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maybe the best handheld vac

Special thanks to BLACK+DECKER  for sponsoring this post and helping make this imperfect space on the internet possible.

If you want to know what our family used on any given day, just look at the top of this dresser.

If we ever decided to murder someone it would be easy to solve for any detective because the murder weapon would be sitting out on this dresser in plain sight, still bloody for at least a good 48 hours after the crime. We are nothing if not consistent in our laziness. Besides, maybe we are smart, I usually set stuff there because I’m going to use it again “real soon”.

maybe the best handheld vac

My most recent addition to the dresser top is the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac. I admit I wasn’t expecting to be impressed. It’s a handheld vac, booooring. I had one of those types of vacs years ago, something happened to it and life has moved on just fine thankyouverymuch.

But, I was wrong, this little fella has been used and reused and displayed proudly on the “we use it all the time so why put it away” dresser for the past week.

just might be the best handheld vac

In our house of only wood floors and a few cowhide rugs, this Pivot Vac has proven to be so handy to do little touch-ups. And the best part is something that didn’t occur to me as being a huge perk: it’s cordless.

Remember how we talked about catering to chore you dread the most? I didn’t realize how much I put off lugging out the big vacuum into our little family room every time we stepped on a cracker. It actually takes more time to get out and put away the vacuum than it does to actually vacuum the rugs. Even if it is a dumb thing to dread, the reality was that it caused me to not vacuum as much which in turn caused my floors to be dirty, which in turn caused me to feel like a filthy slob. Stop feeling like a filthy slob.


I try to pay attention to these things because it’s a real way I can help myself make my life a little bit easier.  As your day happens make yourself aware of things you are avoiding and ask yourself if there is something you can tweak or change to make that less avoidable.

My floors are cleaner the stairs are happy, and soon the carpet in the car is going to be a job that the boys will argue over who gets to do it, because of this easy to use, easy to grab rechargeable strong little handheld vac.


We’re giving away a BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac to one lucky winner and since I’m shipping it from my house, I’m throwing in a signed copy of my book because cleaning up messes and imperfection go hand and hand.  Stay tuned next week for more giveaways!

To enter the giveaway click over and visit the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac site and then come back and leave a comment telling us a job you kind of dread and if you’ve come up with a solution to make that task a little more enjoyable, won’t you share it?

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  1. Brooke Kelly says:

    I dead vacuuming each and every stinking step on the stairs! It sucks when I have to carry the huge vacuum all the way up the stairs and then get the hose out to vacuum each step! My solution – this portable vacuum ;)

  2. Valerie H. says:

    The chore I dread the most is unloading the dishwasher! It feels like sooooo much time is wasted on that chore! Then one day I decided to time myself doing it, and discovered that a full load takes less than five minutes to put away! Now it’s not so bad, knowing that less than five minutes and I’m good to go!

  3. I hate, hate, hate to mop. My solution? Teach the kids how to do it! They do a better job than me not doing it at all!

  4. my dog hasn’t figured out how to pick up after herself, yet. ;) every time i turn around, she’s shed a new layer of fur. i still haven’t quite found how to make this enjoyable, but usually swiffering during commercial breaks or turning on some tunes helps! i haven’t tried a cordless vac yet, but might make swiffering seem elementary!

  5. Clarissa says:

    We recently opened a gym and cleaning under the free weights is my current least favorite chore. You have to get on your hands and knees and all but crawl under there to sweep with a dust pan and hand broom. Cottonwood trees are making the place look like we keep a cotton gin in the back!

  6. I absolutely dread laundry because it’s never.done. I have four children and I haven’t figured out how to stay on top of it all with a full time job. I’ve considered hiring someone to come in my house and just do that one job. That’s not weird, is it?

  7. Oh girl. I have lived without a working vacuum for about 5 of the 7 years I have lived in my house. My dad got me a mini shop-vac for Christmas so I get by. (the broken part is the upright portion so the canister part works fine) If I want to “deep-clean” my carpets which I am rarely on I borrow a vacuum. Anyways, I am replacing all of the windows in my house in the next few weeks and that handy little guy would work perfect for when we take the old windows out and there is all the old gunk and dust.
    Thanks for the heads up on it, may have to invest in one. (Or at least a real working vacuum)

  8. Living in a house with males, and being the lone female, I distinctly dislike cleaning behind toilets.

    Some upbeat music, and essential oils in my cleaning products, make the job go so much quicker, so much more pleasant smelling! :)

  9. I could show you where I need this vacuum right now! My beloved Norwex dry mop is great for quickly running around our laminate flooring. But then I have this pile {like now}. And I have to get out the vacuum just to clean up the mop! Ahem, and said vac is currently in the basement…
    While I love my Norwex, I dislike cleaning up the PILE that accumulates when I use it.
    And then there’s the stairs. Just to completely sound like a whiner, I even prefer vacuuming to dusting :D

    I’m thinking this little vac just got added to my Mother’s Day Wish List! Would LOVE to win one ~ Thanks, Nester and B&D!

  10. I love the idea of vacuuming through plants and getting dead leaves, debris out the easy way instead of pick, pick, pick. I’d love one of these. Thanks.

  11. Every year my dad asks me what I want for Christmas and almost every year I say, “A vacuum.” I have yet to find one that can keep up with two teenage boys and the mountains of dog hair from our beloved Golden Retreiver, Fussy. I think it is time to give up the search for the perfect clunky vacuum and go for this cordless cutie!! So pick me, pick me, please!! :) Oh, and my most dreaed chore is cleaning out the turtle aquarium…ughhhh. I must admit I procrastinate on that lovely duty. Poor Evan is now 7 years old and I still haven’t managed to figure out how to make it fun…bleh :/

  12. April Tottle says:

    I totally feel you! I also dread luggin out the big vac and procrastinate about it until the floors are really bad. I have all hardwoods also, just moved in this new house last week! I sooooooo need this little vac. It will be a kids chore! How fun for them?! I really love this idea.

  13. Sally Gee says:

    I have two: the stairs and in front of the wood pellet stove. Like you, I hate dragging out the big vacuum cleaner every stinking time we make a mess loading the stove. And I don’t know HOW the stairs manage to attract so much dust!
    A have an older handheld, but it’s not cordless, this little guy you’ve shown would be wonderful to own! :)

  14. I hate cleaning the dust bunnies that seem to collect around our furniture and the edges of our hallway. My solution? It’s not very creative, I just take my vacuum out of the closet–or if I’m feeling lazy, I scoop it up with my hand and put in the trash. Gross, I know! That Pivot Vac would be a great alternative!

  15. Folding the laundry and no…if I had I would do it more often :)

  16. I dread making the bed so most days it does not get done :(

  17. I dread putting away laundry. And I have yet to find a way to love doing it but I do find just “biting the bullet” and getting it done helps. So I try to put it away as soon as it comes out of the dryer. It seems more manageable than having 6 loads to put away.

  18. Christine says:

    The floors are absolutely my most dreaded chore. I have a one year old so around her highchair is constantly a mess. I hate dragging out my water tank vacuum. That little vacuum looks handy!

  19. Debbie Lynn says:

    I dread folding laundry and vacuuming the stairs!
    Have a great week-end!

  20. I dread cleaning the bathrooms. I’ve started using the “dry” cleaning method for the bathrooms.
    Saw it on a link through pinterest ( But basically you just spray everything down and wipe it clean with dry rags (I use microfiber cloths with an abrasive side). Just make sure whatever you spray does not have to be rinsed. I just toss the rags in the wash and use only for bathroom cleaning. This method has cut this cleaning time in half! No more wet bathroom cleaning for me.

  21. A job I dread is cleaning the bathrooms. Maybe a scented candle burning on the countertop and some music playing in the background would lighten the chore! I think I’ll add some chocolate in there, too! :)

  22. Tasha Johnson says:

    Stirfry is my husbands very favorite food in the world….. But I rarely make it. That’s because with 4 children eating rice (or qouina) my cleanup turns into an all night thing! Rice is a nightmare to sweep up. Really a NIGHTMARE! I have ever been known to get the shopvac from the basement just to assist with the job. This little cordless vac would make my Husbands dream come true… A wife that makes his favorite food! Not to mention the fact that it would fit perfectly in my pantry next to the table:)

  23. The job I hate/dread is the one you just described!! Include vacuuming the steps and that’s me. This little vac looks great. :)

  24. I would be sooo excited to win this. My elderly mom has moved in with me. Now I am upstairs. I only have the one vac. It would be great to have this little tool, and your book- the icing on the cake!!

  25. salie sparks says:

    I dread the dog hair! We have 3 blue heelers and they shed all the time. Little piles of fur hit the corners and I think they grow into puppies! This hand-held, cordless vac would be a HUGE help to keep the hardwood floors clean!

  26. I hate cleaning behind the toilets. Ugh. Unfortunately it is essential with a 4 year old boy. I haven’t found a solution to make it more enjoyable yet LOL. This little vac looks awesome! It would be so nice to suck up some of the golden retriever hair my 4 legged friend seems to leave all over the house for me!

  27. I hate mopping, so I finally broke down adn got one of those steam mops. While I still don’t enjoy it, its much better than breaking out the bucket each time!

  28. I hate cleaning bathrooms. Wish there was a power tool for that! If I don’t win I think I may have to get one of those handheld vacs. Pretty cool!

  29. Ehhhh… My van… The poor thing…. I have 4 kids and the oldest is 8. You know what I’m saying, right? Last night I discovered that my 4 year old had a thermos full if Mac n cheese from Monday that she had been saving in the backseat because she hadn’t finished it at school but didn’t want to waste it…. And that’s only the beginning…. This would come in handy at my house, Nester!

  30. My carpeted stairs…no contest! I hate doing them sOOO much. Pick me!!!

  31. I dread vacuuming the carpeted stairs in our house! A handheld, cordless vacuum would be such a treat.

  32. I hate vacuuming too- and for the same reason. Dragging the vacuum out and plugging it in seems like a huge chore. Unfortunately, when you have two dogs, you have to go ahead and drag that thing out a couple times a week or you end up with dog hair tumbleweeds.

  33. The carpet on the stairs – I dread lugging the big vacuum up and down the stairs.

  34. BeckyAnn says:

    I have 4 little ones so the floor around the kitchen table is always MESSY. Sometimes I’m good and keep it swept everytime we eat a meal or have a snack, but most of the time I dread that chore. It’s just going to be crumb covered again in an hour! A handheld cordless vac would make that job so much easier and my whole house will breath a sigh of relief. My littles will probably even beg to use it. Always a plus!

  35. My dog has started shedding her winter coat. She’s an outdoor/mudroom dog, but still the hair wafts into the house. I dread keeping up with the vacuuming of hair, but I will do it because I must. This little B&D gadget would be handy!

  36. I’m glad I’m not alone in my disdain for vacuuming the stairs. The way I get around this is by having my husband do it. This works great-unless he’s busy. Which he often is. Which is why the stairs don’t get cleaned. With three kids and dog and a man who works as a landscaper you can imagine how dreadful it is. Absolutely dreadful. Which is why it’s the object of my disdain.

    Of course, this might be a lifesaver.

  37. MOPPING!! The dreaded chore in my home. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take long and it’s not even painful…… however, I hate to do it more than anything else!! Maybe with a new Pivot VAC, it will help reduce the number of times mopping is needed!! :-)

  38. Pet hair. I hate to see it on area rugs, but hate to do something about it. I would love to have a little cordless vac to pick up those clumps!

  39. I would sooooooo keep this in our bathroom!!! I have girls and hair is a real issue. My least favorite chore right now is sweeping the bathroom! This would be perfect and my girls would have no excuse not to help!!! Please, please, please, please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, pick me!! I also want your book so bad I can taste it! I am your biggest poorest fan!!!

  40. Meredith McNamara says:

    Unloading the dishwasher -and I haven’t found a fix yet. I think I’ll wait till my toddler is talk enough to pass it on to her!

  41. Jennifer says:

    Vacuuming stairs. Somehow the dog hair conspires with the dust to create little clones of our terrier mutt Oliver. I have an awesome canister vac that makes quick work of all the wood floors, but the stairs are a balancing act of “Cirque du Soleil” proportions. That little B&B vac would be just the ticket…besides, I’d be willing to bet I could get the kids to do it and that would be a victory all the way ’round!

  42. This mini vac would be great to send to my daughter in college! Chore I dislike would be cleaning the gas range top. I use dryer sheets to loosen the grime. It really works!

  43. amy stoltzfus says:

    I hate laundry!! this little gut won’t do that for me, but it would be easier to vacuum the stairs!

  44. Michelle J. says:

    Folding laundry AND putting it away. I either watch a movie while I fold – or better yet, I give that job to my kids!

  45. I, too, dread hauling out the “big” vacuum! We have a dog who loves to share her hair – I am always seeing tumbleweeds of dog hair! I would love to just snatch the vacuum and get the hair out of there – I’m tired of walking past things and saying, “I should….”! We homeschool, so I hate the constant picking up and putting away. We tackle it best when we put on some lively music and all do a “shake-up clean-up”!

  46. Cleaning tubs! Ugh! I haven’t found a way to make it enjoyable…

  47. Lisa Ellsworth says:

    I absolutely loath cleaning the baseboards. It’s too bad I can’t invent self cleaning baseboards! I think it’s getting on my hands and knees with fibromyalgia that makes it so difficult. It doesn’t get done nearly enough at our home.

  48. Jenny Stone says:

    The stairs are my nemesis. Who wants to lug a big vacuum up and down the stairs as you clean them one by one?! Not me!!

  49. I have an in-home daycare–kids from 12 months to age 5. Boy could I use that sweet cordless vaccuum. Perhaps the kids & I will sing all the FROZEN songs while we clean up their hundreds of messes a day. Sure sounds sweet! Thank you!!

  50. I put off vacuuming as long as I can! I think it’s because it seems like such a hassle to get the vacuum out!