Things I Learned in February

Today I’m linking up with my sister, Emily, who hosts a monthly-ish link up of quirky, interesting, simple and random things she learned.

Here’s what I learned this month in no particular order…


When I start reading about my own personality, I can hardly stop. I simultaneously believe that I have the worst and also best possible personality. Also, I might be a man. If you are wondering I’m Myers Briggs: INTJ and Enneagram:5. It’s a wonder I have any friends. It’s a wonder I can speak or write three words without offending someone. It’s a wonder I don’t live alone in a cave surrounded by books. I’m loving this series from Leigh Kramer: The Enneagram and Blogging (she has a link to the test if you don’t know what you are) and I’m very impatiently waiting for her to talk about 5s.


The name of the drug, Heroin? Is HEROIN. Like the word for a girl hero. I never realized that. I always thought it was some scientific name. Yes, I am an idiot.


I watched a show about Super Skyscrapers on PBS  and I thought the building was fake for the first few minutes. Also, there are two marble bathtubs in the world that were whittled out of big cubes of Carrara marble. I didn’t even know that this skyscraper was being built. It. Is. HUGE and looms right over Central Park. 

cheese tortillini soup

I could eat Edie’s Cheese Tortellini Soup every single day for lunch. Maybe dinner too. I think I’ve made it five times in the last month. I made it last night. It’s the kind of soup that you make one time and then you have it memorized. I made this soup for the first time before our Uganda trip and didn’t realize how much I liked it until I had to wait to eat it again until we got back. Make this soup today.

I made this bread!!!!! I made this!!! With just ingredients and my hands and oven!!!

With that soup? I need this bread. When I make this, I feel like I rule the world. Even if I get nothing else done and my entire day feels like a big huge waste, if I make bread, I feel like my day had purpose. I use the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking (I’ve been using this book for years and still love it).

What about you? What did you learn this month? You can leave your wisdom in the comments or write a post and link up with Emily.

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  1. Lisa Simmons says:

    Hi “Nester”!! I love your blog and love your perspective on beauty in imperfection. What caught my attention today is the fact that you have 3 teenage boys!!! It’s amazing that you have a pretty house with kids let alone teenage boys. How have you (or how are you) learned how to create and maintain beauty while letting boys be boys, teaching them consideration and how to clean up. Have you learned a “balance” (is there really such a thing?) between not harping on every shoe left out and every chore undone while teaching them responsibility. Sounds like a blogpost!!! Thanks!

  2. 1) I’m an infj. no wonder I like your blog so much.
    2) I saw that skyscraper special on PBS. I was in shock that the media hasn’t been covering the building like crazy. either that, or I’ve been living under a rock. because until that PBS special, I didn’t know that was currently being built (and that’s it’s been in progress for so long).
    3) love the artisan bread book & that bread is the best tasting bread ever.

    In February, I learned that my threshold for ohio cold is Nov-Jan. after that, I’m grumpy and unmotivated.

  3. I didn’t know about that skyscraper until this very moment. What in the world?

    So glad you linked up, sister girl!

  4. Okay, I nearly squealed when you said you’re a #5. I keep taking the test and getting the #5 but think, “That can’t be me!” So I take the test again and that dang 5 pops up every time, even when I think I’m tricking the test and answering differently. Hrmph.

    I wish they’d talk more about what a female version of a 5 looks like because I can’t always relate to the descriptions. They make 5s sound like socially awkward genius types (neither of which I think I am). Also, I’m an INFJ, so that doesn’t really belong in the 5 category (INFJs tend to be 4s, and most 5s are NTs). I have tested as an INTJ at times, but I relate more to the INFJ descriptions.

    I was talking with a friend about how we couldn’t think of any other women we know who are 5s. So at least I know you are now and I’m not totally alone. Ha. Can’t wait to see what Leigh has to say about us! :)

    • Oh totally, stuff I read even questioned if there were any lady 5s. We should start a club. I always felt a deep connection with you that made me want to stay in my house and correspond with you via email! xoxoxo FIVES unite!

  5. Hi, I just linked up to Emily’s post :) I’m obsessed with my personality type too! I recently learned I’m an ENFP + INFP hybrid. I have a strong Etravert framework (think outloud, talk more than listen, like being the center of attention – sounds like a horrible person..) with Introverted way of thinking (need alone time, deep thinker). I guess I’m called an ambivert. But I’ve never heard of Enneagram – you know I’ll be taking the test today! I never thought of #2 either! Great list! Have a wonderful weekend oxox

  6. I am a 1. We have diverged.

  7. I have been obsessed with the Enneagram for probably 5 years now. I’m a personality test junkie but this one was huge for me. I skim my Enneagram books all the time just to remind myself that I’m “normal” for my type. {I’m a 4 in case you’re wondering. With a 3 wing. 5 is my third highest number. I’m pretty much a neurotic, artistic, curious, performance-oriented, people-pleaser. Total head case.} When I read Brennan Manning’s memoir, I found out he and I are the same type…so that was kind of cool.

    Can’t wait to check out that series.

  8. Loved your list. Thank you for the link to the yummy soup recipe. We are soup fans at our house. :)

    Congratulations on your book!!! :)

  9. i’m a 6. i think that’s about right.

    i need to make that soup. my kids complain when i tell them i’m cooking soup :( but if it contains noodles & cheese, i think they may like it!

  10. Well, technically, the girl name for hero is heroine. But I get your point. ;)

  11. Things:

    -Scooper ^^^ sent me the enneagram test way back, lo many months ago and I finally took it this month. I thought for sure I was a 4. It turns out I am a 9 with a 4 wing (only a couple of numbers difference).

    -I’m an INFJ.

    -I want that bread.

    That is all.

    • **and by 4 wing, I meant to say I was only a few points from being a 4. :). I have no clue what my wing is.

    • Hi Ellen,
      You could still be a 4 or you might be a 9. The tests are usually a way of narrowing options down, instead of pinpointing your type. I’d encourage you to read both profiles and key in to the core struggles and motivations to help you figure out which one you are. As far as wings, your wings are the two numbers on either side of your core type. If you’re a 9, your wings will be 8 and 1. You take on the strengths of your wing types to be balanced. Hope that helps!

    • um, HOW much do I love (and forget) that you and Scooper are friends!!!!

  12. Obsessed with Leigh’s Enneagram and blogging posts! And the enneagram in general. I’m a number 4, which frankly, doesn’t really sound like a walk in the park either;) I must read up on #5 because I can’t really see your resemblance to a man;)

  13. I live in NYC and have never even heard of that building! Ha! I will look for it now :)

  14. Isn’t the female version of hero spelled with an e? Heroine?

  15. Thank you so much for linking to my Enneagram and Blogging series! I’ve been bowled over by the response and love knowing people are as fascinated by it as I am. I should have type 5 up sometime next week. :)

    • It’s so funny how much we ALL love stuff like that, I’m currently trying to figure out how I can work that into a series on my blog about decorating. Sadly I think I’m too impatient!!

  16. While going through your list, I realized that you had a goo time :)

  17. I watched the special on pbs! One57! I agree. The next time I am in New York City I am going to look for it.

  18. Hey here’s one for you. I was trying to figure out who that ice dancing guy (the American one with the blond hair–Charlie something) reminded me of, and then it came to me that he could be the inspiration for the blond character in Blades of Glory (played by the guy from Napoleon Dynamite) And then I realized who the girl who plays his love interest reminds me of–the Nester! Do you get that a lot?

  19. I’m intrigued by this Enneagram thing. I took the test, and I’m a pretty solid 4. My highest scores were 4 and 9, but 9 didn’t seem like me at all. I think I’ll be requesting a few books at my library…

  20. Here’s what I learned in Feb: The Muppets are posting selfies on Instagram. Yeay!

  21. I took the Enneagram test this month too! I *think* I’m a 3. With a wing of 2? Or something like that. It said I was most likely that anyway.

    And your bread? I just told myself it was time to get some Artisan bread back in my life. You’ve settled it!


  22. Trying the soup tomorrow! Can’t wait! Thanks.

  23. I’m ISTJ. :) This month I learned that internet friends can be linked to each other in surreally strong ways, mourning and rejoicing together with all our beings even though we’ve never met in real life. Also, I learned a lot about geckos on a recent trip to the museum with my kids. Amontg other things, geckos’ feet aren’t sticky or have suction cups (they’re designed to bind with whatever they’re standing on on the molecular level), there are geckos that glide like gliding squirrels, and desert-dwelling geckos store fat in their tails so they can survive the lean times when they can’t find food.

  24. I have long since thought I was secretly part man!
    And that’s no joke.


  25. I made the bread but it didn’t turn out. Wah! Must try again. You have inspired me. I think I need the whole book :)

  26. Wow! What a great blog! Let’s see, I learned I can pack up all 5 of my kiddos and take a mini-road trip. That was a huge step for me.

    I’ve been wanting to make bread from scratch. Like you, I feel accomplished when I make or do certain things.

    I found you at Emily’s link-up. :)

  27. Just watched the show on that sky-scraper this week and am wondering how I missed it on a recent trip to NYC. Crazy bathtubs! “It’s a wonder I have any friends. It’s a wonder I can speak or write three words without offending someone. It’s a wonder I don’t live alone in a cave surrounded by books.” Can’t tell you how often I’ve thought those same thoughts.

    Your fellow 5 and INTJ

  28. Haha!! I just had to crack up when you described your personality type. My husband and one of my very best friends are both INTJ’s and I SO know the challenges you all face. But I also know the beauty that is who you are. It has been a wonderful balance for me. I’ll have to check out Leigh’s series…sounds so interesting. OH and that soup and bread? It is ON. MY. LIST. to make. Looks SO good. Sending much love!

  29. Uhhh…I did NOT know that about heroin either. As in, it’s supposed to make you brave and strong? Eeoop…totally not the effect it gives people!

    That bread looks delicious!!

  30. Love all the Enneagram chatter on this blog! By far, this is the most in depth personality tool since it focuses on your motivation, not behaviors and preferences like Myers-Briggs do. But that’s what makes it a bit more confusing as well – it can be tough to sort out the motivations behind our behavior.

    I’m new to your blog – it’s a great one!!

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