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 Monday I wrote a post called Three Weird Reasons My House Looks Decent Online, today is it’s companion post…

1. The floors are NEVER clean. And if they are clean, then something else is horribly filthy.

My mom says ‘as the floor goes, so goes the house’ or something like that in regards to cleanliness and I agree. If my floors are clean my whole house feels much cleaner. Unfortunately, clean floors don’t show up so well in photos so they aren’t always a priority for me.


The first time a magazine came to photograph my house I paid an embarrassing amount of money to have my house professionally cleaned. The second time a magazine came to my house I spent an embarrassing amount of time making sure the house looked just the way I wanted–because that’s what the camera sees. Hurt me.

Clean floors are my arch enemy, my nemesis, my achilles heel, the bane of my existence. If I do somehow get the downstairs floors all clean on the same day, you can guarantee there will be some other sort of household cleaning disaster that will balance out the cleanliness equilibrium in our home. I was not meant to live in a sparkling clean house.

a perfectly kept house...this is glamorous

2. White slipcovers look 50% cleaner in photos.


In real life this chair looks like Pig-Pen lived on it. With his brown dog. For a year. In a cave. While eating SpaghettiOs. Online it just looks dingy. And I was even TRYING to get a photo of the dirt/dog hair/filth. White slipcovers are quite photogenic.

3. You don’t always see the junky parts


I’m very open that my house is lived-in and loved-on, as it should be. And I’ve showed you my reality. We’ve talked about the real goal of cleaning. And I’ve even written a 31 Day Series on keeping house while keeping sane. 

hoarding room

I’m so passionate about imperfect, real spaces I even created a little video two years ago featuring your homes in all of their messy glory–remember that?! But unless I show a messy room every day, it’s easy to forget that along with you, my life consists of living beautifully within all sorts of messes.

I hope I’m never so focused on making my house cleaner, better, prettier that I miss the beauty that is.