Nine Months at the Farm


Nine months ago we bought our little white house on 12 acres. It was a full year earlier than we expected and we’ve spent the last few months catching our breath after doing phase one of a kitchen renovation, foundation work, figuring out country internet and what it means to take care of this place. It’s a learning process. It’s slow. It’s costly. It’s the country living right outside of town that we hoped for. It’s a mess. It’s beautiful. It takes lots of hope.

Here are way too many photos to show you where we are since August.



Kitchen before is here.







Water came in the basement. Womp Womp.








We have a new water system!!! Our water doesn’t smell like metal blood any more!



The most exciting this that’s happened recently is that the World’s Worst Barn now has the World’s loveliest windows!




One step closer to having y’all out to do crafts, swap meets and fun gatherings!


We have chicks!! And they are the cutest things in the universe! #grumpychick




A few years ago I told my husband OFF for accidentally ripping out my precious peonies. This weekend I noticed something growing right outside our bedroom window. Living in a house for the first year is like a box of chocolates, wouldn’t you say?


Mom & dad came over, tilled and started a garden. This is what happens when you write a book and it’s coming out in two weeks. You sit in the bathtub in your house and stare a the wall while your parents slave away in the yard and start a garden.



If you are betting on when the pool will stop being green, give it 4 more weeks please. Maybe?


I started a gallery wall in my office. It’s a progressive gallery wall and if you are part of Hope*ologie you get access to everything we’re including in it. I can’t wait to show you what we have for May!


Three weeks ago we finally had our kitchen inspected, it passed! And our range is finally level and off the little cart!




I did a little project in the boy’s room that I’ll show you in May!


So. Much. Junk.


There are lots of days that I miss the rental. I miss having lots of finished walls to style and take photos of. I miss getting to change up a room with pillows instead of buying a new water system. I miss large rooms where I can stand waaaay back and get a full room shot.

you & me

This house story has been one big adventure for me and Chad. Tomorrow is our 19th anniversary. Fourteen houses in nineteen years. I hope we are in this house to stay!

DSC_3843how to get your free download here

I’m constantly relearning the very thing I talk about here all the time. That it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Do you need to be encouraged in that too? Check out my new book that was birthed from living an imperfect life in a bunch of imperfect houses, it’s all about how to live beautifully within the imperfect.

And today, Sophie, from Boo Mama is talking about the book (she’s one of the first people to read it besides my mom and a few close friends!) and giving away THREE copies!

Also, Jenn from A Simple Haven is giving away a copy!

find out more

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  1. It’s funny that I decided to go to your website today. We are getting ready to move to our little slice of country right outside of town in May. I keep having second thoughts. My house now is decorated and painted and pretty. The new house needs some work. Will take money. And is imperfect. But the outdoor space – wow. So I needed this encouragement today. Thank you!

  2. Love it! I love the photos, the imperfections, the in betweens – all of it! I want to come visit. I’d like to see the World’s Worst Barn with the awesome windows. Someday. Someday we’ll make that happen. :)

    And your book?! I cannot wait to read it, my friend! I’m really, really proud of you. Just giddy about it all.

    Hugs from Florida.

  3. Robin Grey says

    We’re on month 15 at our fixer-upper farm. The water system we bought last year to rid ourselves of the blood/metal water smell was one of our best purchases. Also – hubby started work on our green pool last month as our (crazy) boys swam in it yesterday! No worries!

  4. the windows!!! the peonies!!! the chicks!!! no more metal blood water!!! i’m exclamation point happy for you :) xoxo

  5. The picture of the flowers/plant growing right outside your window…I noticed the water hoses on the right…but is that a snake on the left, going toward the flower?

    • heart attack moment!!

      it’s actually a tall branchlike weed? stick? thing growing out of the ground!!!

      We’ve already had 3 or 4 snake encounters in the past few weeks though!

      • PLEASE take another look …. on the ground, between the rock and the flower as it slithers over the dandelions. Be very cautious, please!

        • it’s just the angle, really, you can see how it’s a tall branch growing up, it’s actually laying over the birdbath there. So funny though!

          • Okay, I didn’t mean to scare you…I was just thinking, your foot was RIGHT THERE because you were looking down taking a pic!

            I’m not for killing any living animal…but I don’t consider a snake an animal. ha That’s awful! I feel terrible for even saying that, but it’s the truth!

            Anyway, glad everyone is safe! Have a great day!

  6. The barn windows are sooo pretty!! Hope I get to come to an event sometime! I went to Davidson College, so maybe I could tie it into a trip back to the Charlotte area someday : ) Love the sweet photo of your son with the little chick. Spring has sprung on your beautiful farm!! Your new house is already looking chic like your rental thanks to you… the only thing I see missing from your rental was its luminous quality, but you are already recapturing it with beautiful windows on your farm. You have such a gift for beauty. Can’t wait to read your book! So happy for your family.

  7. I love the treasures you have taped to the wall…they make me smile every time I see them!

  8. It is all kinds of messy beautiful. So is everything in life really!

    And, Happy 19th. We celebrate #20 on Wednesday

    P.S. I sat down on Friday, drank tea and read your book. I’m in love with it!

  9. I wish hope was free.

  10. the! windows! i just can’t even.

  11. What a great space to live!!! I love so much of it – the yard, the kitchen, the windows!

  12. Such amazing progress! I love all the light pouring in those big windows. Seriously, beautiful! Can’t wait to paint your house somedayyyy! :)

  13. The Barn! With windows! She’s beautiful. Love all of these pics and so excited that your Gospel of Imperfectionism {in book form} is almost here.

  14. Just too fun! Lovin’ how things are unfolding there, one creative step at a time …


  15. Happy Anniversary tomorrow!! My parents celebrate their 52nd on the same day.

    My mom was the only daughter in a well-off family, and could have had a big fancy wedding with huge dress, tall cake, and bridesmaids lines up out the door. But they had a modest ceremony on an Easter afternoon following church services, because that’s when Daddy was able to get leave from the Army. Must have been the right choice!! God is good, all the time.


  16. So excited about your book! Can’t wait to be inspired by it!

  17. Beautiful photos- love the spilled coffee, I’m trying to tame my Type A personality- one spill at a time.

  18. 9 months already?! Love the farm and the farm owner’s new book–and I haven’t even read it yet. :)
    Thanks for sharing about the giveaway! And happy anni!

  19. Love, love, love it all. Love your honesty! I cannot wait for my book to arrive!! And I cannot tell you how happy I was to see a dark leather sofa in your place. Mine are the bane of my existence but I’m realizing they are here to stay so I am going to work with them. Maybe I need to go all white everywhere else ;) I’m sure your book will give me lots of inspiration! Happy anniversary!

  20. I’m jealous! This is exactly what we want. We were hoping to get it when we moved last fall but we couldn’t find what we wanted so we moved into a fixer upper. In 2 years, when we finish this house, we’ll start looking again.

    Your place looks amazingly wonderful.

  21. I love seeing your pictures. You are so talented!

  22. After seven months living with my IN-LAWS, we have about a month left before we move into our dream home in the country. We’ve been building, and it’s been so slow (at least in a world where I’m living with my in-laws… That makes time stand still). We can’t wait for the day when we get to move in. We will be getting chickens too- can’t wait! I loved this post today- it takes some learning to enjoy the imperfect, but it’s so worth it!

  23. I just have to say, I know it’s your motto, but this post ministered to my soul. I have stuff. Stuff is left on steps and in the hall. The paint on the floor down your hallway? Yep. I kick myself all the time for not having it all together. I’m always thrilled to know I’m not alone.

  24. Wow, 14 houses in 19 years! We just moved for the 6th time, and I’ve been looking forward to staying put (which may not happen for awhile!). How have you been able to cope with all of the upheaval? Congrats on your anniversary! :)

  25. I can’t wait for your book to arrive in the mail. It was preordered for me for my birthday which was in March. Happy Anniversary! We celebrate our 20th tomorrow. (I don’t suppose it is appropriate to bring champagne to baseball practice.) We also have have moved a bunch, 11 houses and 6 states.

  26. happy anniversary
    happy beautiful flowers growing outside your window
    happy 14th & to stay home!!
    i am in love with your book. just as i knew i’d be xoxo

  27. Encouraging and inspiring, as always. I would be so jealous if you didn’t share so openly all the “durings”. Congratulations on your book and anniversary! :)

  28. Nester, Can I just say, I love how genuine and humble you are. Love all the beautiful imperfectness I find here. You’re one of the few REAL bloggers out there. Thankyou!

  29. I just discovered your blog and learned about your new book through Paige Knudsen’s blog. I can’t wait to get your book. I’ve just spent 30 minutes reading through your blog. I can already tell I’m going to be a huge fan! The timing in all this couldn’t be more perfect. Hubby and I have lived in our current home for 15 years. We are about to put the house on the market and move to another town 3 hours away. So far I haven’t been thrilled with the houses we are seeing in that town… but maybe, just maybe, you’ve planted a seed of excitement for me with your “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  30. Love that grey colour behind your print in the last picture would you happen to know the name. On a forever hunt for a grey that doesn’t look to blue!

  31. I just love your blog and wisdom. :) Is it terrible for me to find comfort in the dusty blinds photo? ;) I can’t remember the last time I dusted mine.

  32. I think you have beautifully imperfect progress. The windows are gorgeous. I was super excited about the peonies- the goodness of God. He’s awesome. Just all of it is spectacular.

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  35. Totally high-quality review on Nine Months at the Farm!

    Carry on publishing.

  36. Jessica says

    I love visiting your blog where I can see imprefection in your perfect house! We have been renovating for a year and I have the kitchen half painted, the cabinets half painted, the trim off, etc. etc. etc. I look at other blogs with these perfect pictures and it makes me feel so bad that my house isn’t like that. But when I come to your blog I see the same beauty that those other blogs have, but your pictures are real life….you have no idea how thankful I am for your real life pictures of your beautiful, lived in home!

  37. I love all of the hangings and the curtains! So cute, great job.

  38. Just today, 1/1/2015 found your blog. What is the name of your book please? Thanks Love your blog and have enjoyed learning all about you and your family.

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