Time for Change :: A Clock Update

grandfather clockSomething bothered me the first time I saw my grandfather clock.

uni-clockDo you see it? That little piece of thin decorative wood at the top. What in the world?

I’m sure it’s probably some important part that makes expensive clocks nice and royal looking but on this cheap-o replica that I bought knowing I would paint over it, it just looked bad. The clock is in the foyer with the front door to the right and the family room to the left so I saw its profile from the sides often, not just the front, so of course, I always stared at that dumb piece with hate in my eyes.

real unicornvia

It always reminded me of this.



Or this.



So I begged my husband to get rid of that crazy piece because I was ready to break it off if I had to look at it one more day. And I do not have a steady hand so if I tried to cut it off it would look like a disasterous buzz cut.


And now it reminds me of Seth.

Clock Godin.

bald clock

Surgery took 15 minutes in our garage with a dremel tool. And then I took 27 seconds and touched up the paint with a paper towel and some random white paint.


Ahh much better. Now if I want my clock to have horns or a wig, I can do so without that pesky piece of wood.

horned clock

I bought the clock last year from Joss & Main (my referral invite) see the before photos here.

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  1. Your clock with antlers reminds me of the kid’s book “I Wish that I had Duck Feet.” =)

  2. Christie says:

    Clockicorn! That’s funny!

  3. I love your clock, it is a lot better without the waddle on top. Could you tell me where you purchased it from. I have been looking for one like it for awhile, minus the waddle of course.

  4. Wow, I love it without the wood and with the antlers! I am always looking for detail in wood pieces and would have thought the detail at top would make me like it more, but I see now that simple is sometimes better. I love your style, and blog. I look forward to new posts! Thanks :-)

  5. Yep! The antlers are better. Much!


  6. This whole post makes me smile. You have some funny things going on in your head, Girl! Love it!

  7. Looks pretty now!

  8. LOVE it! …funny how that “can’t live with it ONE more minute” thing hits now and again isn’t it!

  9. ohmyword, you are the funniest person i know…and i know tim lewis. totally shared this. let me know if you hear from seth! xo…

  10. brave, I tell you, just BRAVE to saw on a clock. I really like your “moxy” (if that’s how you describe your risk-taking)

    your clock now reminds me of my body–small (tiny, really) head and shoulders, generous hips :-)

  11. It does look better without the extra doodad, doesn’t it? I have been eyeing that style of clock (what is it called? can’t remember) but they are usually so expensive.

  12. OK. You officially crack me up. It was unofficial before. Now it’s official.

  13. I’ve always loved your clock make-over, but I think Deer Clock is absolutely fantastic!! Nice work!!!

  14. Love your whimsicality! (Is that a word?) What a fun post. You always inspire me.

  15. gabrielle says:

    I personally liked the top-piece – BUT what I REALLY like are the antlers!

    • margaret says:

      me too. I thought it was whimsical and looked like a nursery rhyme clock (hickory dickory dock) before. Antlers are fun and whimsical too…just in a different way.

  16. Marilyn says:

    Thanks for the chuckles this morning. :-)

  17. It really does look so much better without the “thingy” on top. Goodbye clockicorn!

  18. I really like the horns so much better!! Yeah. Good job!

  19. those antlers are brilliant!

  20. I love the antlers on the clock. I can absolutely see them decorated for Christmas.


  21. and now we’re dying to know what you put in the foyer to replace the clock, since you moved it near the fireplace. dying. :)

  22. Your post made me laugh :) Thank you!

  23. You’re good. I’d have gotten so tired of WAITING for my hubs ( he does everything on the 6 month plan), to cut the doohickey off, I’d have knocked it off with a hammer. I also agree with you that it should always have antlers, a hat, a wig or something else grand and whimsical. I think you’ve designed a great clock Nester!

  24. You are too funny!! Love the sense of humor!

  25. I really liked the wood on top too. It gave it character!

  26. You are funny! But the clock looks great – amazing how the smallest of change can make the biggest difference.

  27. Ha!! You’re brilliant. Love the deer antlers. I am googling for inspiration because I want to paint my clock and stumbled across your entry. Definitely going to paint mine and maybe add antlers. Thank you, You’re so funny!

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