Trending in our House in 2014

natural decor

Over the years I’ve noticed trends in our home. I can usually see them coming and often they don’t correlate with actual trends as much as they correlate with the season of our family.

Here are my 2014 predictions for trends for the things in our home:

  • White
  • Woods
  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • Greens
  • Real life messes
  • Original art
  • Less (using as few items in a room as possible to have it be inviting, cozy, and beautiful)
  • Cleared Surfaces
  • Extra small tables and stools that can be pulled around (a small house tip!)
  • Interesting lighting (two for one–you need light and it doubles as art!)
  • Interesting rugs (same as above, I need them anyway, why not make them show stoppers–less things needed in the room)
  • Textures
  • Black & White
  • Quirk
  • Natural curiosities
  • Meaningful Beauty
  • Handmade (edited to add after a friend reminded me–this one is HUGE and makes your house feel like a home!)

every day family room

2014 methods for creating a beautiful home

  • Using what we have
  • Shopping the house
  • Taking risks
  • Moving things around and trying them in different spaces
  • Creating a home that serves us, not a home we have to serve to keep a certain way
  • Slow decorating: allowing our home to evolve naturally over time and adapt according to how we need to use it
  • Purchasing items that can be used in multiple rooms
  • Focusing on large, impact items that are not just decorative but also useful

to do

2014 attitudes in our home

  • slow
  • unhurried
  • joyful
  • peaceful
  • cozy
  • safe
  • imperfect
  • restful
  • appreciation for what we have instead of dwelling on what we don’t have


2014 Overall Goals for our home:

  • finish small projects we’ve started
  • do something brave on the corner wall above the sectional
  • don’t neglect the master bedroom (I’m prone to doing our room last)
  • invite people into our unfinished mess
  • continue to create highly functional spaces that we find beautiful & inspiring; spaces that trigger rest, purpose and connection



(help me source?)

 What’s trending in your home this year?

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  1. We’re adding on so it’s going to be a messy year for us but I couldn’t agree more with your “slow decorating.” I’m finally learning to do this and it’s so worth the wait to see things come together in ways I really love instead of just rushing to get a job done and being dissatisfied a month or two later.

  2. I can resonate with a lot of trends/goals you listed here. This year I’m trying to embrace our real life messes, and invite people into that every day and unfinished mess instead of feeling embarrassed about it. Steve and I just had 20 plus people came to our house for a huge playdate. The house was a bit of a mess with half painted walls, exposed ceiling and exposed drywall tapes. But everyone had a great time and some even commented our house was cute. For the first time, I felt like the house served its purpose and it feels great. Thank you for the inspiration as always ox

  3. Let’s hear it for shopping the house, instead of dragging even more stuff in than ever before.

    And inviting our spaces to unfold over time, just like our lives continue to morph and change oh so slowly.

  4. Neutral colors, easy-minimalist decor {aka….keeping down the number of things to dust and clean}, and adding character to our new builder grade home. Those are a few of the things that will be trending at my home this year.

  5. GORGEOUS. I love simple and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  6. YES! We have a lot of the same things going on in our home. We’re renting a 600 square foot cabin with plenty of quirks and areas that drive me a little batty, but in the last couple weeks we’ve been working to embrace the quirks and strip down the clutter (because clutter in 600 square feet=ewww). It’s been so refreshing, I can tell my hubs has been enjoying it, too!
    I hope you home continue to be a place of rest for your family!

  7. I really liked that you stated these goals. Inspirational for me. Love that Einstein quote too. Also, I love how your blog has evolved…very intentional.

  8. We’re in the midst of a full kitchen remodel at the moment so this year is going to be focused on the kitchen! Our “trend” is going to be focused on long-lasting items for our kitchen and then finding the perfect dining room table set. We just put in hickory floors in our kitchen and dining room and we’re already planning on bringing them into our living room to create a more open feel in our house.

  9. I love your lists! I have to agree that you should put your bedroom near the top…my personal motto on that is: “It’s the last room I see at night and the first one I see in the morning…it’s important to my mental well-being for it to look good.”

  10. Your 2014 methods really spoke to me. My takeaway is to buy things you truly love and can use even if it means taking your time doing it. And yes to inviting people over even if your house isn’t immaculate!

  11. So fun to see your style change over the years. We’re building a cabin at our ranch in the woods and these design elements fit our place too — simple-naturalist-western ranch-real stuff. I’m liking your black and white pillows with the leather and am starting to change over some of my throw pillows to include some black and white.

  12. I like it. You are becoming more Nate Berkus-ian. Well done.

  13. Love your trends forecast. : )

    For us:
    1. Decluttering & simplifying {Getting rid of excess stuff! It seems to be an ongoing process.}
    2. Better functionality for our family.
    3. Digging deep and getting even more creative as we find ways to live large in a small space. As my kids are getting bigger, the house feels even smaller.
    4. Contentment & gratitude.

  14. We’re starting to trend with a lot of your suggestions. Hoping to get my new favorite IKEA purchase up on the blog this week: 4 of those cheap Lack tables that I can put together for a big coffee table or let the kids separate for whatever purpose comes to mind. Hoping it provides more room for hospitality too, because, you know feeding the kids spaghetti on the floor isn’t always the best idea….

  15. Trending in our home:
    1. Simple and uncluttered
    2. greens and blues and whites
    3. Slow adding of wall art and accessories
    4. Hope to add simple window treatments
    5. Giving – of myself for those around me

  16. In my home:
    1. Less
    2. White
    3. Neutrals
    4. Mess

    I’ve gotten out of the habit of inviting people over. Sure, my friends who are also stay-at-home-moms come over regularly, but when was the last time we had people over for dinner? Or games night? Or something. I want to use my home to cultivate meaningful friendships, even if it is small and messy.

  17. I am in love with this whole list you made.

    A motto for my home this year is much of the same. Overall: Live Simply.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. White, wood and natural lighting. I have a few walls that still have blue tones that I would like to tackle with some paint this year. Wood with a new hand me down dining table and the uncovering of hardwood floors in our dining room (!!!). You have also greatly helped me embrace wood tones. I love how you have incorporated it this past year and it is inspiring me to add it’s natural warmth to a room. And natural lighting…because the sun never gets outdated. Love your list and goals! xo

  19. Love your list! Ours is very similar! Definitely shooting for less, more natural & handmade and shopping the house! :)

  20. Your list is very much like mine!

  21. Be kind to ourselves
    Do what we love, love what we do
    Appreciate the most important possessions we have-our family
    Appreciate the most important things we bring into our homes, friends and family

    Just stumbled on to your website, love it. Keep up the simplistic, thoughtful, inspiration you provide!

  22. I love the use of natural materials in a home. We’re pretty focused on the same in our own home. Guess we feel more at home with nature surrounding us. Love your antlers.

  23. Stephanie says:

    I love your list – your decorating philosophies really resonate with me. Awhile back your said to stop apologizing for your house and I really took that to heart. Luckily, I haven’t felt compelled to just fill my spaces – I have really embraced slow decorating :) My priorities this year are: making every square inch of our house useful to us, hanging meaningful artwork (more family pictures, hanging kids artwork, prints that remind me of where we’ve lived, sayings that motivate me) and finishing ongoing projects. My husband and I DIY a lot of our home projects and I am trying to be more gutsy about making more of our art. I see a lot of natural woods and neutrals coming in. We’re pretty excited about what this year has in store for our house!

  24. Lovely post and such meaning behind the words. I’m all on-board with becoming a minimalist. I tend to collect things and put them away for “something special” and then they never get used. Must stop this. Here’s to de-cluttering and simplifying!

  25. M-I-N-I-M-A-L, but pretty gives me peace.

  26. I’m with you on the master bedroom thing. Ours is in pitiful shape. I plan to spruce it up this year, even if it’s just painting some stuff, swapping furniture from around the house, putting up some pictures, and getting Ikea curtains.
    I like your wood + white + leather combos :)

  27. I moved into my husband’s home when we married last year. My goal is to take more ownership of the space with artwork, functionality and my ‘touches.’ We have a lovely wooded setting with lots of natural light and I hope to use many natural elements and family memories. My goal is to start with a gallery wall (lots of wedding photos!), establish an office-type space for me and update the master bedroom. I would like a new couch and living room setup, but not sure it’s in the budget. Mostly, I want to honor the history of my husband and his girls while making sure the place feel like home to me and mine.

  28. Love that it’s all about being true to yourself- your trends and not what’s trendy (although your style is more hip than you probably know!).

  29. My family always starts out the first few weeks of the year with fasting. It’s hard, but I love the way it draws me closer to the Lord, and it causes me to stop and just be more present. I don’t know how not eating does that, it just does. This morning I was praying about our home this year and 3 words were brought to mind; peace, joy, and rest. I loved that they are on your list too. That is going to be my theme this year and I plan to start each day by asking God to make my home the epitome of those 3 words. I want it to be obvious to everybody who comes in here that our home is peaceful, restful, but full of joy.

  30. I just love this. As always, I love your style and home, but I also really love how you want your home to feel and the emotions you want to feel your home. unhurried…I always need this. Loved this post!

  31. Hi Nestor, Just wondering if you can tell me how much you paid for your chairs on joss and main? I found them other places online, but I just don’t want o overpay. thanks!!

  32. Unclutter. Organize. Clean. Those are the trends at my house this year. Now to convince my husband and son to go along…

  33. Hey thanks for this beautiful post. I specially liked the quote at the end. I think that framed butterfly is looking damn beautiful!

    • I found that big moth dead in a box on the porch and called for our 16 year old to pick it up and pin it into the shadow box, one of my favorite things right now, but I can’t imagine seeing that big thing flying around outside!

  34. I just love reading your blog and taking in the beauty. <3

  35. Sweet decorating candy this is good! I don’t know what that means… I love your take on 2014. I’m thinking black and white here I’ve got a few things in that direction so we will see. Saving my pennies for a great RHW leather sofa.

  36. love your lists for 2014. i’ll play along…
    what’s trending in our home?
    green plants.
    splashes of gold.

    goals for our home?
    master bedroom re-do.
    finishing oldest son’s room re-do.
    possibly built-in cabinets in the family room for more function/storage.

    attitudes in our home?
    lots of forgiveness.
    sharing life.

  37. Nester–it’s been a while and I’ve missed a LOT on your blog so I know I missed the post revealing where you acquired those magnificent leather wing backs. Please tell me. Please. I will be good and promise to not go two years without getting my dose of ‘it doesn’t have to be perfect’ motivation. Yes, that was super nerdy, but since we’ve moved into a larger house than our 1036 square feet, I sort of have some corners to fill and you are queen at getting good things for a good deal, whereas I am not. (Confession: I kind of hate shopping.) Anyway, I’m mad at myself for not keeping up on my favorite decorating blogs for a long while, but that’s ending right now. :)

  38. Wonderful post!!! I am going bookmark this page for further reading. I love the wood and natural materials. We have so much of the stainless steel stuff going on it’s nice to see nature come into play now. ~ Karen

  39. It is interesting that you chose the word slow to describe your home in 2014. I think it is a fantastic word. I am from the south and as such am used to a slower pace of living. Yet I would have never thought to use that word to describe the atmosphere in my home but I like it. I might have to borrow that one from you.

  40. One of the best ways I’ve found to “shop your house” is to have your sister or a good friend come over to do this. They will see your stuff from a new perspective and make suggestions that you never would have thought of. I did this at my sister’s house and we moved her pictures to new spots where they actually looked much better. Likewise, she helped me decorate for Christmas and put things in spots I had never considered. It’s a fun project, and revitalizes your existing decor.

  41. Andrea L. says:

    Sunny, natural, blue, green, white, teal, wood, paisley, books. simplified, water, boats, candles, cozy, friends, family, music, open, 3 boys under 4 :)

  42. You have some awesome ideas and goals for the new year. I completely agree with letting your home adapt you how you want to live! We just moved from an apartment to a home a few months ago and I am learning that mismatched decor and things that make you comfortable are more important than something to show off to guests! You need to remember, it is YOUR home after all! I love the black/white motif for 2014– I just added some beautiful curtains/throw pillows to our bedroom from Uptown Simple: They were inexpensive & added just a little something to the room!

  43. Cleared surfaces! You are a woman after my own heart. We are striving for that as well!

  44. This post has pretty much described everything that is going on in our house this year! My partner and I have recently bought our first home together, so there isn’t really a whole lot of available funds for splurging on decorative or even new pieces – our home has turned into a bit of a mishmash of given and saved items! I do love that much of our artwork has come from either my mother, my sister or my partner’s sister – neither of us have any skill in that area!

  45. Meredyth says:

    2014 in our home…
    1. Tactile, textual objects on the coffee table (e.g. my five year-old son’s rock collection in a smooth wooden bowl; those mind-bender games made of wood and metal; printmaker’s trays full of shells, Scrabble tiles and “bits and bobs” that are fun to touch and play with)
    2. The beautiful, perfectly imperfect juxtaposition of weathered and rustic with clean-lined and modern (I get goosebumps thinking about the old general store counter my dad rescued years ago topped with a quartz counter for my kitchen island, complete with shiny red counter stools and open shelves with basket storage)
    3. Transitioning from a playroom to guestroom/LEGO building/creative space–can we fit it all in???
    4. Planting veggies in large black planters and grouping them for edible, easy-on-the-wallet impact on our deck and patio.
    5. FINALLY sorting through the family photos to pick our faves for a collage wall in our kitchen–magnetic or corkboard so we can rotate, change, add at whim.
    6. Saying YES more often to my husband’s ideas for our home, too, especially his desire to open our home more often to family and friends.
    7. Deciding (after years of discussing renovation/addition/moving) to embrace our cozy home, accept it’s imperfections and love it for what it is.

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