The World’s Worst Barn : Updated

empty barn

One of our goals before our big moving day was to clean out the World’s Worst Barn.

The house we bought is about 1000 square feet smaller than our rental house. Plus, the basement and kitchen are both being renovated so we have stuff we need to store until we can use those rooms. Plus every year I try to purge for a Big Sale with Angela, I’m not exactly sure when this one will happen but you’ll be the first to know. So we needed to use this barn for storage and some of the furniture will stay in here so we’ll have some place to sit when we invite you here. My husband cleaned out the barn and pressure washed the floors last week. I figured we put all my storage stuff in that far corner.


Cooter Davis and Ralf were at the barn at some point.


As well as stinging critters.


I kind of like this old table now that I can see it.

dirty barn

Here it is when we first bought the house.

In preparation for the next photo…

please brace yourself,

cover small children and puppies,

and take a deep breath…


Because we moved yesterday and here’s all the stuff that DIDN’T go into our house. This 800 square foot barn is almost full. It’s overwhelming yes. And I’m totally embarrassed of all the stuff I have, yes. BUT, it’s also encouraging to me. Sprinkle in some natural light, temperature control and some shopping of the barn to set up some sweet seating arrangements and this space has potential for us. I can so see us here doing crafts or learning something new, being encouraged, listening to Reeve sing. Or I could just open up a furniture store.

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  1. Love that table! Can’t wait to see what you do with this space.

  2. Furniture store, please.

  3. Don’t be embarrassed. I recently downsize from a 10 room house, full attic, full basement, garage tha was 50 ft long, and a garden house. I went into a condo with 5 rooms and sunporch and no garage. I filled a 15’x30′ storage unit. I am slowly getting rid of it. I am 72 yrs old and been married to my HS sweetheart for 53 yrs. My old house was built in 1861 and I love it – only lived there 17 yrs – hadn’t plan to move but it became too much for us. Love your new home. It will all workk out.

  4. I love seeing all of the potential projects you have brewing!! This space is going to turn out to be some amazing welcoming place to be.

  5. Not the worst barn, in fact I think it’s pretty awesome! I am so looking forward to following your journey at the new place:>)

  6. I love the barn! So jealous!! I can see you doing so much with it!

  7. i, too, LOVE the barn. You should have an annual furniture sale…and have vendors…something akin to the country living fair. that would be so awesome. can’t wait to see what you do with that table. i would love to see white slipcovered dining chairs around it…

  8. Seriously?! That doesn’t look bad AT ALL. Oh my gosh-you would die if you saw our garage.

  9. It looks fairly well organized. No small task considering you moved yesterday!! I’m giving you a gold star. You can figure out where to store it!

  10. I love that you have that great space to entertain, relax, craft, or whatever in. Love the barn, and love your new home!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  11. Barn sales are incredibly popular in the DC area!

  12. I kinda love the hidden table! It has lots of potential. No need to be embarassed…grace, grace, grace! :)

  13. I call dibs on the hutch!

  14. Don’t be discouraged or embarrassed. Moves always feel like a disaster for a while. I can only imagine what moving with ongoing construction must be like. But it’s going to all be fabulous once you get it all figured out and everything finds a place or new home.

    I’m so happy for you and your family that ya’ll have this amazing new home. :)

  15. We are about 3 1/2 months in on almost identical circumstances! We bought a big fixer-upper in the country on some property and had a make-shift kitchen like yours, a stuffed garage, yada, yada…I know how overwhelming it is! I’m sure you already have your regrets, but you will love it!
    Just be careful what you put in the barn; mice and squirrels and all kinds of vermin will find their way in and destroy stuff (it happened to us, so I don’t want you to have the same thing happen). Invest in some big storage bins for items you won’t be able to clean easily, if you do get a mouse problem.
    I can’t wait to see what you do with your kitchen!

    • And mice will chew through plastic! (Speaking from experience.) Our last vermin? Flying Squirrels! (Yep. Rocky moved into the attic. Thankfully he didn’t invite Bullwinkle.)

      Country living!

      • Don’t even tell me about flying squirrels! Mice chew through plastic? Oh, dear! Country living sure does take some adjusting! Hope you can evict the squirrel quickly :)

  16. It’s definitely time to live more simply and with less STUFF! Whew, that barn is packed. We have also downsized greatly from a 2,800 sq. ft. home, three- car garage etc. to 1000 sq. ft. We moved everything we brought from out-of-state in an 8 x 8 x 16 ft. POD. Needless to say, we unloaded tons of stuff. We enjoy smaller living and so will you! BTW, we just put in an IKEA kitchen, the Lidingo style, and we love it. You can’t beat the quality for the price. Shopping the last weekend of the sale can be tricky, though. We did this. It was a mob scene at IKEA and they were sold out of things, but they can be picked up later. We are only 20 minutes away, so no problem.

  17. We always fill up whatever space we have, right? What a great barn! It will be an amazing space with endless possibilities!!

  18. Saw your post in March the other day about your dreams for a place like this. Eerie how similar the buildings are, especially the barn! God is good!

  19. Awww, moving is so much work, as you know as a former renter. Don’t forget us renters! It will be fun to see if your style changes much with permanence.

  20. great space! all your ideas sound great! so happy you have such a wonderful space & a new home!

  21. Don’t worry – you will get through it! It’s always hard to know what you’ll need when you move into a new place. It’s so nice to have that space for your stuff while you are in the middle of renovations too. Can’t wait to see it all decked out with your stuff. It’s going to be the best barn ever.

  22. Your new home is great and has so much potential. Those gorgeous floors! I would definitely respect its wonderful farmhouse bones and country setting and decorate with restraint and simplicity. (i e. avoid all the current trends that one sees at Home Goods, World Market, Pottery Barn etc!) A great inspiration for farmhouses is Trina’s blog, “A Country Home.” Her farmhouse in Oregon, which they just sold, was so lovely. Her style seems to have just the right mix of simplicity and comfort, and “less is more.” Also, take a look at Rie Sterling’s beautiful farmhouse home on Pinterest. She used to have a blog but now just posts photos of her home on Pinterest. I look forward to seeing your work and changes. So exciting for you!

    • Oh I LOVE A Country Farmhouse! She is the one who inspired my choice of Simply White! And I miss Home & Harmony!!! Great suggestions thank you!!!

  23. PS Nancy Fishelson’s designs are also beautiful for farmhouse living. I adore what she does!

  24. I think that is a pretty great barn if you ask me. Isn’t it amazing how much STUFF we have? I’m right there with you- xo Diana

  25. Love this barn! It will be wonderful to use, I am sure! And I am with you–I love the old table. Such stories it could tell. I love old wood.

  26. LOL @ Cooter Davis! I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing space!!

  27. I love that his name is spelled R-A-L-F!

  28. Is that Ralf Mouth?! Aw, you are probably too young to remember that reference!
    Thrilled for you Nester and can’t wait to visit.

  29. Ooo that space has lots of potential! Nice that you have free storage while renovating too. Love keeping up with your progress!

  30. I am so jealous of your barn!!!! I would absolutely love to have something like that to store things, use as an area to do some wood working or just hang out!!! It helps that I love horses and the thought of having a “barn” would be so neat!!

  31. I’m just happy you have such a neat place to store all your things for the time being! And it’s walking distance from your house!

  32. That rustic table is amazing and the last picture is a bunch of the cutest stuff ever. Even if it’s all stacked in there, there’s some kind of charm to it. Love your farm–so happy for you!

  33. I wanted to share an idea that a number of churches around the country are doing with members’ barns. This idea could be easily modified to be a ministry for ladies :)

    Several men in my own church have a monthly outreach ministry to men at a barn. Here’s their facebook page ==>

    So happy for you to have found this great property! I’m thinking that it’s a reward for your patience and financial discipline through the past few years :)

  34. Oh, you are so lucky. I would love a barn that size and I love that you are making it a crafting place.

  35. That’s a great barn, Nester! Looks like the perfect storage place for now or for good. It’s all clean and water tight, why would you try to organize stuff you don’t know how, when or where you’ll use? That would be a waste of energy. I’m betting if most of us shrunk our homes by 1000 sq. ft. and then tried to put all of our stuff back in, we’d all need a barn the size of yours for the overflow. Some of us might even ask you if we could rent some space! It’s a great barn and it’s got your great stuff in it.

  36. Don’t be surprised if you find, after I’ve visited one of your amazing barn sales, “Angela loves Cooter 4 ever” scrawled on your barn walls.

  37. Def furniture store!

  38. Ashley Johnson says:

    Thats the second time I have seen those black plaid chairs in what looks like they might possibly be for sale. I have lusted after them for years and would give them a good home with lots of love. ;)

  39. Don’t be embarrassed we’ve all been there. At least you have a barn to stage and store in.
    Like I said before I’m envious of your barn

  40. For a seocnd there I was wondering why you would call a perfectly empty and CLEAN barn the “world’s worst”! Haha, there are definitely rooms in my house that are worse off than your barns are in terms of clutter and things in storage for sure! But likewise with some of the other commentors here, I’m really excited to see what you’re going to do once everything moves out of temporary storage in the barn and gits into your home! Good luck!

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