Our Wood, White and Gray Bedroom

master bedroom


It’s been nine months since we bought this house and why do I always forget to care about our bedroom when we move to a new place? A few weeks ago we finally put a little paint on just one wall and it has made the biggest difference. I’m always surprised at how much paint can change a space, even though I’ve seen it first hand lots of times. The power of paint never disappoints.

master bedroom when we movedwhen we moved in

master bedroomnow

bedroom beforebefore

We lived in this house waaaay too long with one drape on the windows. One drape, hung too low.

I kind of hated being in our bedroom but there were and are so many walls and floors and corners that needed our attention in this house. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and wanted to turn off the lights and go to bed.

Then Sherwin-Williams asked if I’d be willing to try out their HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams paint line and I said yes because I knew that would be the Lovely Limitation, the kick in the pants that I needed to do SOMETHING with this room so I could start liking it and stop closing the door and turning off the lights all the time.

dark grey master bedroom

In the old house, our bedroom was light grey and I always loved it, but secretly wished it was darker. So this time around, we went with the darkest grey we could find that didn’t look black in person. Enter peppercorn. Peppercorn is delicious in the bedroom. I needed a little mood and a little drama in here.

sherwin williams peppercorn

master bedroom mirror

I painted my $25 thrifted mirror with some leftover paint and paired it with the thrifted parson’s table.

peppercorn paint color

I hung the $2 medicine cabinet that I got at a yard sale a few years ago. Mixed up my sheets (I love mixing sheet patterns) and just shopped the house for stuff we already had that we could use in a new way. I love the bookpage wreath against the dark wall, and that wreath has surprised me and lasted FIVE years!

duct tape diamonds

Here’s a reminder of our bedroom in the last house. The room was much larger with higher ceilings and more windows. I’ll always love this room and it was quite photogenic.

dark grey master bedroom

The current room feels really cozy. And personal. And masculine. It suits us really well out here in the country. Most of the furniture is the same, but the setting is different. That’s my favorite part about decorating, the same stuff can feel like all new stuff with just a few changes.

master before

Here’s the just moved in, before. I think it’s important to know that all I purchased for this room was paint for one wall, two more pair of drapes, and a new rustic-meets-modern light fixture. It was SO easy to change this room up. Why, WHY do I always wait forever to make a days worth of changes that takes a space from hate to love?!

my side


*Thanks to Sherwin-Williams for partnering with Nesting Place for this post

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  1. Katie DeKoster says:

    Ahhh! I love the hand silhouette on your wall. As soon as my boys wake up from their naps, I am tracing their hands and framing them. YES. And I would L-O-V-E to paint our living/dining room. It’s a dark tan that is perfectly fine, but just makes everything feel darker. Let’s freshen up!

  2. Donene Pollack says:

    My dining room and I believe your Peppercorn might just be the color I need to change up this room!

  3. My bedroom has been screaming at me to paint it since the day we moved into this house 3 years ago!

  4. Myquillin, you are so inspiring! I love my bedroom’s potential, but it has definitely taken a back seat to the rest of the house… I’d love to repaint it and our adjoining bathroom. P.S. I finished reading The Nesting Place and I’ve finally, after a year and a half in our house, put holes in our walls. :) It was a freeing experience – seriously.

  5. My bedroom really needs to be painted. We have lived at this home for over 5 years and it remains the same color – pee yellow. It is awful and very un soothing. I would love for a sage green color or perhaps a grey with a blue tint. For now, it screams- HELP!

  6. My pantry is crying out to be painted – lots of shelving that all needs to be painted a bright, fun color!!

  7. Ileana says:

    love this! our bedroom is calling for some tlc..we’ve been in our home for three years now and it’s one of the last rooms that needs to be done!

  8. mary kathryn says:

    My screened – in porch is desperate for some
    new paint. If I won it would I would not
    have any reasons to wait.

  9. Our bedroom needs some fresh paint also!

  10. Pattie says:

    Our bedroom needs to be painted so badly. We moved in this house over five years ago, and that’s the last room that needs help! I love the colors you used! I have seriously been considering painting our room gray, and I think you have convinced me! :)

  11. Kat Moss says:

    I think it may be time to repaint our upstairs bathroom. Used primarily by our two boys (16 & 24) and in need of a complete overhaul (gutting to the studs) that won’t happen for a couple more years, I think a fresh coat of paint to give it a more masculine feel might be in order! And while I’m upstairs, I might just throw a new color on the hallway walls, too…

  12. Jameka says:

    I’m dying to paint a focus wall in our website. I want it to be navy and right now it’s closer to peppercorn. It’s screaming to be navy.

  13. Ashley says:

    “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” is such a wonderful mantra that I use when I am frustrated because my house doesn’t look like a magazine or someone else’s “show” home. Thank you! As for the room that could use a new coat of paint, it would be my kitchen. I want something that is bright and fun. :0)

  14. My master bathroom. We’ve been in this house 2 years and are just now getting to our bedroom/bathroom…..and I’m not sure why I waited so long, either. So, now we’ve got a plan to paint our bathroom and rip out all that 80’s carpet….why, oh why? Carpet in a bathroom :(

  15. Oooo, my guest room desperately needs paint! It is currently an electric orange sorbet color, which is weird that a sorbet color could be electric, but this one is. The office could use a fresh coat, too, and I wouldn’t mind a little drama and mood in the bedroom too ;)
    Oh, and the bathroom is a poopy brown. Inspiring, I guess, but a little too ugh ew gross. I keep putting it off because we’re house hunting…but we’ve been house hunting for 9 months. Have I learned nothing here?

  16. Catherine says:

    Our main living/dining room is crying out for some new paint. We haven’t painted it since moving into our house 8 years ago, and now it has holes that have been patched and touchups that my dear husband did in the wrong paint, and is just all around in need of some love!

  17. Master Bedroom. No Doubt. I need it to be a sanctuary and place of refuge!

  18. we have a vaulted great room we are finally ready to paint. I’ve been living with it as it will be quite a project, but we have 80s beige with slight peach undertones :/ It desperately needs to be painted. Love your bedroom. We have some petty natural wood trim in our house and I am always tempted to paint as it would be easier to decorate, but there’s something about the warmtt h and slight rustic touch that I’ve come to love.

  19. My kitchen is just crying out to be painted. We moved in two years ago, I slapped up a few test squares of paint, decided I hated it, and it has been the same way ever since. It’s so sad looking.

  20. We live in a rental with a boring tan on each and every wall. In our last house we painted our living room a most lovely cement gray. I’m hoping we can convince the landlord that grey would look lovely here too!

  21. Meg Smith says:

    My sun room needs some love!!! And we rent too!

  22. My master bedroom! I have hated the color since I finished painting it 2 years ago, but I still haven’t touched it.

  23. Melanie says:

    Hello. My name is Melanie and I too have a master bedroom decorating problem.

    Ha! No but really. I may actually paint my master this same color! Its some awful hunter green color from when we bought the house and does nothing for it. For some reason the master bedroom keeps getting bumped down the list but I guess it because its the room least seen by outside eyes. It doesn’t seem as important. I liked this post! It has inspired me to move it back up the list!

  24. My master bedroom too! It’s been the same for over 10yrs. It’s been ignored while kids rooms and kitchens got some attention.
    It’s out dated, dull, and very much in need of a vibrant and cool color! I’d LOVE to HGTV my bedroom with Sherman Williams paint! Thank YOU!

  25. Tiffany B says:

    Hi Nester :) I almost cried when I read your post. I have lived in my house for 18 years and have done all other rooms in the house EXCEPT my master bedroom. We have 3 teenagers and many excuses why we haven’t taken the time to make our master beautiful. IT. IS. TIME! Thanks so much! PLUS, I love the grey – do you think it would be TOO much all all 4 walls? I have one big window and one small on another wall – room gets plenty of light…
    Thanks for all you do!

  26. Oooh. I tried the SW Duration line when we painted the outside of our house – because I was told that there was no comparison for quality and durability, and we were paying PROFESSIONALS to paint it, so I couldn’t rate my labor at $0 like I usually do and figure that I would just paint it again in three years if it didn’t hold up. And I was so impressed. With the coverage, the thickness, the depth of the pigment – that’s some good paint. So I could definitely be convinced to try their HGTV line :).

    As to what room in my house needs painting – I have pretty much painted everything once already. But now I am sort of tempted to do our room again :). I know, I’m crazy. But it’s never felt “done.” Something is just not right. And I’ve damaged the wallpaper I hung, so that may need to be replaced, and it’s just on an accent wall (and the remaining paint is color-matched), so that would mean new paint…and maybe new curtains :). Of course, that room would only need maybe two gallons. With FIVE gallons, I could paint more things! Maybe another coat on the outside of the garage (it could use it)!

  27. You know….I’m starting to love lovely limitations. Sometimes it just takes recognizing that I have one to seize the opportunity to appreciate it and use it to my advantage.

    I love the wall Myquillyn….and what is it about feathers that make my heart dance?

  28. My kitchen! Still has circa 1987 wallpaper over paneling. It’s a mess!!

  29. My family room is almost complete and the only major thing I need to do in it is paint. Your room looks lovely.

  30. Marianne says:

    I want to do our fireside room/study/ homework/ game room. Or our bedroom or bathroom. We have a 1970s home with wallpaper every where. So we are slowly doing projects. I love Sherwin Williams paint already and to get it free would be such a bonus! Your bedroom is beautiful.

  31. christine says:

    The room of desperation in my house is definitely our toy room. So far the walls are primer white since it was yucky paneling that we knew wasn’t the fun and joyful mood we were going for. I have so many samples on the wall it looks like a patchwork quilt! I’m trying to go for a youthful aqua with a touch of grey so it’s not baby-ish…but so far the color in my mind had yet to show up in the color swatches :) maybe Sherwin Williams has just what im dreaming of!

  32. Stacie M says:

    My living room…its been beige for the last 8 years and its for a change. Love your bedroom, it looks so fresh and cozy.

  33. I have a new house with all white walls and two little girls that are dreaming of bedrooms in their favorite colors (pale blue for one, pale pink for the other). Free paint would certainly be the kick in the pants i need to make such easy dreams come true.

  34. We moved last summer but only recently sold our old house. I am so ready to start making changes. The entire house needs a fresh, lighter coat of paint.

  35. CHSmith says:

    The entire house needs painted, but I would most likely start in the living room. It is a north by northwest facing room and could seriously use some warm color in it.

  36. Can I say master bedroom, two hallways, AND the laundry room. Because they are all needing a little love. SW paint is my go to. I love it!

  37. Amanda says:

    We’re buying a house, so I don’t know yet – but a bunch?

  38. Christen says:

    New baby’s on the way. I really need to paint his/her bedroom away from the too-dark blue I selected when I moved in 10 years ago.

  39. For me, it is my office/sewing room/place where I nurse the baby/hide from the preschoolers room. It is the pale and dusty salmon pink that it was when we moved in and I am a blue girl all the way.

  40. We have a small room we call the front room and it is unpainted dark wood paneling. I’ve been dying to paint it for years! This would be a great chance. :-) Thanks for sharing your new bedroom. I love what you did without having to spend a bunch of money!

  41. It truly is amazing how paint can transform a room and an attitude. My wife and I recently purchased our “forever” home after praying and planning for over four years for it. We are loving making this house a home that our family will make a lifetime of memories in. Our next room that is begging for paint is our living room. It is currently tan painted grass cloth! The texture is definitely unique but needs a fresh start! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  42. Oddly enough the doors in my house are crying out to be painted. I’m thinking a brown meets gray. As well as my kitchen cabinets. I painted my bedroom dark gray a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it!! I was inspired by Edie’s sultry bedroom. It’s so cozy and lovely. :) I love how a bucket of paint can change everything.

  43. We’re in the same boat as you with our bedroom. Would love to get it to near retreat status by the time our second is born in October. It’s current state just will not cut it once the sleepless nights begin.

  44. Beth Asby says:

    I recently commented to you on Instagram about my staircase gallery wall I’d been putting off. Part of the reason is that I want to repaint my foyer but couldn’t pick a color, didnt want to attempt a two-story area, and didnt want to pay to have it done. My husband recently told me we could hire his painters to do it if I would pick a color. I really wanted white to brighten it up, but we have antique white trim and wainscoting and I’m afraid it will look weird. (I actually did it in my bedroom and it looks good, but the foyer is much bigger and more open to outside opinions. :)) SO, two days ago we went to Sherwin Williams, and I decided maybe I’d do the complete opposite, a dark grey, and I actually picked up the Peppercorn swatch!!! I picked a few others, but I just keep thinking of the Peppercorn! How crazy that I’ve stumbled upon this article on Pinterest today! I could definitely use the full five gallons on the foyer, but is Peppercorn too dark for an entryway? Is it less inviting? Would it look good with antique white? Sorry for the novel!!

  45. My guest room is the last room in the house that needs new paint. Wait, the hallway does too but that’s a boring area. My guest room is an ugly mustard color and I’d love for it to be a soothing, calming blue/green.

  46. Oh, my poor kitchen desperately needs a fresh coat of paint. The previous owners used flat paint even in high traffic rooms like the kitchen. The walls are impossible to keep clean!

  47. I would really love to paint our kids’ rooms!

  48. Hello dear Nester! I think you’ve hit a nerve for so many of us who have homes or rooms we don’t love but just don’t know where to start. I could paint most of my house but I think the top two needy areas are the living room and the master bedroom. Thank you for not being intimidating and for the fresh air you breathe in your little blog! I follow very few blogs but always yours.

  49. Oh dear. What room is NOT crying out for new paint!? We just moved into this house that has been well used and loved. I will probably start in our great room, but will continue on shortly! Thanks Sherwin Williams!

  50. I love what you did with your bedroom! It does look incredible cozy. Especially the the animal fur blanket (I think that’s what it is) accent!
    My loft desperately needs a makeover. It’s the only room we haven’t touched since we moved in and it is a lemon meringue yellow. TOO MUCH.

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