was low key but nice!

  21. Emily K says:

    Last time we had people over, it was my
    brother and sister in law and my little nephew.
    We live close, but our lives are busy and we don’t
    get together as often as we should. Our little
    boys love to play together and we invited them over
    for a Friday pizza night get together.

  22. susan p says:

    a few weekends ago – my niece, her boyfriend and several of my kids friends. we all had a great time eating mexican, playing badmitton, fire in the fire pit & making smores!
    thanks for the giveaway – LOVE the ampersand tray!

  23. Shelby Rollins says:

    We had all my work friends over last Thursday for some food, quality hang time and team building! We just finished renovating our first home and it was our very first party to host in it! It was special and ordinary all at once. We had an out of town team member in town and wanted to plan the party around them to reconnect! It was a great time!

  24. I just had some friends over for a thirtyone party! I love having my house filled with such amazing people❤️

  25. Holly S says:

    I had my friend and her family over to give her well wishes on her upcoming move back to her hometown. Your blog is encouraging to me to step outside my comfort zone and have people over even though my space isn’t perfect or perfectly clean. It is hard to have a spanking clean house, work outside the home, and have children, but I like when you said that you have to trust enough that people will still like you despite the imperfections and mess. Thanks for the encouragement and on to conquer and overcome that fear!

  26. We had friends over a couple weeks ago because they were moving. It was fun but sad.

  27. Sadly it’s been about 2 years since I had someone over. These items are gems. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  28. Andrea Perry says:

    Saturday we had friends over to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday. We had a seafood boil which I had never done and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We keep our doors open often… what a great way to really meet and get to know others.

  29. I never have friends over. Oh, I want to! But I don’t :(
    BUT!!! My husband had a really last minute idea to have his friends over to watch hockey… It was men, so I didn’t stress if the house was perfect (or clean) and we got a catered take out. It was so fun! Not sure what I’m waiting for!!?? Oh ya, that ampersand tray.. that’s what I need to have a party! :)

  30. Camille says:

    We had the neighbor kids for dinner last week. It wasn’t a planned event but all the kids were out in the yard playing and it was time for dinner so I just told them to all pile in. Isn’t that what Summer is for? :)

  31. Janelle R says:

    I believe the last time I hosted friends over it was for Bible Study.

  32. Krysten T says:

    I had friends over to watch the “Veronica Mars” movie.

  33. We are still fairly new in town so no friends over- my kids on the other hand are very social so we have kids in and out. :)

  34. Maria Hurty says:

    Party’s are usually impromptu and frequent at our house known as “Hurtyville .” Recently we lit the fire put and before the coals were hot we had 20 people there with roasting sticks in hand. Multitudes if friends and neighbors think they live at our house. We are also home to a couple of ex-orphans, waaaay too many rabbits (long story) and a partridge in a pear tree. Love your book! I bought a copy for my friend and found my own plastic clock and painted it blue ! Thanks- Maria

  35. Had friends over last month for dinner and games.

  36. We’re having our first dinner party for my preschooler’s school friend and her mom! Should be a blast. (But how are my kids this age already…)

  37. Jennifer Keesler says:

    My closest friends are my family and they were over just yesterday.

  38. Kelly Keever says:

    We had friends over Sunday night to celebrate Father’s Day with!

  39. Kelly Chakerian says:

    Having people over is a weekly occurrence for us…and we love it & it is special every time! My husband and I host a group from our church once a week where we all bring an ingredient for dinner, cook and prepare it together as a group, then laugh, eat and talk about scripture and what God is doing in our lives. These people have become such a vital part of our community and walk with Jesus… I even saved up birthday money to purchase a long large table for us just for this purpose! Many nights, some of the same people are over, at the same table, BBQing, talking, playing games, watching the bachelor, going over a new book. My favorite part is having these people feel like my home is theirs too. Many nights we have 4 girls (or guys :)) washing the dishes and putting them away, or coming in late and grabbing the spoons and bowls out of the cupboards… that’s friendship to me, that’s community, when I can walk into someone’s house and rummage through their drawers without asking, plop down at the table and feel like family :)

  40. Jenn Malcom says:

    We had some friends over for a bonfire to burn up all of our yard debris – the kids loved it!

  41. Wow–I can’t remember the last time we had friends over. (Long winter + busy spring = ???) I think it was for my daughter’s birthday last fall!! We’re planning to have friends over soon, though, so there’s hope for us yet!

  42. Elizabeth says:

    The last time was just for fun, to reconnect with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while. Absolutely adore the beautiful goodies!

  43. With three toddlers there is always an excuse to wait till later – but now I offer my chaos as a gift. Come…hang out…and when you leave, your life will probably seem calm and quiet by comparison! I’ve often felt guilty for not being more organized, but today a friend told me I am teaching her a great lesson about motherhood: That love can be laid-back!

  44. Danielle says:

    We had friends over a few weeks ago for my daughters graduation

  45. Janelle H says:

    Just last night we hosted our friends from Alaska and their new baby! They come “home” every summer and we love that special time of sharing stories, food, and laughter with them.

  46. We hosted a block partybevause we are new to the street, and 12 FAMILY UNITS came!!! It was he best kind of just becausr gathering! BTW…I am staring at the place I need to.put that tray…beautiful!!!

  47. Caroline Muehl says:

    The last time I had people had over to my home was just because THEY ARE SPECIAL!! :) I lead a high school girls small group and finally invited them to my newly renovated home (a work in progress!)

  48. My mom is visiting through tomorrow, then we are having family over to celebrate my mother in law and sister in law’s birthdays tomorrow! Then more friends coming over for lunch on Thursday after VBS. So lots of fun time with family and friends this week! I am adopting Nester’s attitude of using arrow to distract from things like my very sticky floors! Haha!

  49. Jamiee M. says:

    We had our friends and their three children over and I made stuffed shells. She brought the dessert. It’s been quite awhile though now that I think about it. But if you count family, they are always over. I love being the one to host at my house. It is alot of work sometimes, but I love it! God bless!

  50. Amy Brown says:

    The last time I had friends over was on Halloween many many moons ago. I had an uncle pass away, and a brother pass away and I had tons of paperwork and “stuff” to go through and it landed at my house and it has been a task to go through their things to donate, keep, and discard. This post is a great reminder of how important it is to rekindle those bonds of family and friendship at home.

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