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Last night I sat my alarm for 4:10 am but my husband woke me up before the alarm even went off. Our oldest left this morning for Belize. He’ll meet up with a bunch of strangers from other states and then they’ll all use fancy contraptions to go underwater and explore sea life. In another country. With strangers. He’s 15. For 21 days. In another country. Did I mention we’ve never met any of these people before? But it was his dream. And dreams aren’t really dreams if they don’t include a little risk, fear and uncomfortableness. Dreams without risk are for sleeping.


I had Holley Gerth’s book, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream on my bedside stump for months. 

Holley’s been a friend for years, she’s been to our house multiple times and is one of the 20 bloggers whom my husband knows by name. She’s one of the most encouraging people you’ll ever meet. And if you watch my favorite show, Alaska the Last Frontier, Eivin’s adorable wife, Eve, could be Holley’s sister in both looks and personality.

she knew

I was meaning to crack open Holley’s new book but I had a bunch of deadlines and my margin was slim. Then Caroline asked me if I had read it yet. She said it helped her realize what her dream was, and that after reading it she had a lightbulb moment. That was enough to make me scramble to start reading. Caroline’s never steered me wrong with a book recommendation.


Sometimes dream following can seem like an extra curricular activity. Something you take the time to do after all your real responsibilities are over. Sometimes the word dream sounds like a luxury or something we tell eight-year-old girls to do. Oftentimes I forget to dream. I forget to pay attention to how God created me. I forget that the dream I secretly hope for might be the very thing God is waiting to use in ways I’d never imagine. If I’d only allow myself to pursue it.

Our family has a dream. I was nervous, but I told you about it back in March.

 dreamLisa Leonard designed for Holley Gerth & DaySpring

Here at Nesting Place we talk about risk, we talk about imperfection, we talk about hope. We talk about all of that because I can relate to your dream for your house. But I know you have other dreams too. Holley’s book can help guide you to putting words to those dreams in your head. She helps you define your dream and learn to overcome dream’s ugly companion: fear and then move on and realize why your dream is worth pursuing.

god-sized dreams

DaySpring is sponsoring this post and wants to encourage you to take the risk and consider your God-Sized Dream. They are giving away words of encouragement and meaningful beauty for your walls and arm!

Five winners will receive:

Dreamed Up in His Heart Wall Art created by Dee at Red Letter Words

Six inch Dream Canvas

Dream Bracelet created by Lisa Leonard Designs

And TWO copies of Holley’s book You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream (one to keep, one for a friend)


Holley is so amazing that she even has her own department in the DaySpring shop, and right now DaySpring is offering 25% off all of Holley’s items, even if they are already on sale, simply use code: DREAM25 (through the end of June). What a great way to support the dream of a friend, or to take a small first step into believing that you have your dream because God put it there.

Leave a comment about your current dream (doesn’t have to be extravagant or crazy) to enter to win one of 5 gift packs. Reading in an email? Hello! Simply click here and scroll to the bottom to leave a comment.

UPDATE, so far 33 of you have bravely shared your dreams, I’ve read them all, and now I love you all. There’s something about being vulnerable and speaking or writing your dream that is powerful.


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  1. Ginger N says:

    In the past year, I have met the man of my dreams, so many of my dreams are he and I making a life together. Where will we live? Kids? How many? How can I be the perfect compliment to him and our future relationship? How can he and I start to grow together, and support each other’s dreams? It’s very exciting, but somewhat scary at the same time. But it’s a journey I am looking forward to!

  2. To walk in Love so much so that others see Him reflected, and consider His Love as the highest value and purpose for their own lives. To serve Him in the profession that He has allowed me to train in, and called me to.

  3. Leticia says:

    To walk in the fullness that God has planned for me and my husband. I always dreamed of an outreach to the homeless. Providing at least 2 meals a day and the Gospel message. A place for them to hear that its Jesus that makes the difference in our daily choices.

  4. As the leader of the college / young adult ministry at our church, I am very involved on campus & in the young adult community (I am still young at heart!). Over the past 3 or 4 years, a God-sized dream of a haven for young adults called “House of The Risen Son” has become a focus of my prayers. I know in God’s time it will happen, but I do get impatient because I see so much need for a Godly place for young adults to just “hang out” in our town, work on their homework, study together, play games, or just talk & laugh with some people who will provide some Godly counsel & friendships. This “haven” would include computers, printers, kitchen facilities, TV’s, games, books, etc. for encouragement & assistance in their studies & their lives. I would appreciate your prayers, too!

  5. I have always dreamed of a reading house, a space for children to be safe and warm, surrounded with books and puzzles and games for a few hours each day. I have most of the stuff, but have given up on location. I need to get back to searching!

  6. I honestly don’t know what my dreams are. I know what I enjoy doing, but when I list those activities, I feel a bit selfish. Anyway, when I read that reading Holley’s book helped Caroline figure out what her dream is, I knew I would need to read this book. And the rest of the things in the giveaway are AMAZING as well. Hope I win! :)

  7. I have lost the energy for dreaming; please pray that God intervenes in my husband and mine relationship to grow in a healthy spiritual one. It seems right now that it is a competition with him. Pray he learns to just rest mentally and physically. In order to give us both peace.

  8. I don’t even know what my dream is. Maybe it’s good to just be content, but I feel like there should be so much more. I guess my dream is to have a dream….to feel passionately about something!

  9. I dream of writing a book, and welcoming people into my life through the written word. It’s a scary, and wonderful dream.

  10. My dream is to be able to work from my home-baking, photography, being creative. I’m not sure how that all fits together, but I’m trusting that it will.

  11. I dream of meeting the right man and having a beautiful relationship. I dream of working with people with depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem issues etc. incorporating religious principles, cultural traditions, arts etc. to facilitate growth and healing. I dream of reaching my God-given potential, owning a nice car, travelling and being able to pay off my mortgage off on my own someday. Thank you for your inspirational messages, products and books. This book sounds wonderful, and I could definitely use it for myself and in my work with clients.

    • I wish your all your dreams come true. I wish all who have misunderstood me can be clarified. I wish all whom i have unintentionally trespassed will be healed and protected by GOD! and i can reconcile relationship with them. I hope i can have more genuine friends. I hope i can gain back my health: spiritual, mind, and physical. I hope i can rekindle the passion to spread the Gospel after study thoroughly the Bible. I surrender my family to the Lord the Saviour. I hope God will guide them and save them: salvation, financial management, family relationship, health. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  12. I dream and hope to travel as a nurse to sites where natural disasters have occured -to share Christ, and healing, through faith and medicine. Currently at the start of my nursing degree, I also want to start a home group for anyone to learn more about the bible.

  13. Several years ago I was struck down with cancer. My dream is to be able to rise up and regain my health so I can travel on a mission trip to Africa.

  14. Jennie Pike says:

    My dream right now is to make my private little blog public. I will almost have myself talked into it and then I just become paralyzed by fear. I fear failure like the plague. I think I fear that my words will hold no meaning to others. I question if my thoughts really would be helpful or encouraging, which is my desire. My sweet daughter regularly encourages me to make my blog public. She is my cheerleader. My oldest son thinks it would be cool. I want to show my three that I am willing to be bigger than my fears.

  15. I dream of taking a road trip and showing my kids the US, teaching geography by experience, as they have learned European history by the places we have visited in recent years. Some less ‘fully formed’ dreams include using my allergy friendly baking and cooking knowledge as well as my artistic talents to establish a restaurant, a beautiful place as well as a safe place for people with allergies to eat. And, ultimately thereby to serve other people and to glorify my maker who gave me my talents as well as my limitations.

  16. My dream is ever-evolving! I’m in a fairly new season as an empty nester and my husband I are trying to figure out what the “rest” of our lives will hold. I have a tendency to “bristle” at terms like “God-sized dreams” because I find that (often) people associate that phrase with huge, seemingly impossible projects or tasks. I think God inhabits and blesses the small, the everyday, with His significance. Doing small things with great love and grace. That’s my dream right now.

  17. Hmmm… I would like to write. To take life a little slower.

    Well, now to figure out how I can do that and still manage to pay the bills!

  18. My dream is to write and publish a book on life in the Spirit, including “interpretive” photography. I am finally saying yes to God and working with Him on conquering my fears: “I will fail; I have nothing to say worth saying that someone else hasn’t already said better; etc etc!

  19. My dream is to be a good helper of children; write and maybe illustrate a children’s book-first for a grandchild of my own and then maybe others; be involved creatively in art. All of these seem to be in tension with reality and my own insecurity. I want to walk victoriously in my journey of faith and leave a good legacy to those who follow after. I will be checking your book out! Gwen

  20. Chris N says:

    I would like to have more free time with my family, while still pursuing my career. I dream of days where I can stay home and do something creative – paint things, work in my garden, create fun games and activities with my son. I think the actualization of my dream involves a career change – either becoming a full time college professor, a consultant, or starting my own company. All pretty scary, but wonderful, thoughts.

  21. DanelleB says:

    My dream is to have a website and take my love for fitness, working out, cooking and creating (quilts, crafts, etc.) and combine that to be an inspiration for others. I don’t really know how to accomplish that now, but really need to get going. I think I need to narrow down my focus and start there, but taking the leap is my challenge.

  22. My dream is for my children to see my desire to glorify God in all things…to lead by example in this. And to not be a yelling mommy all summer.

  23. nadya kotik says:

    My dream is to be a wife and a mother and to make a difference in the world by loving others! I also dream to travel the world!

  24. My dream is to be debt free so that I can move past that and get to the dreams that I know God has in store for me.

    • My dream is very much like Angela’s dream I have been praying that God will make it possible for me to be able to quit work so I can spend all my time serving.. I have been going to church and working both often the same day and want to be available at all times to help out at church when called. Thursday morning we have a food giveaway and a potluck Wed evening. Yesterday a group of us cleaned the church. My boss is kind enough to give me the time and move my hours around. I get tired sometimes but it is all worth it. I enjoy my job but my goal is to spend my days doing God’s work. I am a widow and I can say with all honesty that God gave me joy after the sorrow of losing my husband. That was 3 1/2 years ago. I truly believe that God is going to make a way for me. Mari

  25. My dream is to raise these four amazing and wonderful and exhausting boys to love Jesus with all their hearts and to serve Him hard their whole lives.

    • May the Lord favour you with more energy and creativity, more love and strength, more faith and bless you with days of joy and peace, as you train your boys in the love of God and nurture them to be godly children, strong in the knowledge of His Word and bold in the sharing of His Word. May they be blessings to you too.

      Best regds,
      Ai Boon

    • That is awesome Wendy. I raised 5 children who all love the Lord. You are doing what God wants you to do. He will bless you for that. You don’t have any girls? I say you are busy person. I had 3 girls and 2 boys. Take care. Mari

  26. It feels so good to be dreaming again. The hope that lies within those dreams. My God sized dream is to write a book about Gods amazing love, grace and mercy He poured out to a little girl that was so lost, abandoned as a child and living on the streets. I am living part of my dream healing from the past and now I have a desire to share that story with others. I would love to have a blog filled with encouragement and offering Jesus to others. I am so inspired by all the ladies from in-courage blogs.

  27. Paulette says:

    Dream Bigger is the challenge of my ladies’ Bible study this fall. We are looking for a book for a book chat to tie in the theme, and I think I’ve found it! My big dream: to have eyes open to see God in the details and know that it’s Him?!

  28. My dream is to be able to find a way to work from home. I am a teacher and I do love it, but being away from my kids and husband during the day is hard. I really want to stay home so I can school my boys and care for my home. Someday maybe…we’re working on it!

    • My dream is not having to go to work any more. I love my job. I work for an Armenian family and they have lavished me with kindness from day one. However I have church activities and work both and would rather be in the house of the Lord. Although my boss changes my schedule when there are special events at church the fact is, there are always special events so get confused with my work schedule. I raised my children and am a great grand mother and have prayed that I pay off bills so I do not have to work. Being a widow is hard but I have the joy of the Lord. I believe God is going to make a way for me.

  29. Mama of Austistic boy says:

    My dream and the dream for all the children of the earth is to live their lives with love, joy and purpose. A feeling of belonging in the world as part of God’s plan.
    I try to instill this in both of my children, my daughter and my autistic son.
    Both are blessings from God and I would not change one moment of my lives with them.
    They have both taught me so much, to love deeper, to find the joy in every single moment and to live as God envisioned for us.
    If I had a personal dream for myself, I would have to say once my son was able to navigate the world more independently , which may or may not happen one day, to either take in foster kids with his same special needs and/or go back to school to be a therapist or EA to work with these children. I am truly blessed that God felt I was worthy to give birth to such wonderful children.
    I try to remind myself of this blessing on the bad days of which there are still quite a few, although not as many as there once was, and try to not let the fear, worry and doubt drown me.

  30. I will pray that all of your dreams come true. I would like to find inner peace. My life is a humble, modest one and I have been blessed with simple things…a roof over my head, loving family, enough food to eat…My dream is to give back to the world in some way. Need to continue to search and pray for what would have the most impact. My dream is to get our family more directly involved with giving back…serve meals to the homeless, donate books and toys to actual families that can use them (as opposed to our regular Goodwill donations)…providing our smiles to give comfort and joy to others in need. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. It came at just the right time :)

  31. My dream is to build a large house overlooking the ocean with several small cottages behind it. This would be a retreat center for women who are survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and women who are in need of emotional/mental/physical healing and rest. I also want to be able to offer life coaching, spiritual direction and Godly image and beauty workshops and retreats. I have spent 30 years in the fashion and beauty industry and have witnessed so many women struggle with their image, identity, purpose, value and worth. It breaks my heart to see them suffer. I know God has enabled me to relate because I too suffer from the same issues. I want to offer them a place where we all can discover, embrace and celebrate our value and worth in God. I am chomping at the bit to do this for Him and His daughters!

  32. My dream is to raise my children to be confident, empathetic, successful beings who will contribute to this world and feel secure enough and open enough to love their fellow man.

  33. I dream BIG! My husband & I will both be stay at home parents to raise our son & help others. We want to improve others’ lives & help them become successful so that they can live their dreams too! Ok, I’d also like a pool, piano, & horses. :) May we all live out our dreams as we influence others’ lives.

  34. Tracy Harp says:

    Dreams upon dreams…but one is to take my husband and 2 teenage sons to Europe, to visit where I was born in England and where I grew up in Germany, to visit my mom who has cancer and family I haven’t seen in years.

  35. I want to sell our home that has a mortgage, pair down our belongings, find some beautiful land and build a small home so that we can live debt/mortgage free. Free to go where God asks us to go, do what He asks us to do with Him, be what He asks us to be.

  36. Vanessa says:

    I am in the middle of a time of transition in my career. My dream is to be able to make a difference in the lives of others while doing what I love.

  37. My dream is to live in my simple home, enjoy my family and just have peace. I don’t need or want anything more complicated than that.

  38. A cure for epilepsy. I know it’s a big dream, but my son has lived with this for almost 13 years and I just wish and dream and hope and never stop believing it is possible.

  39. Justina says:

    I just want to grow old. To live to see my children have children and have my husband with me for many many years, growing old with me. Keep us safe. That’s all I’ll ever need. Good health and a long life to enjoy with my family.

  40. I am living it! Everyday I wake up to my beautiful family, it’s a dream come true. I dream of being able to spoil our children and grow old with great health. So far, so good!

  41. I would love to wake up everyday and be able to do what I love and not have to work. Come on retirement :) I have such great plans and this m-f grind sure steals alot of my time. I could spend so much more time with the people who matter most!

  42. My dream wedding is in less than four months so for right now, I just want this all to go smooth and then when it’s all said and done my dreams will come true! I will be Mrs. Beavan! A very loved and lucky lady!

  43. BRENDA HOWARD says:

    My dream is haveing a home on a hill with a beautiful veiw. So I can sit on the porch in the mornings and read my bible, and enjoy peace and quite , before they day begins.

  44. My dream is to encourage women of all ages to be confident, strong, and healthy through seminars, conferences, and books.

  45. I am already living my dream! I married the man of my dreams 4 years ago, 1.5 years ago we purchased an foreclosed home and turned it into our dream home. In the process I was also able to follow my dreams of finally owning my own business, and opened a hair salon in my home. The biggest dream of all was becoming a mommy to a precious baby girl 5.5 months ago! The next dream I’m chasing after is to give her a sibling in another year or so. Since all of my dreams have already been coming true, I guess it’s time to start coming up with some new ones to add to the list!

  46. I just came across this post– My 13 year old just left on a People to People trip to the British Isles for 19 days!!! In another country. with strangers. I get it. AND his birthday is tomorrow!

  47. After 24 yrs of marriage my husband decide to leave, leaving me almost destitute. It’s will be 2 yrs in September, I have attended DivorceCare & am slowly healing.
    The first part of My Dream: To be able to support my self financially – as well as to have a home of my own (so I don’t have to depend on family for a place to live).
    The second part of My Dream: To be able to encourage others going through divorce to believe in God, to let Him help them heal, to be confident, strong & grow in Christ. (I feel like I still have a long way to go myself).
    God Bless! Thanks for listening.

  48. I’m thankful God loves me and has a purpose for my life!!. I am seeking Him to fully understand His purpose and calling on my life. I have a passion for women, a desire to speak /facilitate workshops for women and to encourage them to have a closer walk with the Lord, through a women’s group/book club, bible study, etc. How He loves them so!! I also had a idea of authoring a book. I have the title and the content from my journal, just need Him to orchestrate the rest of the plan.
    He who has started a good work in me, will bring it to completion!! Thank you Father!

  49. My dream is to be…….Hmmmmmm…. To be a beacon with GOD’s love pouring out from me and be able to do things to bless others in what is turning to be a me/I world and rush, rush! In that rush we miss some of the precious blessings God sends our way.

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