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bubble painting

I tried bubble painting this weekend. It was fun, and would be great to do with kids in red white and blue for Independence day, but I guess white bubbles might not show up on white paper.

I can’t wait to talk about 30 Days Without Accessories, can we have a link up on Wednesday for anyone who has thoughts about it? Maybe Wednesday is bad because it’s the day before the 4th, this is always an odd week!

bubble painting

Y’all, I totally forgot that I needed to have five winners for the DaySpring giveway of Holley Gerth’s books, and coordinating art and bracelet. I announced one on Saturday here are the others:





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  1. Never tired bubble painting but it looks fun. Going to try it with the kids. Thanks for sharing

  2. I’m loving your 30 days without accessories thoughts (and that bubble painting is beautiful and so creative). Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kinda makes me want to bubble paint a white pillow! But I’ll watch Return of the Jedi instead. Less work and more fun with the kids!

    • I tried it on fabric and it didn’t work the same as on paper, womp womp!! Let me know if it works for you!! Maybe try getting the fabric wet first?!


      • Well, poop on a stick! I don’t feel like having it not work, so I may just learn from your attempt. Maybe it has to do with surface tension. Or absorbency. Or something scientific. It’s summer break from homeschooling, so I choose not to think too hard about such deep subjects!

  4. Wednesday’s good! Looking forward to it.

  5. I am loving the bubble painting!

  6. I’d never heard of bubble painting before, but I clicked on the link, and wow! I love that first technique.

  7. After I read about this book on your blog, I went straight to Amazon and ordered it. Oh, my. I can only read a little at a time because it is rocking me to the core!! Thank you for sharing about it, it is the most amazing book!

  8. Oh, Nester girl! I love this ! I am forwarding this to my daughter ( who is not into any blogs ) and You will probably have a new follower! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This looks like fun! As for the 30 days w/o accessories, I have been feeling like I need to do an update. What about Friday for the link-up??

  10. This looks so fun! I used to do this at color me mine on the pottery and it was just a blast while turning out to look awesome!

  11. Bubble painting looks fun for kids of all ages!

  12. I hope you do host a link up! I don’t have anything to contribute but I would LOVE to read the thoughts of women who do! :)

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