To categorize or not to categorize, that is the question.

Last year over 1200 of us wrote for 31 days. It was so fun and I loved reading the unique and specific topics you came up with. One of the suggestions many of you had was for categories. Instead of scrolling through one long long long linky wouldn’t it be easier if they were organized with categories? I agree with that in theory. My problem  is what are the categories? There will always be someone who feels like their topic doesn’t fit snugly into a niche.

I don’t want to create 100 specific categories, then it gets impossibly overwhelming. But 2 categories don’t seem like enough. And I like being able to keep a count of how many people joined in, so I don’t want everyone to link up under 4 different categories just because they aren’t sure what fits them. If I have categories I want it to be helpful not annoying.

Here’s what I’m thinking for categories for 31 Days based on last year’s topics:


House & Home decorating, holiday, thrifting and such–this gets its own category because historically–and since this is a home blog, we’ve had lots of these types of themes.

Simplicity & Organizing yes, this usually has to do with House & Home as well, but this topic is popular too, so if you are talking about decluttering your house or mind, this might be the best topic for you to link up under.

Family Life parenting, marriage, baby, financial stuff and more

Faith-ish anything faith related

Personal Endeavors could be your personal story, how to do a 31 day cleanse, becoming intentional…

Too Awesome to be Categorized there are so many fantastic topics that simply don’t have a category, put yours here–I have a feeling this will be my favorite category!

I’m open to suggestions and these topics might change a little but I’ll announce them for sure a few days before October 1st. I’d like to keep it to less than six and I only want you to link up with ONE category. There’s no linky police that will get you in trouble if you are writing about organizing closets and you choose the Home category instead of Simplicity. But there will be a linky police for people linking up in more than one category. Pick the one you think fits your topic best.

It’s not too late to join in the #31Days of writing. All you have to do is pick your topic, create a little button (I’ll do a post on that in a few days) and link up here on October 1 — then write a post every day about your topic. Still don’t understand? Click here to see last year’s 31 Dayers and click around on their topics to see how they did it. 

Next post…Writing tips for #31 Days.


Update: Remember when I told you about meeting up At The Barn with my sister and our family? Here’s what happened with that.