When Seemingly Worse is Better Than Sameness



I really should be packing up the old house but I just HAD to start with at least the primer on the fireplace. I know it actually looks worse while it’s in process but seeing the start of the change gives me more hope than if it were the same. Sometimes the motivation and encouragement you need that things are changing come in the form of things appearing worse than they started.

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  1. I love that the process starts to show you what can be! So exciting. The fireplace is going to be beautiful.

  2. YES!! “Worse than they started” is great motivation! Go you! =D

  3. Joy Wilkes says

    I read your posts daily (and always love them) but rarely comment, But the title of this one struck me. I thought to myself, or maybe said outloud, and chuckled a little too, “yep, been there”. I knew EXACTLY where you were. I’ve been there, too, not just in houses, but in life. (As a single mom, once forced to leave my “dream home” because of the divorce, now trying for the last 10 years to put the pieces back together and make a beautiful home for my girls, I can relate.) But I also love the meaning of all that title could be. Isn’t seemingly worse better than sameness when it comes to growth and our journey with Christ? Didn’t he say he couldn’t stand lukewarm? I want to be able to say, seemingly worse is better than sameness for you, Jesus, because I know the worst, the darkest just means you’re closer.
    Just wanted you to know your words were a blessing and encouragement….even though it looks like diarrhea…amen! :)

  4. I am so happy for you in the purchase of your new home and “Barn”. You are living the way I hope to in a few years. A little land, a house to turn into a home and for me a few chickens. I look forward to your post everyday. Thank you for your honesty and I can do anything attitude. About the pond/swimming pool. Filter?

  5. Can’t wait to see the final outcome but yes progress is slow in the beginning.

  6. What’s that old saying….it’s always worse before it gets better? This is going to be great!!!!! Progress is never fast enough, is it? xo Diana

  7. I ripped the wallpaper off my mudroom back in April with the intention of painting the walls and putting up a big wide molding to hang hooks on…..and it is still that way right now. i need to revisit the 15 minutes at a time approach. Again.

  8. Well, making something beautiful can’t always be a pretty process! It will look great when you are finished.

  9. I’m so excited for the new journey God is taking you on! Just wanted to throw it out there that my husband owns an environmental testing company. So if you need someone to talk to about getting the chemistry of the pool right, I’m sure he can help. If so, just email me and I’ll give you his info. Sincerely, red

    • awww, thanks Red!!! We’ve got someone working on our pool and so far they seem to be figuring it out, the problem is with our well–so yes, I’ll keep him in mind if we can’t figure out our water stuff, good times. Thanks girl!

  10. Joan Marie Shepherd says

    …you make me smile…I can relate…maybe not to the same level of overwhelm at the task at hand…but definitely to the ” I know it actually looks worse while it’s in process but seeing the start of the change gives me more hope than if it were the same. Sometimes the motivation and encouragement you need that things are changing come in the form of things appearing worse than they started.”

  11. So often in life, things have to get worse before they get better.

  12. I am enjoying every single minute of watching you in your adorable new house. I think it is the most exciting thing ever knowing a little of your story of renting. It’s your very own hot mess right now, but i know you just want to kiss the walls, because it is YOURS!!! and you will make it amazing!


  13. True words! That first coat of primer we put on our paint cabinets was nothing short of ugly. But it meant progress and the start of something a little easier on the eyes. Eventually! This fireplace (and your home) is going to be beautiful and I love watching the steps along the way.

  14. CONGRATS on your new land (house & barn included)!!! It’s beautiful and I’m so excited to follow your renovations! I too am in the process of fixing up my new house and next up is painting the dingy, outdated, brick fireplace. Can I ask what primer/paint you’re using on yours?

  15. EEk! Are you ADD like me? ha. ha I joke, sort of. Painting is much more fun than packing anyways. Keep it up!

  16. Your new home is going to look great when its all finished but its a long road for sure.

  17. haha! Your blog title post makes me smile. But you speak the truth. It always gets worse before it gets better, right!?

  18. What we don’t see is what you already see in the finished farm. It’s going to be fabulous. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out! xo

  19. All works of art start off as a blank canvas and then get real dirty along the way to making them beautiful.

  20. So so true! So excited for you and know it will be amazing!

  21. I so understand this feeling. UGH!

    Keep in mind that each inch of wallpaper stripped/wall painted/carpet removed/{insert activity/item of your choice here} is one step close to fulfilling your dream/goal.
    When I was in labor I chose to call them ‘joy surges’ as I didn’t want to be reminded of hard work or discomfort (labor pains). Instead I wanted to keep in mind that each ‘surge’ meant I had one less to experience AND that I was one step closer to the joy at the end, meeting our baby.

    Another way to look at it, we are restoring 1/2 acre (read: GINORMOUS yard) of 20+ year old fruit trees, grapes, briars, rhodies, azaleas, arbovidaes, and other too-overgrown plants I don’t even recognize.
    My daily goal: be exhausted, hurting, and filthy! I know, “Gross!” But my thinking is if I feel & look like I’ve been busting my chops, then I’m really plowing ahead and making progress. Even if all I did was move more piles of yard debris than what there is left to hack/chop at violently [ahem]/prune.
    Besides there’s satisfaction in getting my dirty yard clothes laundered, coming out of the shower feeling like a new person washed squeaky clean, and freshly dressed in clean jammies ready to crash into bed.

    Just think, each morning you can awake to a renewed goal for that day!
    Don’t think about a whole project or wall.
    Goodness knows we are all ‘works-in-progress’ for God, and He k-n-o-w-s the outcome!
    Instead concentrate on the little steps that get you closer to the overall goal and
    celebrate e-a-c-h and e-v-e-r-y one of them!
    Press in, press on, and run the race that is set before you. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!:) (Not shouting…Cheering on Team Nester!)

    May I ask, Myquillyn, did you prime the woodwork and the dark walls before painting them? Or just the woodwork? What type of paint are you using (i.e. enamel, oil, latex)?
    (I need to repaint here as there is just something about 8 ft. ceilings, dark walnut wood doors/window trims, and dark builder’s beige walls and r-a-I-n that don’t work well together in our neck-o-the-woods.)

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