Office Update

nesting place office

To the internet, my office looks like this. And mostly this. But it hasn’t looked that way in a long time. I sold the rug at the Big Sale in October and moved the mirror up to the boy’s room. The antelope head is part of the gallery wall.

nester office

For the past few months my office has looked like this. I found a mirror on clearance for $30 at Home Goods and I’ve been meaning to paint it. So finally I cleaned up my office and found an inspiration color in my Come Thou Fount canvas.


coral paint

pretty coral paint color

I do what I always do when I’m painting something small, I mix up all my colors until I get something I like. But once I put the mirror in my office it was too light. So I painted over it and then it was too mauve. So I painted over it and then it was too light pink, so I painted over it and then it was too strawberry.

painting a mirror

wrong shade of coral

Currently, it’s still strawberryish. The sun’s been behind clouds for what seems like months, so I’m not going to make a decision until it comes out again. So here it is today. The color is what it is not because it’s my perfect choice but just because I got tired of painting. It doesn’t have to be perfect for me to give up for a while.

pink mirror

Instead of getting mad and crying to my husband and asking him to paint it for me and feeling dumb, and throwing the mirror away and whining that nothing ever goes my way, I just know that this is part of the process. I’m not ruining it, and I still like it better. And when the mood hits, I’ll find that perfect coral.

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  1. maybe if you keep he coral paint and antique it with a dark wax, paint, or stain it will blend with the brown baskets of the dresser below, the brown curtain, and the wicker tray on your desk?

  2. Allison says:

    The color is off. If it were me I’d go with the original color that’s in the Valspar and add a hit of black to it. That would give it the “correct” tone to be sitting on the blue. But again, that’s just me. I don’t live in perfect… :)

    • This actually is hilarious to me that you say “the color is off” That’s her whole post! She’s telling us the color is off, but it’s okay. This is why I love coming here. Even though the color is off, she still posts it. It encourages me that she didn’t wait until the color was “on” to share it with us.

  3. Ah….process. The important thing is that you still have my clock! I’m coming for you, My Precious!!

  4. Love your perspective. :)

    I think it looks pretty good the way it is, but I understand the need to keep striving for that vision in your head, and I know everything seems to look a little better in pictures. Any mirror painting tips? I painted a similar style mirror for my bathroom and it bugs me all the time because I just feel like I rushed it and didn’t do a careful enough job. It may be due for a little refresh. :)

  5. I love coral too. I used a Spanish inspired coral from Lowe’s and it turned out a nice tone. Coral is a tricky one! good luck!

  6. I, too, admire your attitude, but I think you are off on this one. I loved your office and I think that rug was a big part of what made it so pretty.

    • “off” for me and “off” for you are two different things, I love that about design!

      You should have bought my rug, it’s beautiful, but just not me. And I couldn’t keep the white part clean, even though it was just me (& our dog) in my office mostly. It bugged me.

      • Christie says:

        Good to know about the white parts. I’ve been looking for a rug and do love pops of white but have wondered if they would get dingy.

        I like the new rug. :)

  7. So pretty. I have lately been tempted by pops of pink and salmon, too, and I really love the little tulle ascot you’ve got on your curvy lamp. LOL Something tells me that it was totally impromptu, which makes it even cuter. : )) xoxo Good luck with the sunshine, it will be worth the wait!

  8. I think with a different wall color, it would be perfect as-is. That’s what you really want to do, right? Re-paint your office? :)

  9. Paminoh says:

    I usually love everything you do but I’m not getting this. Your office was so pretty before and coral just doesn’t seem like it’s going to match that beautiful wall color. I’m sure you’ll surprise us all though with your creativity..

    • remember, you are comparing a magazine style, finished shot, to an unfinished, unstyled, poor lighting shot, it’s all a process, which is the fun part!!

  10. I’m not a decorator. My main style is junk, for real. I hope no one ever takes decorating advice from me (but I’ll probably give it at some time or another, because I’m opinionated like that). ;-)

    The mirror looked fine to me, but I’m sure it will look even more fabulous when you find the color you LOVE.

    What I really appreciate about all this is that you keep mixing things up. I like that. And, I adore that you “reply” in the comments. So fun to read.

  11. Coral is so tricky! But I think the current color looks nice against the blue-gray dresser.
    And, I appreciate your perspective of being ok with pressing the pause button!

  12. Where I live, May is a month of rain. Everything is incredibly green but my goodness, how it rains.

    What is the story with the clock? It is so cool.

  13. Danielle says:

    Coral, man, coral is a hard color. It’s not orange or pink, add in lighting for your specific room and you are almost guaranteed a few trial colors. Keep looking!

  14. This mirror seems a metaphor for life. Keep trying, keep moving….tweak, make changes and improvements. It’s the journey… Thanks for the reminder :-)

  15. I love the blue of your dresser with the coral. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who is “color sensitive”!! On anything freshly painted in our home, my husband: “It’s great.” Me: “It’s not quite the color I was going for.” Taking a break from a project is sometimes the best thing until you can figure out what really floats your boat.

  16. What a great office! Love the coral! I’m currently working on my home office and you’ve given me some great inspiration!

  17. Uuuugggghhhh. I have been doing this with my front door. For 6 months! I wanted bright green – not kelly green, not lime green, something in between. We’ve done 3 shades already and it’s just not working for me. So, hopefully this weekend it will be painted navy, and we’ll be done with it. I give up on my green!

  18. I love coral! I actually think that you got the color pretty close. I am sure that after some time away from it, you will come back to it and get it just as you like it. Then you can have a grand old time punching up the space with additional coral accents. I really admire your fearlessness in not being afraid to experiment. I wish I could adopt a little bit more of that in my own decorating…I’m trying here and there though, baby steps!!

  19. I totally went through that process with some shelves! First they were oak and lived in the kitchen, then they were blue gray and lived in the dining room, now they’re bright aqua blue and they’re going to live in my daughter’s bedroom. For now. ;)

  20. Orange, baby! You need a big pop of orange. But that’s just me-too much soothing neutral and I start getting sleepy.

  21. I love soothing neutrals….Anyway, here is my painting advice for anything that I paint that doesn’t look quite right. If you want it lighter add a lighter coral/pink here and there for color variation and/or dry brush very lightly with white and distress. Adds texture, contrast and will pick up the bits of white in the room for a nice blend. Although this may not be your style. It just needs a little something more. A little soft white decorative painting like the cool leaves you have on your chalkboard would look nice around the frame too.

  22. Anything with orange or orangish color in it makes me happy. It’s fun working out an area. So the real question is, is the mirror just a jumping point for your office? What else do you have brewing…

  23. Thanks for sharing the process! It gives me hope! I always want things to be perfect on the first try. I need that reminder that it’s ok if it’s not.

  24. First, I want to tell you that you always inspire me! I almost fell down laughing the other day when I finally diagnosed our current decorative style as “modern dumpster”. We tend to gather things that others have thrown out to the curb. Thanks to you I am learning that is okay to be excentric AND now I can make them prettier.
    I think it is great that you are learning what I like to call “life lessons” while you are decorating your house. Wonderful perspective. You also have a very cool house.

  25. Marilyn says:

    I actually love the rug that you sold at your sale. Do you remember where it came from originally? And thanks so much for sharing your *real* office. It’s encouraged me to go tackle my office this morning.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  26. I think it looks pretty. What a lovely office!

  27. Judy H. says:

    Nester! Are you saying that you sold that lovely aqua/blue and white rug!?!??! Why??!?!?! I adore it. From my screen, the mirror looks light coral. Looks perfect, although I might like a bit more of a rich coral, not bright, just rich. I think the coral plays wonderfully off the desk and wall color! You’re close to hitting a homer on this one.

  28. Lora Greene says:

    I’ve had “raspberry” on the brain recently…I love the look of it with the light blues..But getting it right is tough..gotta kiss a few frogs before you find the prince..Me and frogs get along just fine until the price comes along..

  29. Judy Morano says:

    Hi! I am a reader and love your blog. I think I have the perfect coral for you. Check out House On The Way Blog for her coral colored coffee table painted in Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint in Coral Isle. You can find it at Joanne’s Fabrics and Crafts. I pinned it to my paint Ideas board and it has been so popular. Such a great color.

  30. I think it looks gorgeous!!!

  31. I can relate, my favorite coral is Behr wild watermelon!

  32. I LOVE your desk/table. Love.

    • Oh, and I love that rug, too! I think that’s the perfect solution for our odd shaped sun room. Where did you get it? Thanks :)

      • Christine says:

        Yes! I LOVE that rug too! I’m so glad you put it back in your office. Where did you get it? Is it an oval or circle?

  33. nester, you are definitely on the right track…maybe a rabbit pelt draped from the top would bring it all together? ;)

  34. Don’t wait for a sunny day to find the right color! If you don’t like it on a grey day, it’s not right. The “right” color will make you smile on a grey day, and sunny day. But then, I’m very visual and know right away whether the color ‘works’. There is no “getting used to it” with me. :)

  35. I love the coral mirror. I’m not sure what color you were hoping for, but the original Valspar to me looked amazing, nice and rich to contrast with the subtle blue of the dresser. Also I wonder if you are missing your accessories like the two lamps and green plants from the magazine photo. Maybe once you get everything set just so you will like it the color it is. And I was totally impressed with how closely you mixed a color to match your stretched canvas art. That was amazing!

  36. P.S. What about turning the mirror over so the thicker (heavier looking end) is on the bottom? Now I’m just proving that I know nothing about decorating….lol.

  37. It always strikes me as…what’s the word?…redonkulous that people would waste precious moments of their life telling someone like you that they don’t understand the coral mirror. As for me, you could paint the antelope head coral and wear it like a Princess Kate hat and I would fall in love with it, because that’s just what we do when we love someone and understand (at least a little) the wild, unexpected beauty of human nature and art. Carry on!

  38. Anonymous says:

    So call me crazy and disagreeable, but I actually like it Nester…
    But, then again, I like everything you do. You’ve taught me a ton! :) Happy Mother’s day…

  39. I think the color combination is very nice and cheerful:)

  40. Ah how I love everything you do. The before is great, the after is great. You really inspire me to work on my own home when I feel like I might not be able to do a “perfect” job. How can I get better if I don’t practice, right? Thanks for your blog. Truly an inspiration!

  41. I absolutely loooove the dresser color paired with the wall colors. Please clue me into its color!

  42. Great article, totally what I needed.

  43. Estuvimos unos amigos el fin de semana, la casa es increíble, preciosa,el trato muy agrabable.

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