When we found this house, the house wasn’t really the draw.

It was the whole package. Because we had a dream along with our family, we were thrilled to find a property that was an old sawmill. It had a handful of open tin roof structures, room to roam and an old green metal shed that we are giving the world’s largest compliment to and calling it the barn.

the barn

It’s going to take a lot of work to make this barn presentable. I dream about a big storm coming and knocking it down and wonder if that would make things easier.

the barn

But, this, the World’s Worst Barn is full of invisible potential.

the barn

We are hoping to use it for fun things–and invite you to come join us for the fun. Parties, craft days, Big Sales, encouragement, concerts by Reeve, gatherings, swap meets, a place to be listened to, a place for listening, a place to get perspective and so forth–wouldn’t that be fun!?

We’ve had this dream with our family long before we ever laid eyes on the World’s Worst Barn. Before we ever found our land, we planned and booked the first gathering to coorelate with Emily’s book that will be released in October: A Milion Little Ways. We’d love for you to join our whole family, Mom and Dad, Emily and John and Me and Chad at the small barn at the Granery for our first gathering that is focused on calling all hopers, dreamers, questioners and ordinary people.

Meet us at The Barn, be encouraged by my sister’s story, uncover the art you were made to live.

the granery

You can find out so much more about our dream and this event, written so much more eloquently at Emily’s blog today. We are planning on this gathering being the first of many where different members of our family may take the lead but we’ll all be involved. If this sounds like something you’d like to attend, save the date: Saturday, November 23, in the afternoon at the Granary near Winston-Salem, NC. There will be a limited number of tickets available and since this gathering focuses on the message in Emily’s book, her newsletter subscribers will get a heads up for tickets first (here’s where to sign up).

at the barn

Meanwhile, we’ll be getting our house liveable so that we can focus on our next project, getting The Barn usable. Angela and I are planning on having a Big Sale at our barn, for one of the first events–this time we’ll have enough room! I. Am. So. Excited.

Y’all we are gonna have a place to meet together, our home (along with The World’s Worst Barn) is located about 30 minutes east of Charlottte, NC. I hope you come hang out at The Barn sometime with us in the future. Instead of attending lots of big conferences, this introvert dreams of  walking over to the barn, decorating it for you and having a handful of people at a time come and connect in a real, encouraging and creative way.

Meet us at The Barn.