let your house breathe

Wednesday I announced that this accessory loving girl is removing all her home accessories and hiding them away (in the guest room) for a month. I can think of lots of reasons I like this idea, and only a few reasons I don’t. The only reasons I don’t like it are:

1. it sounds like trouble and I like to avoid trouble

2. I’ve got multiple things scheduled at my house and I like to show off my pretty accessories

3. a very slight, irrational fear that I’ll love my house all accessory-less so much that I’ll sell almost all of our furniture and turn into a person with an empty house and the outside world will shun me because of my empty house ways and then I’ll have nothing else to talk about here at Nesting Place because I’ll have eight items in my house and who can write a blog about that?

I hope my honesty doesn’t scare you away.

Really, I can only see good things happening from this little experiment.

And I’d love for you to join in.

I tried to think of a catchy tag line for this exercise but I’m guessing we won’t figure out what the best one is until the end of the thirty days. Here are some thoughts…


why not?

It would be so much more fun if you joined in this experiment. All you need to do is:

1. find a place to pack away your home accessories for the month of June. It can be a closet, under the bed, the garage–anywhere they are out of sight and not in your way.

2. start clearing out today and try to finish by Monday

3. write your thoughts on your blog and come link up here on Tuesday. Take a photo of your empty place or your stash and use the hashtag #BreathingRoom on instagram I’ll try to figure out how to feature those here too.

I’ll be writing about the process throughout the month, with regular posts sprinkled in too.

What I’m removing:

Stuff that’s sitting on surfaces like photo frames, decorative bowls, stacks of books and magazines (unless I’m currently, truly reading them) disco balls, vases (unless they are holding live, fresh flowers) photos that are taped to things, baskets o’junk on the surfaces and floor, pillows, throws, random cute stuff that I have sitting all over.

What I’m not removing:

Lamps that I use daily, stuff my husband sits on his man-station, plants that might die if I pack them away–but I might try to move them to an out of the way location, the pillow my husband uses in the downstairs chair, large pieces of art (including my empty canvas) that are sitting on a surface leaning against the wall. My book page garland that hangs from the hutch, anything hanging from the ceiling or on the wall. Books that are stacked neatly on bookshelves.

The rules:

Pack it away for a month. IF you realize you need something you can take it out and use it. For example, if you are having company over and want to light a candle, pull it out and light it. If you are cold, go get your cute throw. If your children need the jar of colored pencils, go grab it. If you miss your disco ball, realize you can live without it for a month.

I really don’t know what to expect from this month, but I think it will be fun to talk about and do together! Let’s link up on Tuesday!

30 days


i'm in!