Dance In Your Kitchen


I’m home now.

The last time I traveled with Compassion I had a question from one brave reader that all of us, including me, were wondering about.  It went something like this…


How in the world can you come back from all that you’ve just seen, children living in one room, mother’s doing everything to make ends meet, people living in poverty… how in the WORLD do you come back and write about something as trivial as house stuff?


It’s a great question. How dare I come back and write about crafts and fixing up my kitchen that is already more finished than 100% of any kitchen we saw on our trip? How can I not completely change what I write about and turn this blog into one big child advocate blog that only talks about the truth that is and people that are hurting?

I dare.

I dare to come home and continue this relationship with you, to pick up where we left off. Because THIS is one of the very few things I’m good at.

I write about how to create a home within this great big world that we live in. And I’m going to continue to write about how to create a home in this great big world we live in. But now, you and I know a little more truth about this world and I hope that truth will impact what I write about and seep into the everyday seemingly unimportant decisions that I make about everything. I know it seeps into you too.

We are all in this together.

Going to Uganda doesn’t make me want to stop writing about home.

It makes me want to do it better.

I think of Rose so proud to show us where she worked. Working in the kitchen of the police academy along with Joseph’s sponsor through compassion is what helped her provide for her family. She lives on the grounds of the police academy just a 30 second walk to the kitchen that she couldn’t wait to show us. Her boss was there a dressed in her best ready to welcome us into a  steamy hot kitchen on the equator. And Rose. Was. So. Proud. And so happy.

She worked hard.

She was confident and dignified and stirred those pork and beans in her wedding dress because that is what you do.

When you believe in something you work hard.

When you love people you help them.

When you do a job well you are grateful and you treat it with respect and you take it seriously and you celebrate it. This is what Rose has taught me.

How do I come back from from Uganda?

I’m going to do exactly what Rose does.

I’ll dance in my kitchen…

reading in an email? click here to watch the video, I promise, it’s worth it…

Dance in your kitchen.

Do your thing well.

Share what you have.

This blog is my kitchen and I intend to dance. To celebrate it, to enjoy what it is to make the very most of it, so I can use it for the best possible purpose. That’s what Rose would do. Work hard, enjoy life, love people near and far. Sponsor a Ugandan child today and don’t forget to dance in your kitchen.


*photos and dance moves provided by the talented Mike Varel

**music by Shaun Groves: All is Grace


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  1. What a great post. Thank you for that!

  2. Thank you. Thank you for going and for bringing back the stories. Thank you for reminding me what the letters and sponsorship means to the little ones I’m connected with. Thank you for teaching us to bring it all into our everyday lives. And thanks to Rose, for showing us what living abundantly really looks like.

  3. And this is why you are my number one. My favorite. I have always known that a house is more than wood and bricks. It makes us and forms us and you always have the perfect words to express this. Welcome Home!

  4. yes. dance away while we all watch and learn…

  5. Nester, please keep doing what you do! You make me think and smile every day, and I value you and your blog. Thanks!

  6. No matter where we live, what we have, and how we live…we all want a place to call home. And even across the world Rose wants to be just as hospitable to those who visit her home as you and I do. Your life changed (and as did ours) when you visited her home…may we live lives so full that we could make even a small mark on those who enter ours. Home is the beginning point of how we live the rest of our life. Thank you for valuing home so much.

  7. This is beautiful. Thank you!

  8. Melissa McIntyre says:

    Wow! Just wow. Between you and your sister the past couple of days I have soo many tears and soo much gratitude. I took about 2 weeks off from the internet but caught up the past 2 days on posts from you two and a couple of others. Beautiful! I love those people over there soo much (in Uganda that is) They have been on my heart for over a year and we plan to start sponsoring a child within the next few days. We pray regularly for them and specifically for Ms. Katie and her ministry Amazima (sp?) Our kids want us to adopt all the orphans or just move there like Katie did! Anyhow, I’m soo glad that you went and loved on those people and their children! In a way I feel like I got to love on them too through you ;-) I love what you said about coming back home. As long as you’re doing what God wants you to be doing, you’re doing the right thing. I fully believe THAT is what you are doing. We are called to love God with ALL of our heart, mind, and soul and love our neighbors as ourselves. There IS beauty in that and you do that for ALL of us who read your words. If God didn’t give a lick about beauty then our world and the people in it wouldn’t be soo very beautiful!

  9. Dance…dance…dance!!!
    Or as emily from jones designs company would say…twirl :)

  10. ummm, Myquillyn, I miss you. And this post? My heart is beaming! Your words are beautiful and they reflect your heart which is God-soaked. Grateful for you. Doing life with you was a gift.

  11. When I would read the posts from you and Emily, I wanted to look away because it all seems so hard and unfair. And then I checked back several times a day, because I couldn’t wait for another post so I could read about the beauty and the hope. You have been blessed with the ability to speak to the hearts of a certain group of women, and I am thankful that you will continue to waltz with that gift!

  12. I loved the snippet showing two hands – with the different nail polishes that match the skin of the other. Amazing trip. I will write to my child today as I never really knew that they cherished them so much.

  13. If you had not been given the opportunity to have a blog about your home, you would have never been given the opportunity to spread the word about Compassion. It ties together in the best way possible that only God can weave.

  14. Awesome post. You are so right. The Lord told us the poor would be with us always. We don’t stop living because of that. We provide for them the best we can and we live our life the best we can…all for His glory. God bless you and your works.

  15. beautiful beautiful beautiful in every way!

  16. I’m getting super repetitive here, I know, but… This is exactly what I love about your blog!

  17. Yes! Beautiful post, Ive been thinking a lot about grace driven work. Because of grace our work brings glory to God and gives joy.

  18. Yes!!!!!

  19. This housewife flipping pancakes in her own unfinished kitchen needed to read this post. Thank you!

  20. Yes! Please keep sharing your heart for ‘home’ with us!
    Off to dance in my [literal] kitchen.

  21. Tricia Carter says:


  22. Rose dancing in the kitchen in her wedding dress made my day. It makes my heart swell. It makes me want to become a part of this. But, I have a question. Why do the girls have no hair? They are all so beautiful

  23. pure beauty. thank you.

  24. We focus on what we are passionate about, work hard on it, and offer the gift to the world no matter what it is. That’s exactly what you do on this blog, and what a gift that is to us! Thank you for always being such an inspiration! ox

  25. Carrie Purkis says:

    thanks. I believe God has asked each of us to live this life differently, but always for his glory! I go to bed thankful for all He has done for my family, no matter how small.

  26. I LOVE this! You are an inspiration and I will dance in my kitchen! :)

  27. Beautiful. Just beautiful! And wonderfully written :)

  28. Love this post!! The message, the video, the dancing! Absolutely beautiful. All of it. I just sponsored a little girl in Uganda, and this makes me even more excited to get to know her and be a part of her life! :)

  29. Oh. My. What a perfectly lovely, wonderful post. Thank you. Thank you.

  30. Could not have been more perfect. Just keep dancing. <3

  31. Amen

  32. baileywife says:

    Yep, you are my new “Oprah!” , I value everything you say and everything you teach us. I stalk you everyday …kidding/not kidding. From enjoying more white in my life, to Jesus Calling….and many other books that have made a difference in my life…..please keep doing what you do .
    ~ Kim

  33. I love it! Dance, girl! We’ll all join in with you. Metaphorically speaking, of course…

    Or maybe literally. Dancing sounds fun on this rainy morning.


  34. With each new exposure, awareness, and experience we learn just how much loving and living life matters. We do not honor people by giving up all that we are, but by appreciating who they are and bringing that which they share with us into our heart, lives, actions and thoughts as we go forward. You have, for so many reasons, always owned real estate in my heart, today for becoming who you are…continually.

  35. This one makes me cry happy :).

    Love, one who understands well this kitchen dance of which you speak

    {{welcome home, lovie}}


  36. I love your thoughts on making home and doing what we’re called to do where God has placed us. When you look at the surface, decorating can look so superficial to some. But when you look deeper, you realize that making home really means so much more…

  37. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Your pictures in the video are amazing and speak a million words. So much inspiration. Thank you for sharing this journey.

  38. Leigh Anne says:

    Have you seen all of the “My Kitchen is for Dancing” prints? Do a quick Pinterest search. Love it. And it’s easy to understand how you will keep writing about home. Home is home, here or there.

  39. Amen and Amen : )
    Thanks for being willing to open this world up to us : )

  40. That makes perfect sense! And actually the truth is I never would have stumbled across your blog if it was Uganda talk only. If I hadn’t bought the beautiful rooster tassle, which I still love by the way, I wouldn’t be the proud sponsor of two beautiful compassion teenage boys!! Sponsoring my boys makes me appreciate my own life so much more and rose in the wedding dress is bring me to my knees humbling. Thank you!!

  41. Good answer, and thank goodness you do! I don’t know what I would do if life was all heaviness. Even in pain there is so much beauty.

  42. Thank you, thank you for going to Uganda (one of my sponsor children lives there), thank you for doing this blog that inspires me to try a little harder to make my house a home for my family. And thank you for talking about sisters, because sisters are amazing and wonderful! Just thank you for being you and sharing you!

  43. So much love! Thank you for sharing! (where are my tissues?) :)

  44. Yes, dance in your kitchen. God has put all of us where He wants us and it is our objective to dance where we are. Thanks, Nester.

  45. Thank you for this post. What a wonderful, grace-filled response to your reader’s question. I do believe God has called each of us to different things (something I have been learning and embracing lately) and if he has so called us, then in his eyes, it is important. I think making a home can be done with right or wrong motivations. We can either do it to impress the neighbors or we can do it to create a place of refuge for friends and family. I believe you are doing the latter and doing it well.

  46. So sweet. Rose (who shares my name) is an inspiration to me today! Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

    ~Annie (Rose Ann)

  47. Keep on dancing and Thank YOU!!!

  48. Love that video and beautiful song by Shaun Groves. Yes you should definitely keep using your gift for creating beauty in the home and dance and shine where you are like Rose did : )

  49. Thank you as well for sharing. When viewing your video and images my thoughts were not about poverty, and an overworked mother. She held a sense abundance, joy and gratitude that perhaps few of us in the west can imagine. As we think about the next thing to have, focusing on everything but the present moment we are ourselves impoverished by not lining in the present moment…missing the presence of the living Spirit of God…who dwells in the very present moment…offering us peace and joy and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for just being…alive…able to take a breath. The little boy that gave away all his bracelets…didn’t giving away everything he had…he could make more bracelets…he gave away the joy and blessing he receives by sharing what gives him joy and peace….a simple yet beautiful bracelet!
    Thank you for the generosity in which you share your heart with all of us!
    Acts 17:28 ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’…

  50. Good for you! It’s so very hard to hear people’s criticism…or the perception of what the world may think and then to tune it out and do what we do! So glad you’re not letting it change you. So brave. Thanks for sharing your world with us!

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