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Friendship Papercut

feather pendant

DIY Feather Pendant

plates-free5 Free Things You Can do Now to Create a Gorgeous Room


Freedom in 704 Square Feet // NY Times

One sentence in this article stopped me cold. When recounting how the extended family felt about the couple that tore down a 1950s house and built their tiny 704 square foot dream house this is what they said…

Mr. Kennel’s family could not fathom it either, he said: “It doesn’t fit their societal picture of success, generally. We’re doing well, so why aren’t we demonstrating that through our house?”

Really? Are we STILL thinking that way? Is that what houses are for to show off or make a statement about our wealth? This thinking saddens me so much but I agree, it’s a “general societal picture of success” let’s change that. This couple already is. Great article.

olympic cake

A Mountain Cake for the Olympics


Olympic Drink Stirrers

easy valentines decor

super easy Valentine’s decor

valentine arrows DIY

DIY Valentine Arrows


A Simple Way to Turn Photos Into Watercolor Paintings // Jones Design Company



The Joy of Learning Contentment // Emily A. Clark


How This Introvert Deals With a Funk


Find the Hidden Treasure Buried in Your Family

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  1. NO WAY! Thank you so much! I’m so excited!!!

  2. I get the “societal picture of success” thing. My husband is a doctor, we live in 1,400 sq. ft. and I drive a 13 year old car. It makes my friends uneasy like there is something wrong with me. I come here to feel normal. :)

  3. Thank you, Madame Nester, for including me in your good, big list today.

  4. Thank you for the link love, my love! Also, great links in here. That feather light… good. night!

  5. Nester, you are one of my favorites in all the land.
    But I have a Q.
    Is there any way you could make it so that when we click a link, it opens up a new tab? I LOVE the posts you link up and always want to read at least half of them. But when I click a link, it takes me away from your page, then if I comment on the linked post, I have to arrow back, back, back to get to you. And then start all over.
    (See how hard my life is???)
    Maybe you have your reasons for doing this.
    Maybe the snow really is to blame for all my woes, somehow?
    Either way, I will keep loving you.
    I would arrow back into infinity to keep you near.

    • OH YES< SUCH a pain, I totally thought I had it set up to do that automatically so I didn't have to go in every post and click that option. SO sorry, I'm so glad you told me, I"ll try to be better at it!! xoxoxo

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