Making Space for Friends

dot and flower

A year and a half ago a group of nervous friends met up at a conference. Our time together was so life-giving that we planned on getting together more often. I volunteered my house and last year we had a girl’s weekend complete with a baloondalier.

heart friends

This year was different, every year will be. Emily could only come for one night, Tracey and Maggie and baby Maxwell were on the west coast, Hayley stayed home and got some family time. Ellen, Caroline and Karrie spent the weekend at my house along with these.






The best part of our weekend was just having time to be together. We didn’t make a lot of plans, we didn’t busy ourselves with a lot of day-filling excursions. We have a lot of sitting around on the sofa in yoga pants time. And that’s when the connecting happens–in the unplanned, intentional white space that we allowed ourselves to have.

It feels weird to plan for unplanned time, but I’m realizing it’s the very thing I need in my friendships. And it’s fitting that this realization comes during the month of June during our 30 Days Without Accessories.

I’m continuing to learn that intentional white space can be so very valuable.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I used to wonder what bloggers were talking about when they said they “met friends online” :). Now having made a couple myself, I’m amazed at the blessing that it is to connect this way.

  2. I’m been realizing I need white space in my life. Thanks for the reminder to make it with friends too. Sounds like a lovely time.

  3. Recently at a girl’s camp I helped run, we left time and planned for the unplanned. This is the time the girls talked and bonded. It was just as important as any other aspect of the camp.

  4. Sounds fabulous…these days we don’t get a lot of down time it seems!! Gonna put some on my calendar :-)

  5. I had to laugh because I am a planner and not much down time. I relaxed on vacation by NOT planning every moment and letting life live itself with me as its guest. It was great fun. I am so glad that you and your fellow bloggers enjoyed the moments you had together- xo Diana

  6. Dear Heart Friend,

    Today I am suffering a brownie and iced coffee hangover.


    It was worth it.

    love you!

  7. This reminds me of how when my son was really little and we had scheduled playgroup time, we moms got more out of it just by being together. :) And somehow my book club spends little time discussing the book selection of the month! Being together is more important than the why.

  8. Oh how I love all your touches of pink :)

  9. Balloondalier!
    I scoured the old post to find out what the heck it was and I’m SO glad I did! hahaaa!

  10. What a fun trip!!!!

  11. I love this connection! It’s amazing how God uses all kinds of things: even accessories, or the lack of them, to speak to us.

  12. I love yoga pants time! We (as in me) don’t make enough of an effort for it…I am always blessed when it happens.

  13. Sounds like you had a great time with friends! Thanks for posting, your space is beautiful.

  14. Isn’t is amazing how life can shift one from thing to the next, in just 12 months? Yes, often, the best of life happens when the clock in covered and the hands of friendship are extended across carpets and tables and seats.

  15. Great blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Taking time out with friends is so important. Turning it into a way to stay connected is awesome! The photos are beautiful.

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