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IMG_4549What Balance Really Is // Flower Patch Farmgirl


for all of us who think we’re not perfectionists // gracelaced

mustard seed

living room sofa makeover //miss mustard seed

(this beautifully imperfect sofa is fantastic–my favorite part is the inside out seam on the front!)

 true cost of stuff

the true cost of stuff // mnmlist

goals_accidently_deconstructedGoals Accidentally Deconstructed  // (in)courage


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  1. Great list as always. The first thing I did for myself this year was to declutter my junk drawer in the kitchen and ended up finding 56 items to get rid of just from that drawer! It sure wad full of JUNK! Now I don’t have to search for my pens and car keys every morning and that makes me a happier mom. Small things do make a big difference. And decorative seetashirts sounds great – I need one! Hdappy New Year to you and your family!!

  2. I haven’t read through the whole list but aren’t you in love with FPFG?

    I cannot wait to read through this list (when the kiddos go to bed!).

    I am having a Bible study (for the first time ever) at my house doing The 7 Experiment by Jen Hatmaker. Prayers are much needed!


  3. The article from mnmlist made me feel like I should live in an empty tent. Alone.

    • hilarious!!!

      and NO that is NOT what you need to do. At least I’m pretty sure it’s not. I have to listen to the minimalists with one deaf ear ear sometimes or else it can drive me crazy but I really do appreciate reading a different way of thinking, I think it keeps me in balance.

      Plus, the guy who wrote that article has six children! (not toddlers but still)

  4. Love the minimalist article. Also, this year I read Jen Hatmaker’s book, and it MESSED me up… In the best possible way.

    I remember reading your post last year about taking everything down and seeing how you did without it. Honestly, I got a little miffed at the time. I realize now I was just conflicted because I KNEW I needed to do it! This year I put up holiday decor and am not replacing it with my typical “stuff”. I’m trying to do without it to make more intentional choices and really focus on finding the value in less.

    • Oh yes, that book messed me up too!

      And clearing out the twaddle? It’s not about right and wrong–I think that’s the beauty about our homes, we don’t have to have rules, BUT we can use our homes to help create the space we need at any given time, and sometimes I need white space. Ok, a lot of time I need white space, I think I’m addicted!!! xoxo

      • I cannot wait to see what this study has in store! I love your intentional choice. I took my Christmas stuff down earlier this year and it was sort of “freeing” even though I LOVE and adore all of it! Right now, I’m loving the simplicity.

        P.S. My walls are all white…y’all are such an inspiration. :)

  5. ‘the true cost of stuff’ – amazing and already sent to many family members and friends. As for your article, it’s amazing how the ‘little things’ really aren’t ‘LITTLE’. I too have experienced the change that a warm house can bring to my life. We lived in a really cold house for 7 years. We’ve downsized to a smaller house that we can heat nicely (with a wood burner) and I actually enjoy winter. Oh, and buying myself a pair of good, warm mittens has changed things for me too (instead of buying the cheapest that I found at TJ Maxx.) Thanks for what you bring to the world Nester Smith! You are doing Good Work!

  6. Oh friend, I just saw that you featured my post. Thank you! What an honor. :) xox

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