Friday afternoon our first official house guests showed up. They were a family of five who were willing to sleep all over the house, use bathrooms with counters leaned up against pulled down walls for privacy and stay in a house without a kitchen. They stayed one night, helped us move a refrigerator, hang string lights, built a fire pit and they even brought their canoe.

Then Emily‘s husband and their kids came and spent a night and my parents and my uncle from Wisconsin came and stayed for the day. We walked the property, looked at trees, canoed, grilled out and had a big fire. We fished Sunday morning and then by the afternoon they packed up and we had a sweet little visit with friends, Ashely and Jamin from the Handmade Home blog who happened to be in town. Over the weekend we had 14 different people stay or stop by and it. was. glorious.

Hospitality waits for no woman.

No one seemed to care that the floors in the kitchen were half installed or they our pool had turned green again, whoops.







carve-your-nameI grabbed this graphic from my dad’s blog–this is from our big fire Saturday night

Invite someone over.

Say yes.

Don’t wait for perfect because it never happens.

That’s hospitality, uncomplified.

31 Days