Updated Arm Protectors


I still love my white slipcovered sofa. But the one part that takes the worst beating is the arms. I’m hoping to re-slipcover the sofa soon, it’s been three years and many washes and lived on hard: it’s dingy. But this winter I tried out a little temporary fix and it worked even better than I hoped. Warning, rabbits were harmed in the making of this post.

arm covers

This past Christmas while at Hobby Lobby I found a stack of rabbit pelts. They were $11.99 so I bought one with my 40% off coupon from the app and once I brought it home, it worked so well that I went back and bought another one.


The backside leather acts like a non-slip rug gripper and naturally sticks to the arm. Plus, anyone who sits on the arm cannot help put pet the soft rabbit fur. It’s the perfect non-grandma arm protector.

I admit, I’m probably politically incorrect and all the Rabbital Rights Activists are going to email me and tell me how horrible I am. But I figure if Hobby Lobby carries it, I’m probably okay.

sofa arm protectors

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  1. Love you!

  2. Destiny says:

    Oh … I’m so glad I’m following Tara in the comments because all I need to add is “Yeah, what she said!”

  3. You have changed the way I think, live, create and see.
    I love the gift you give here in this space —
    And love you.

  4. …but, back to the rabbit thing. people are so funny. For the record, it’s not something I’d buy/use, but when it comes to decorating a house I say to each her own, nester’s home is her home. I do wonder if it might freak out house guests, but we can be so sensitive to things that may not matter much, when we should be more sensitive to each other…okay, I’m rambling.

    Your statement about if they sell it at HL it must be okay is admittedly questionable to me, but it also sounds like you were half joking…though I have no idea, I’m just guessing.

    Anyway, I’ll continue to read your blog b/c I think you are a genuinely wonderful person, with a compassionate, Christ-centered heart for people. For that, you rock, plain and simple. Afterall, it’s just rabbit pelts. Silly humans ;)

    Love you Nester!

  5. I think it’s brilliant! So creative and useful!

  6. So creative! Thank you for affirming that it is ok for me to go outside of the decorating box and be perfectly imperfect.

  7. These are great! I’ll be looking for some myself. People have issues just because bunnies are cute. They always remind me of my hubby’s stories from survival school. They caught, skinned, and ate rabbits, and ate bugs as well (the horror). Unless these people are vegans, where do they think there food and some of their clothing and furniture comes from? Rabbit meat is good!

  8. To me the question is how the animal was treated. Would you still think it ok if the animal were were skinned while alive? Or do you think they were purchased from someone who held each lovingly, euthanized humanely and then skinned?

  9. I just couldn’t do it. I’m a big animal lover (don’t wear fur, was vegetarian for several years), but I still wear and use leather all the time, so I totally get the idea of using hides and things that are left over from food-making so they don’t go to waste. I know lots of people dig the texture and the petability but to me it honestly looks like dead animals draped on the furniture. Like, a bunny walked in and keeled over on the arm rests. I know one of your big things is making your home comfortable not just for you, but for the people you welcome into it, and this would make me majorly UNcomfortable.

  10. Well, I declare…this “discussion” is a doozy. Can we just pause and note that Ann Voskamp left you the sweetest comment, and maybe you should just put that in your back pocket and forget about most of the rest. ;)

  11. I think it is great and daring! You are so brave to put this out there in a PC only world!

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