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The Dollhouse Diaries @ The Handmade Home. This? Is spectacular.

making it lovely

Changing Taste Nicole talks about how since moving to a different home, she finds herself making different choices in her furniture. She captures how a house can speak to us and help guide us on what it wants inside.


Pinterest & the Pacman Problem // Vintage Revivals

The comments that Mandi highlights in this post are eye opening.


12 Simple Ways to Create Momentum in Your Day // Becoming Minimalist


How I Pack for a Trip // Lisa Leonard


Look what’s available for pre-order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble! This thing I wrote last year is going to be available in a few months.

I’ve barely even told you this…. -1 I’m traveling to Uganda with Compassion International. Once again, this non plane-riding mom got a bunch of shots and was offered the Go Girl (best tagline in the history of taglines: Don’t take life sitting down, apparently I’m still into taking life sitting down, I’ve never really been a Go-Getter (get it?!)) I’ll get on way too many planes, poo in another country, and spend time with children and families who are living in poverty. And I’ll be documenting all of it here on this blog. (Remember last time I did this?) This time my sister will be on the same trip along with two creative bloggers: Joy the Baker and Jeff Goins and of course Shaun Groves will be there along with the precious Brianne McKoy and SURPRISE! Wess Stafford, the President Emeritus of Compassion will be leading the team. We’ll meet way too many adorable children and tell you about the work the local churches are doing through Compassion International and sponsors like you.  Our goal? To find sponsors for 400 children in Uganda.

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  1. I’m so excited now I can finally pre-order your book! So looking forward to holding the book in my hands. I’ve been pretty uninspired this week (weather? hormone? probably both), so I’ll go ahead and savor your weekend links to be inspired. Sending my prayers your way as you leave to Uganda – I’ll be following along your journey through your posts. oxox

  2. Congratulations on being published! That’s a great achievement.

  3. I am so excited about your book!!!!!!!!!!!

    And great links this week! Loved quite a few of them!!! xo

  4. Hey!! So excited to pre order your book, how awesome!! I can’t wait to see and read about your Compassion trip, your last trip led us to our teenage boy in Tanzania:)..❤️

  5. Yay! Uganda is my heart place! We are missionaries there! Praying especially for your trip! Can’t wait to see that place through your eyes!

  6. I pre ordered your book!! Cannot wait to get it and pour over it! AND I shared it on Facebook and told everyone how great it will be and how inspiring and relieving to us perfectionists! So hopefully I drove a few more sales for you. I have over 800 “friends” on FB.

  7. Melanie Miller says:

    Yay!!! I am so excited to read your book, Nester/Amy/Myquillyn/myinspiration&hero! How thrilling!
    I’m also excited to read about your trip to Uganda. Your words from your last trip greatly moved me. Many, many blessings as you prepare and as you journey.

  8. Re: Uganda… I’m sure you’ll hear something like this a lot, but if you visit the Kabatunda Child Development Center and meet a sweet 8 year old called Daphin, will you give her a hug for me? Or a high five if she values personal space like I do. :)

  9. Congratulations on the book! I love the cover.

  10. I laughed when I saw the disco ball in the Barbie house. No wonder you love it.

  11. SO excited about your book! I cant wait to order it and review it. :) I predict a hit. Love seeing your name on that cover, girl!

  12. The blazers caught my eyes!
    Would love to see your book!

  13. If my feet were small enough, I’d love to wear Barbie’s cool pink boots! That doll house is an absolutely amazing work of art, I adore it! I think it would require “the patience of Job” to create such a unique doll house. I would live in that house! Happy Sunday!

  14. Congrats on the book! I’m so happy for you! The cover looks great!

  15. I am so excited for your book..my coffee table will wear it proudly!

  16. Oh my, that dollhouse!! It’s beautiful and so very dangerously inspiring :). My big girl turns 4 in April and I’m so tempted….
    And the book!!! Yay!!! So, so excited for you. Will be pre-ordering.

  17. YOUR. BOOK.


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