Quickie Update for Imperfectionists:: A Giveaway

custom pillow

Whenever I want something fresh for a space I’ll first look at what I already have. As you know, I have a ton of accessories and even though I’m experimenting with putting them away this month, I pulled a few out for this sponsored giveaway post from Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot. They are holding a #BountyChallenge and their lovely limitation was simply to use Bounty paper towels to clean up a mess.

updated pillow

I have about six white pillows in my house and I love them, but, I’ve realized that I rarely flip them around and the back side seems like a missed opportunity. So I pulled out my acrylic paints, a paint brush, bounty paper towels, a trash bag, and my new favorite paint–that Martha Steward Metallic Glaze from The Home Depot–I’ve had my eyes on it for months. The glaze was just what I was hoping for–opaque enough to be a paint all on it’s own and the perfect shade of gold.

white pillow



metallic gold paint

My method isn’t very pretty, it’s fast, imperfect and fun. I quickly searched around the house for anything with a small round bottom (insert funny hiney joke here) and dipped it right into my paint, wiped it off on the paper towels and then stamped it onto my pillow cover that still had the pillow inside. I live on the edge. Also, there was a thunderstorm quickly moving my way and I was working outside.

all wrong

I found a measuring scoop with a bigger bottom (insert insulting hiney joke here, that would offend me) and used it to make bigger dots.


Instead of dragging out a huge drop cloth and then getting huge globs of paint that will crack and flake off in the future, I just put down a trash bag and covered my working area with Bounty paper towels. I used the paper towels as part of my mixing area and when I was done I just wadded up the paper towels and threw them away. I didn’t have to fold up a big drop cloth in a special origami type way so that it didn’t stick together with paint or get wet paint on me or my shelves.


My favorite part is the drips, naturally.


I used the same process of no rules for my little pillow. I took the pillow insert out of this one since I wanted a better chance of making straightish lines. I stuffed a garbage bag into the pillow so no paint would soak through. I only had a few coral-y pink colors so I squirted some paint right out on the paper towels and mixed a few different hues to have some extra shades of coral. And then I just painted imperfect lines.


I’ve been wanting the perfect shade of coral pillows for awhile and even though I knew I could paint some, I have a tendency to imagine things into a bigger project than they are. So for months I put  off creating something because it seemed like too much work to round up the supplies and to do it right. Once I had a challenge (thanks P&G and Home Depot) along with a lovely limitation and a time limit of a fast approaching thunderstorm, I was able to create something that added the imperfection and color I was looking for. I’m not planning on washing my pillows so I didn’t even add in my fabric medium–even though I had it. I just wanted them done and pretty.

diy pillow patterns


Here’s a little kick in the hiney for you to do that project that you’ve been putting off. One winner will receive a $250 gift card from Home Depot and two rolls of Bounty paper towels to clean up the mess. Thunderstorm not included.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 12.18.00 PM

Leave a comment about what project you need to attack to enter to win a $250 gift card from The Home Depot and two rolls of Bounty paper towels so you can take the #BountyChallenge. Giveaway ends July 4th, I’ll announce the winner Saturday the 6th.

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  1. Candice says:

    Our master bath could really use some help. I can’t wait to tackle it and this would certainly help.

  2. Nancy Smith says:

    I need to take a border off in my kitchen!!!ugh I want to paint a true beige .It is now auberguine.

  3. I’m overwhelmed with projects right now, but project number one is finishing a floorcloth I’ve Ben putting off painting FOREVER. You inspired me to just go for it without tons of planning and set-up.

  4. II’ll def use it for our bedroom makeover! Hoping to start on it in the next few weeks! =)

  5. I can’t wait to paint my thrifted kitchen island. In search of the perfect color now!

  6. This is such a lovely tutorial, And FUN! =D Certainly inspirational! I always *Want* to be crafty and make my own stuff, but am always afraid to try because I have the idea it won’t be a *perfect* work of art. But your approach is so fun! And from the “After” picture, I never would have guessed it wasn’t meticulously planned out! Or even that it wasn’t store bought! =D
    Anyways, my current “big project” I would love to accomplish is sanding/re-finishing/staining a little table/shelving unit I found at goodwill. It’s such a cute little thing, and really doesn’t need a massive amount of work. But it has certainly seem some better days, has stains and such on it. To be honest, I’m already using it in my entryway, as I haven’t made the time to actually tackle the job. But I would love to have it looking the way I know it can! [And now that it’s the summer, I could actually do a good chunk of the work outside and not worry about the fumes/drying time, etc!]
    Well, thanks for the giveaway opportunity! And the fun tutorial! That GC would definitely motivate me to head to home depot to pick up all the supplies I need, but even if I don’t win, I am certainly motivated to get moving on pulling it together!! =)

  7. We are getting our house ready to sell and we have been living there for 12 years. That is our big project.

  8. Just the inspiration I needed! I’ve been wanting new pillows for awhile but can’t find anything I love.

  9. I was given a washstand base that is currently painted green. This piece is going in my master bedroom to be used as a nightstand. I plan to paint it cream with stain rubbed over top.

  10. I have a new (used) kitchen table off of craigslist that is waiting for a coat of white paint. I have to admit that I’ve been dragging my feet on this project, but probably just need to drag that table outside and get to work!

  11. I have an old antique table that is intricately carved that needs to be stripped and refinished …which will be a big job.

  12. MaryAnn says:

    I need to get my kitchen painted before the summer is over.

  13. We just retiled our master bath and now need to repaint and clean up the mess!

  14. We just moved into a new apartment and we desperately need to fix all of the dried paint drips and splatters leftover from a terrible paint job! Also, we need to update the trim and baseboards to give our home a fresh makeover…the wood trim is very old, in disrepair and such an eye sore!

  15. Messiest cleaning job is when your cleaning the inside of the
    refrigerator that has turned into a science project!
    I need the Home Depot GIFT CARD to by more
    Bounty Paper Towels!!!!!

  16. I need to refinish the bookcase in my hallway thansk

  17. Erica Best says:

    i want to make a home made head board

  18. Kristen L. says:

    Getting ready to tackle painting our outdoor deck furniture — it’s going to be a mess!

  19. I’m going to attempt to do paper bag flooring in our basement. I’m super nervous!

  20. Holly B says:

    The interior of our whole house needs repainting, its been so long since its been done! As messy as I am with paint, I’ll need all the clean up help I can get ;)

  21. I want to make one more pallet garden for my balcony.


  22. Jenn McClearn says:

    we really need to install heat in our basement playroom before winter comes so our kids can play down there when the weather gets chilly

  23. Oh there are so many rooms I need to work on… but first, I need to finish my nursery space!! Especially since my baby is three weeks old and already in it!


  24. Verónica Domurat says:

    Hi Nester,
    I love your pillows, and I just want to ask what is that fabric medium you talked about? I want to paint my own pillows but I want to be able to wash them.
    Thank you

  25. I have SO MANY projects to do! We are considering DIYing a concrete countertop for our basement wet bar (that is currently counterless), plus we need to DIY a bathroom vanity, build bookshelves, cabinet doors, caulk the trim, etc. The list goes on an on! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I love how the striped pillow is slightly reminiscent of bacon.

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