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One of the things I’m looking most forward to this summer is hosting a baby shower along with a few dear friends for a friend of ours who moved away and is now expecting her first baby. There is just something about having this group of women in my home all together–the world will stop for those few hours and we’ll laugh, have 1000 word conversations within 2 seconds of eye contact and feel like we’ve never been apart. I’m so glad we have this baby coming so we can celebrate, the very best excuse to gather together.

And I make a mental note to myself to do this every year, baby or not, because these states away & hosting friends are my lifeline. Why have I waited for an excuse to get together?


I know exactly why.

Because Later always seems like a better idea. 

Sometimes Later lies to us.

If there’s no purpose or baby gearing up to be all born then why not wait until I’m less busy, until that project is done, until life slows down?

If you need an excuse to get together with your friends, because sometimes it’s easier when there’s a purpose, you are invited to host a Mary & Martha gathering. I’m partnering with Mary & Martha to introduce you to their line of really pretty home items and it’s all available through home gatherings–a fun reason to have your friends over for a no pressure look at meaningful beauty for their home.


DSC_5870lanterns hold candles or flowers or candy or collections

Be introduced to items for your home that are both meaningful and beautiful, and earn these items for your home.

They run fun specials every month, for example June Hostesses get the giant Ampersand tray at a big discount, and they continue to run specials like this every month.

specialI really love the huge Ampersand tray and when I saw it I knew I wanted to put it somewhere where we could enjoy it all the time. So I hung it on the wall and finally have my ‘something round’ on the gallery wall. Do you know that every gallery wall can benefit from something round? And do you also know that it’s taken me ten months just to get this awkward corner wall to this almost finished state?


Find out more about Mary & Martha, host a gathering and swoon over all the pretty.

And, you have a chance to win some pretties for your home too…

Mary & Martha

Leave a comment and tell us the last time you had friends over, was it for a special occasion? Or just because they’re special? Winners will be announced Saturday June 21st.

Check out Mary & Martha and host your own gathering this summer. I know you won’t regret hanging out with your friends.


  1. Saturday. Neighbors showed up and a mini party happened!

  2. I had the family come over for Father’s Day!

  3. Spring 2013 – to celebrate my daughter’s engagement

  4. Had friends over 2 weeks ago…my youngest wanted her friends to come swimming~

  5. a few weeks ago to see my cousin and her family. they came in and ate homemade pizza and we laughed a ton!

  6. We had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago. One of my favorite parts of summer is enjoying company on our screened-in back porch!

  7. We had friends over last weekend for a going away party. Sad reason but a good time.

  8. Christine says

    I had family over to celebrate my sister-n-law’s bridal shower (peacock themed), as well as my daughter’s second birthday (Elmo birthday) the same day. It was a busy and fun filled day with family and friends.

  9. Sitting with friends a couple weeks ago on the porch enjoying summer!

  10. The last time I had friends and family over was to celebrate my son’s high school graduation!! Fun and bittersweet!

  11. We had 6 friends over for a picnic on Memorial Day…sweet visits around the table!!

  12. We are always inviting our neighbors over just to enjoy everyday life together. Although, I have to say for friends that live a bit further away it sadly takes a special occasion to gather us all up together.

  13. Ellen Allison says

    My dear friend, who is a missionary, was recently home on furlough from Cambodia. We celebrated her birthday by having a surprise get together for many of her (our) college friends. Since we’ve been out of college for 12 years it was a wonderful and special time for everyone to catch up.

  14. I think the last time we had folks over was at the end of May to help pack as we were moving that weekend! (but the last time I had folks over for a reason other than helping me out was probably my sis-in-law’s bridal shower at the end of April – lots of fun :)

  15. I’m one of the least confident party throwers ever. I want to be better. The last time I had friends over was probably a year ago. I’m long over due.

  16. We had friends over last night. My husband and I are going through a difficult time and we have the most incredible friends who came over to sit with us & listen to us & pray with this. They have truly expressed Christ-like love to us…. Walking beside us, building us up.

  17. We had friend over 2 week ago. It was just for fun.

  18. We do dinner parties pretty regularly, like a couple times a month at least. I feel like it is time to have overnight guests again though…

  19. A party for my niece’s high school graduation celebration!

  20. Our son’s second birthday! We moved into the first house I’ve truly been excited to live in during our seven years of marriage. Jamison’s party doubled as a house warming party (:

  21. We had 12 couples over for soup and salad before a play. This was the first gathering in our new home so a sort of house warming too!

  22. Had loved ones over for Easter – and they’ll be back for the 4th of July to watch fireworks from my deck.

  23. It’s been a few months. :/

  24. A week and a half ago – I’ve been forcing myself to offer to host things, partly just to keep my house reasonably clean, so I had a group of women over in the morning while all of the preschoolers ran around the backyard and acted crazy.

  25. The last time we had friends over was a couple weeks ago for our bible group get together. <3 We love hosting!! :)

  26. Our new minister visited our home tonight and we were blessed. To make a new friend that shares the same beliefs is such a blessing and so rewarding. We need to step out in faith and open our lives to being more hospitable to others. You never know when you will meet someone that helps you get a better understanding of life and love.

  27. It is said that a ‘A friend indeed is a friend in need’ but I guess we fail to understand the actual meaning of that simple phrase that says ‘A friend is what a heart always needs’ :)
    I plan get together more often to keep my friendship fresh like a lovely flower and old like wine. I dream of hosting more.

  28. Last Friday. That husband helped my husband move something big and heavy so we took the opportunity to have the whole family over for supper.

  29. Friends over… Just last Wednesday. We had a music ministry practice for our church group. :)

  30. We have friends from church over every Tuesday night for our home group, but the last time I invited people over was a couple of months ago.

  31. Sheila Earhart says

    Oh my gosh! Thank you for this post! I need to start entertaining again. I realized it’s been over a year since I’ve had a group of friends over!
    Best to you!

  32. I have friends over often. Memorial Day was our last BBQ.

  33. sheri anderson says

    The last time I had friends over was for a Father’s Day celebration, thanks!

  34. Belinda Roberts says

    It was Father’s Day for me, too.

  35. Wow….this is embarassing to admit. Over a year ago! OCD tendencies pretty much turn me into a hermit…but if I win that “gawgus” ampersand tray and baskets, I’m throwin’ a party for sure!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. I like to have friends over at the spur of the moment. When I do spur of the moment there is no time to stress if the house s clean, what will I serve, etc. The best is when we order pizza and sit outside and enjoy the view.

  37. Alyson Busch says

    Two weekends ago. We had our niece here for the weekend. What a fun time we had making memories!

  38. Janette Janssen says

    A week ago! I invited over a childhood neighbor I haven’t spent time with since since I was a kid.

  39. This weekend my son and his wife are here to see my husband’s parents and us as well. Grandma is getting weaker and loves visitors and Grandpa loves fishing.

  40. The last time I had friends over was to pack up my kitchen! We are between houses, and I can’t wait to invite friends to my new house!

  41. Celebrating the little ones Birthday with close friends.

  42. Renee Richardson says

    We had a get together this past Wednesday. It was a double birthday party for my son and daughter. Thank you for the incredible giveaway.

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  43. Yesterday, we have a pool, everyone shows up. Love it, it helps to stir the chemicals

  44. Stephanie N says

    Our neighborhood has such a great group of friends. We love to entertain on our deck and have friends over several nights a week.

  45. Having my best friend stop by (last week, by the way) is a piece of cake! But actually hosting friends seems to be, admittedly, non-existent. I’m not sure if it’s my old, set-in-my-ways age (don’t laugh, but I’m only 40), the craziness of life, or that I’m already shoulder-to-shoulder with a houseful of people as it is (5 teenagers and 2 toddlers, my husband, and the dog

  46. Last week my daughter had a sleepover.

  47. Laura Carney says

    My son’s 5th birthday. We just moved not too long ago and our home is still a blank canvas. I need to fill it up with friends and grace and these pretties!!

  48. Ashleigh hall says

    Oh my gosh!! I hadn’t ever heard of Mary and Martha!! Thanks for the feature!! Sadly, the last time we had our “people” over was too long ago for a birthday party for one of the kiddos! I love the idea of parties or get togethers for no reason!

  49. Hubby and I had a party last year to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. We planned an outdoor party and it rained. I panicked thinking about all those people indoors (including the small band we hired). It was one of the best nights of my life! Letting go and living in the moment is my new motto!!

  50. We are having a big bunch of friends and neighbors this Saturday for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I love hosting a great big party and feeding everyone! On another note, I LOVE the ampersand plaque from Mary and Martha. How did you hang it on the wall?

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