My Latest Thrift Find


I found this macrame plant hanger at the Goodwill for $3. In the winter I had different lanterns hanging from the hook, with a rope and pulley system and I loved it, but I wanted something different for spring. So took it down and just waited. I waited to see something–when I wasn’t looking for it, because that’s always how it happens.


I also have my beloved burro’s tail succulent. I LOVE this plant. I can totally ignore it and it still lives.


Here it is January of 2012. It’s grown a lot. The only problem is it’s super easy to break off all of the little stems.


Here’s the carnage. I put some of the pieces into a bigger plant’s dirt, just to see if they’ll root.

plant hanger

And I know ultimately it’s a better decision. I only had a few months before the plant got too long for the pot. Now it can grow for feet without hitting anything!

What’s s your latest thrifting find?

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  1. I have been on the look out for macrame lately. It takes me back to the 70’s and the hammock we had at our lake house along with all the plant hangers we had around. I love the white! It looks fabulous in your room.

    • yes, I’ve seen some newer ones in some of the stores but the yarns ? looked really thin and iffy, I was happy to find this one, although I think it needs a little fabreeze! It’s for sure strong enough to hold my plant.

      Or, I guess you could…MAKE ONE!! Ack!! I think my parent’s used to make these!

      • Anonymous says

        nester, Did you ever see the macramé hanging tables, with the plant holder at the top, and there was a round piece of glass at the bottom, so you could actually put something on it, or were those things only in my area, Ky.?

  2. with 2 preschool/toddler kids, I don’t get to thrift often enough. I end up shopping online as much as possible. But I love this succulent you have! I have a goal of adding more plants indoors, might have to look for this kind of succulent. Hard to kill means I just might be able to pull it off! Even though I haven’t been able to thrift, I did just finally post my kitchen renovation reveal on my blog! i’m so glad it’s all done. Speaking of plants indoors, I’m actually going to be brave and try a small vertical garden on the one blank wall of my kitchen. I think I’d love to have mint growing there to put in all my water bottles and recipes. It’s hard to kill too, right?

  3. Wow, I always hated macrame planters because I thought they were dated but you make it look good! I guess I can’t write them off anymore. It looks great in that corner!

    • I kept seeing them around pinterest and suddenly realized I could actually use one, but I agree, I always thought they only looked good with orange shag carpet!

  4. I recently found a Bergere chair that I’ll be making over. You can see it in this post: Actually, your chair is in the post as one of my inspiration pics:)

  5. That’s serendipity right there. And I may have to give the succulent a shot. I kill everything else.

    Thrift finds: coolio desk, several side tables, and a recipe for hardboiled eggs forced upon me by a man who evidently stalks the knick knack shoppers to thrust his expertise upon. My number must have come up….again, that’s serendipity right there.

    (BTW, I actually went home and tried the recipe. Uh, nope.)

  6. I have not been thrifting much lately, but your cool planter makes me want to put on my roller skates and sparkly hot pants and roller disco right on over to the store! How did you make macrame look so cool?

  7. The plant looks lovely in its new home! I love the windows in its old home, too.

    I do most of my secondhand shopping on Craigslist (two toddlers doesn’t make for a very efficient thrift shop experience :)) and my favorite find is probably this kitchen table and chairs:

    • Jenn, i was just at your site this morning! and added your post about framing things to an upcoming weekend links post! xoxo

      • Oh, thanks so much, Nester! I’m honored–back in ’08 your blog got me started on blogs. And your motto has saved me a lot of stress (in decorating and probably in life in general :)).

  8. You can make macrame look chic! Lovely.
    My very latest thrift score is a large silverplate tray with feet. The border was very ornate but the center was plain so I chalkpainted the inside to use to write “bon appetit” or to list the menu when we entertain. The tray cost 4.99 and some elbow grease to get the tarnish off.

  9. I don’t have any recent finds, though my latest ones are dumpster finds and not thrifting treasures. It is garage sale season tho and I can’t wait to shop!

  10. Terresa says

    I LOVE macrame hangers! I have my gazing balls hanging in them outside on shepherds hooks! My husband always finds a way to anchor them to the ground so I don’t have to worry about the wind blowing them around and busting them. It’s a unique way to display them!

  11. Who knew macrame could look modern! My latest thrifting trip yielded an awesome white conch shell planter for only $.99. (With feet!) Now I just have to find a container that will work in it for the plant. I love shells. I was surprised to see the same planter listed as vintage on Etsy for a lot more.

  12. That’s so funny, because I was convinced that macrame was a trend that would never come back. I remember my grandma had a substantial amount of orange and brown macrame back in the day. :) It looks good in your place!

  13. I bought a gorgeous china serving platter – white with sprigs of pink roses around the border – at the GW recently. It has a few chips, none visible from the front, and is a beautiful shape, with squared off corners.

  14. Well only you could make macrame look chic and trendy! I grew up in the 70s and made my share of macrame hangers. I even made a huge macrame table that hung by my bed. It was way cool!

  15. The macrame plant hanger looks great! I remember making those like crazy in 8th grade. They went out of style and now…. they’re baaaaack!

  16. My latest find was two pillows at the Goodwill for only $2 each. Thanks to your information these were down pillows and though I didnt really like the color of the pillow covers, they have zippers and I can replace them. Thanks again to your previous posts!! So, it was a great deal.

    I also have a lot of stuff so I am trying to hold myself back on buying all those impulsive finds. The other day I found the cutest wood box with a postcard print for less than $20 at TJ Maxx. I decided I don’t really need it now… but if it keeps coming back to mind then I might have to circle back to see if it is still there. At least it already has a purpose in mind, which is a must these days for all purchases.

    Happy Thursday,

  17. My 97 year old grandma still has her macrame plant thingy up in her living room. I’ll let her know how “current” this is!! She will be excited! She loves hers!! and yours being white is so fresh! Did you have to wash it?

  18. We had several of those hangers growing up! How funny!

    I scored a Mid-Century School Teachers Desk…. for FREE! Yeah, baby!

  19. What a fab find! I am so into 70’s California cool right now, and that macrame planter is gorgeous. It’s so crisp white. If I ever see those, they are beat up and brown colored. We are in the process of moving, so we are dropping things off at the thrift stores. Our favorite is the Humane Society. They have great stuff, and it’s a great cause!

  20. My recent thrift finds have been mostly clothes for my children along with a few crafty items. (Pretty ribbons and trims and assorted beads for a fraction of the retail price? yes, please!)

  21. Elaine Venn says

    I love the way you said planting it in the bigger plants “dirt”. I get laughed at for saying that. :-)

  22. Beautiful space! I love the curtains!

  23. Pat Ferguson says

    Your macrame plant hanger in stark white looks wonderful! What a great find! I need a junking fix pretty soon. I have bought a couple of limited edition prints which are worth way more than I paid for them plus some really pretty prints that are hanging in my house. They replaced the old Home Interiors things from 16 years ago when we moved into this house! Love thrift stores.

  24. My most recent Goodwill find was three pairs of adorable shoes! (no, it doesn’t bother me) All my shoes decided to wear out at the same time, so it was awesome to replace three of them for $10! And I don’t think I’ll be pulling off any macrame any time soon. The first problem might be that I’m young enough to not even have any idea how to pronounce it. = )

  25. I am loving succulents this season. And yours is so great! My most recent find was a brand new owl cookie jar … 19.99 at Goodwill with the $68 Anthropologie sticker still on it. Whaaaa?! Yes.

  26. Just discovered your blog. Love your personal style. I am following. Saw your featured at Southern Hospitality. You have an awesome home! Blessings!

  27. I probably would’ve walked right past that at a thrift shop. Looks awesome in your space though! Love!

  28. Anonymous says

    I LOVE this! You’ve made macrame look beautiful. I’d love it if you’d share your find at my “Go Get Your Garage Sale On” Linky Party! I’m your newest follower… gotta love a fellow thriftier!


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