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maybe the best handheld vac

Special thanks to BLACK+DECKER  for sponsoring this post and helping make this imperfect space on the internet possible.

If you want to know what our family used on any given day, just look at the top of this dresser.

If we ever decided to murder someone it would be easy to solve for any detective because the murder weapon would be sitting out on this dresser in plain sight, still bloody for at least a good 48 hours after the crime. We are nothing if not consistent in our laziness. Besides, maybe we are smart, I usually set stuff there because I’m going to use it again “real soon”.

maybe the best handheld vac

My most recent addition to the dresser top is the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac. I admit I wasn’t expecting to be impressed. It’s a handheld vac, booooring. I had one of those types of vacs years ago, something happened to it and life has moved on just fine thankyouverymuch.

But, I was wrong, this little fella has been used and reused and displayed proudly on the “we use it all the time so why put it away” dresser for the past week.

just might be the best handheld vac

In our house of only wood floors and a few cowhide rugs, this Pivot Vac has proven to be so handy to do little touch-ups. And the best part is something that didn’t occur to me as being a huge perk: it’s cordless.

Remember how we talked about catering to chore you dread the most? I didn’t realize how much I put off lugging out the big vacuum into our little family room every time we stepped on a cracker. It actually takes more time to get out and put away the vacuum than it does to actually vacuum the rugs. Even if it is a dumb thing to dread, the reality was that it caused me to not vacuum as much which in turn caused my floors to be dirty, which in turn caused me to feel like a filthy slob. Stop feeling like a filthy slob.


I try to pay attention to these things because it’s a real way I can help myself make my life a little bit easier.  As your day happens make yourself aware of things you are avoiding and ask yourself if there is something you can tweak or change to make that less avoidable.

My floors are cleaner the stairs are happy, and soon the carpet in the car is going to be a job that the boys will argue over who gets to do it, because of this easy to use, easy to grab rechargeable strong little handheld vac.


We’re giving away a BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac to one lucky winner and since I’m shipping it from my house, I’m throwing in a signed copy of my book because cleaning up messes and imperfection go hand and hand.  Stay tuned next week for more giveaways!

To enter the giveaway click over and visit the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac site and then come back and leave a comment telling us a job you kind of dread and if you’ve come up with a solution to make that task a little more enjoyable, won’t you share it?

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  1. Dread cleaning the car! With dark fabric you see all the little stuff, but there is a place around the corner which is inexpensive ($5.00) for a wash and self vacuum. However, with this little handheld vacuum I can resolve the vacuuming in the comfort of my home.

  2. Tiffany B says:

    Cleaning out my car is always a chore I dislike very much. My shop vac is too cumbersome and the long hose and cords get in my way. This looks like the PERFECT solution! Thanks Nester :)

  3. i hate doing laundry. can’t say i’ve come up with a way to make it enjoyable :) would love to win this handy little vac!

  4. Cleaning out my car is the job I dread the most. I don’t know why, really. Maybe because there are so many tool required and it will already be dirty again after the next drive?

  5. This post made me giggle. My girls and I are the same way except our “stuff” always ends up at the bottom of the stairs in the entry or the little entry table. We, too, would be easy to track.
    I do love the look of this little guy…I have hardwood and cowhides, too, so this would be dandy! (Um, and clearly, your book…hello…divine) My chore I hate? This sounds crazy, but I LOATHE UNloading the dishwasher. I dont’ mind loading it at all, but the unloading makes me nuts! (I’m sure there’s some deep, psychological meaning to that). I’d load it 100 times if I didn’t have to unload it once! I’m a weirdo, what can I say? :)

  6. I kinda despise doing the dishes. I do them to serve my husband and try to find the joy there. But most of the time, it works out that I do the cooking, so then he serves me by doing the dishes. Plus, I eat slow, so by the time I have finished eating, he has already started washing the dishes! Also, we don’t have kids yet, so that might change eventually! Ha!

  7. I don’t like vacuuming the stairs. I make my children do it with our shop vac but I hate lugging it around because it doesn’t reach the top and bottom.

  8. Amber Sol says:

    I hate cleaning our shower. I don’t mind the rest of the bathroom so much, but the shower is huge and requires so much time to really get it clean. I dread cleaning it everytime.

  9. I loath dusting. I’ve found no epiphany to dusting that makes it easier or better. :)

  10. I dread the stairs.

  11. Putting away laundry, unloading the dishwasher and putting away groceries are at the top of my list. Apparently I don’t like to put away. The grand poobah of my cleaning tower of doom is mopping. I actually get a little anxious typing it out. The thought of handling a mop and dipping it into gross moppy water makes my skin curl. Thank goodness my kitchen floor is dark and you can’t tell how nasty it is. I spent close to an hour last week on Pinterest looking for mopping solutions and figured out how to hack my swiffer into a decent mop. Instead of a swiffer cloth, I attached a cloth diaper to the device and carried a spay bottle filled floor cleaner and sprayed it in the path while I mopped. It was life changing! No icky hands, no nasty mop water, nothing. My floors are clean and I feel like a good wife, mother and child of the universe now that my floors aren’t gross. Each one reach one.

  12. I actually hate vacuuming the stairs with our regular vacuum. It’s a good vacuum but hauling all that equiptment up the stairs is such a pain. A portable vacuum would be amazing!

  13. this little tool looks excellent! i also dread doing floors…and this looks like the perfect thing for quickly getting rid of the dust bunnies and popcorn kernels that find the corners of my house so hospitable! :) thanks for the giveaway chance!

  14. Afraid cleaning my work room is always overlooked by me! Tiny pieces of paper, tape, mini brads, more paper – I can barely walk there without something sticking to my foot. Did I mention my workroom is on the 2nd floor & the vacuum is on the 1st? Great reason not to clean. I think this little machine could join my hubby’s Black & Decker Cordless Drill and be used OFTEN. Thanks for not being perfect!

  15. I hate putting laundry away. Washing, drying, folding all happen right away, but putting away I can put off for days. Especially the hanging stuff, which has increased exponentially since we donated my dresser to the church garage sale, but haven’t found one we like to replace it with yet. As I write this there is neatly laid-out stack of at least 20 shirts that need to be put into the closet sitting on the bench by my bed. I have no solution for this, but if anyone else does, I’m all ears!

  16. Ashleigh hall says:

    Oh!! I love this little vac already!! I hate cleaning our wood stairs and this would be so super easy!

  17. Jen Higgins says:

    I really dislike sweeping, and more than half my home is faux wood flooring. I don’t mind vacuuming though. When my current vacuum dies I’ll get one that can go from carpet to a hard surface, and that should take care of that!

  18. cleaning the stairs. UGH! I hate lugging the big vacuum up and down to clean them. this little vac would be very handy! And, of course i would love to read your book,

  19. Vacuuming is pretty high on the dreaded list. Then again, so is dusting. I find, though, that the hardest part of both is starting. Once I resolve to just do it, it’s not so bad.

  20. The stairs and the hallway…toooooooo many corners and crevices for yuck to build up. Oh and when the sun shines on that space it makes me look like the world’s worst housekeeper! Would love to read your book and win a little vac (that actually works!).

  21. I dread cleaning the bathroom. It never takes as long as I think that it will, but I put it off until I absolutely must clean it. Of course, cleaning the bathroom would go even faster if I cleaned it more often. It stayed the cleanest when my daughter needed constant supervision in the bathtub, yet didn’t need me to be sitting with her at the tub – I spent a small part of each bath time every night wiping down the bathroom surfaces, so the bathroom stayed consistently clean.

  22. THE DOG HAIR! I have a yellow Lab and dark wood floors and there are tufts of dog hair everywhere, even if I vacuum daily. This would be perfect to vacuum up those little tufts!

  23. Michele Cook says:

    cleaning the car and the stairway were first to come to mind. But, it also made me think of when it is my turn to clean church! I would use it to clean the upholstered pews!!! It is amazing how much pet hair attaches itself to the pews off of people’s clothing, and it is so hard to maneuver a regular vacuum and cord and hoses. You can certainly tell where the pet owners sit! :)

    I am SO looking forward to meeting you next weekend in Cornelius!!!

  24. I most dread vacuuming the car. The cord, then the hose, it’s easier to not look down :)

  25. I just got wood floors and gave my big vacuum to my sister so this would be perfect for me. I hate cleaning the bathtub. Even being a family of one this is a chore I hate to do.

  26. It’s the carpet in the car!! I only dread doing it because as soon as I do, someone always has the nerve to get in the car and mess it up again! :) Also, the dog hair – they leave so much hair around, it’s a surprise to me that all 3 of them aren’t bald!

  27. We constantly fight the dog hair from two big yellow shedding dogs.

  28. Michelle James says:

    I dread cleaning out under my kids car seats and the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac would be perfect for getting all the cracker crumbs and raisins that have fallen between the seats! Not to mention so much easier than dragging my huge vacuum out to the garage!

  29. The job I dread the most is managing my office. I haven’t found the best fit for me in there yet. It needs to be re-organized. Still looking for solutions. I’d love the hand-held vac to help me with the little nooks and crannies our floors have. And I’d LOVE to win a copy of your book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I actually don’t mind vacuuming (is that how you spell the word? I hate spelling the word, though!). Funny enough, I just don’t like getting the vacuum out of the closet! I also dislike stairs. Too heavy. The little handheld would help me out tons!
    Oh…and I don’t like cleaning cars- I have to bend over a lot. The kid and dog make it a constant mess, so I just decided to put blankets and old towels on the seats and on the floor (yes…even on the floor of the car. It absorbs all of the snow and mud- no problem!). Then, woooosh, just take them out, carefully, and wash them. The car looks great, when I have to take friends in it. (Am I lazy, or what?) Oh….and recently, I found out the my daughter loves sitting on a fluffy bathroom mat, in the car. The mat has a rubber backing, which doesn’t let it slip off. Genius, right?

  31. The Clark house needs one of these so badly! The task before me that I dread is going through everybody’s drawers (wait, that doesn’t sound right!) and cleaning out outgrown/winter clothes…

  32. Oh, I need one of these gizmos for my kitchen floor!

  33. I dread vacuuming my floors because they are tile and hardwood and get dirty quickly. I purchased a small vacuum that is easy to pull out in between heavy duty vacuuming and picks up the dust and dirt that has accumulated!

  34. I despise a cleaners bill! I love my clothes and I am really trying to cut my cleaners bill.
    My remedy : I wash my delicates and even some dry clean only by hand. When I wear my clothes I am very conscious about staying clean at work so when I get home I take off my clothes and spray them with a mixture of fabric softener, some of my smell good oil and a little of water in a spray bottle and hang it back in the closet. I also use my smell good mixture around the house and in my car to freshen up the smell.

    Love that mixture and the idea!

  35. I have an OLD dustbuster that makes my crumb cleaning so much easier in the kitchen…but it’s on its last legs. I would love to win this vac and a copy of your book!

  36. Having a basement apartment with windows essentially at the level of the ground, I have quite a bit of dirt come in. I also have a 5 year old little girl who loves crafts with glitter, cutting papers into small pieces, strings, and on and on. I have wood floors throughout so this little vacuum would be awesome to get those little crevices I cannot reach. I also love the canister, so I can find Barbie shoes and accessories and “save” them.

  37. I dread cleaning up cat litter! Is there any way to make this job better? This cordless vac could definitely help!;)

  38. I really dislike vacuuming the stairs. It was always my job growing up, so I should be over it by now. Mostly, I just skip that chore :)

  39. Bethany Peterson says:

    The car!! I’ve been meaning to get a little vacuum to keep in the car because it’s atrocious! thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I dreaded vacuuming in general, but once we bought a new vacuum that had super suction it was fun to see all the gunk that came out of the floor EVERYDAY. I love my vacuum so much that I now don’t feel comfortable in my living room until it has been vacuumed. Effective easy to use tools are often the key to making a dreaded task a joy. I would love for my mommy vacuum to have a little handheld baby vacuum!!

  41. I hate vacuuming the stairs. I s would help with that job! :)

  42. You have sold me on this little jewel!! I would love to have this!! Oh, and every other handy tool they sell as well!! You can’t beat a Black and Decker anything!! I dread cleaning a dirty house, but love to clean a house that is clean – does that make sense?? Now if I can just get someone to come in and clean it now so I can clean a clean house!!!

  43. Donene Pollack says:

    I hate cleaning the bathrooms, I love having house plans but I hate cleaning up after them when they drop blooms or leaves so a handy little vacuum would be very useful!

  44. This looks amazing and I would love to win! I have 2 kids ages 1 and 3 and we got one of those kids handheld vacs in the hopes that it would be a “fun” job for them to clean up their own crumbs under the dinner table, but of course it doesn’t have enough suction to actually do the job. If I win, my feet would be so happy to not constantly be stepping on the crumbs!!

  45. This little dynamo vacuum would be invaluable for cleaning up after my sweet little kitty. She always has food on the floor near her bowl. Cat hair on her favorite chair to sleep. And kitty litter spread around her box. I could clean all this up in a jiffy with the Black+Decker Pivot Vac! Love it!

  46. confessionalcook says:

    How about those crumbs under the grandkiddo’s chairs?

  47. I tried to think before I peeked at other answers and had very quickly come up with cleaning out the dishwasher also. I am so thankful for my dishwasher as at least not all those dishes are sitting on the counter! But would love the vac, and love love love your book!

  48. Laurie Spoerke says:

    Two big black dogs and three kids. Lots of cleaning chores! I really don’t like to clean the bathrooms but am so thankful for our imperfect home.

  49. I’m another one who dreads cleaning the stairs. And they show the dust bunnies so quickly! A little handheld vacuum would be wonderful.

  50. I dread most cleaning, but mostly cleaning out the kids’ rooms. It is really a pointless task that has to be completed randomly or their rooms would be full of hardened food, piles of trash and they would never have any clean clothes! My only solution is training the kids to clean up after themselves – – a very dreamy scenario!