This week has been really fun getting to talk about things I usually don’t talk about online. If you missed it:

My real name

How we paid off $150,000 in 5 years and 6 odd tips that helped us

We have  a dream

What I did (I wrote a book that comes out next March)

I’d love to know if there’s anything else you want us to talk about here at Nesting Place. I’ll always talk about house stuff. I can’t not. But, I’m open to talk about other stuff to and maybe there’s something glaring that you all are waiting for me to bring up and I’m not.

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments and if something keeps coming up, we’ll talk about it.

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  1. I love it when you talk about your schedule; your business; your every day life And I love your decorating style. How to accessorize is really hard for me. I have trouble letting go of money for things just to be pretty, but it’s important to our sense of peace and well-being around here to have a good environment. Anyway, I love that what you do is frugal and possible. I have a huge coffee filter wreath thanks to your inspiration and it’s at the top of my favorite things in the house. I love that you are on the edge of what is trendy and what is classic–that you have homeschooled and private schooled and everything in between. I love that you are living your dreams and making Christ the center of it all. There’s a lot that I can relate to here and I’ll be back—every day, like a stalker. (oops, got scary at the end there.)

  2. Your faith. Happy good Friday!

  3. Hillary @ Kids Communicate says:

    Your everyday life. Love this week’s posts, the glimpse into you and your family has been priceless. I love that it’s one of my first emails in the morning.

  4. I enjoy your blog and comments so much. It’s so informative and I wish many more people could be as thoughtful and thrifty as you. Happy Easter!

  5. I thought I sensed that you slowed down a little, maybe lost some enthusiasm, and was wondering if it was the Compassion trip or if blogging just got old. Now I know it was the book! But I’m still wondering if the Compassion trip had a lasting effect, if it made other things seem not so important. You and your family are so busy, too; I can see where you are pulled in lots of different directions. It will be interesting to see where you go, now that the book is done. I would also like t hear more about your faith, though I understand if you’d like to keep that more private. Best wishes to you in all you do!

  6. You are an inspiration to me, Nester! I’ve really enjoyed this week’s posts.
    We live in a small (for an American family of 6) townhouse and are perfectly content here, and though we are quite content here until the Lord moves us on, only in the past couple years, and even more since I began reading your blog, have I really focused on making our home a beautiful, cozy, restful sanctuary. I have taken so many more risks, stuck many more nails in my walls, thrown up several more window mistreatments, and just tried new things because of you! Someone recently told me my dining room looked “so inviting” and that was pretty much the best decorating compliment I ever received! I want my home, and our lives, to be welcoming to others and places of peace and joy. CANNOT wait to get my hands on your book next year! xo

  7. I have enjoyed your posts this week.
    This is my thought/suggestion:
    You have a really nice, neutral palatte to work with in your rental house and I have enjoyd seeing the changes you have made to it.
    However…some of us live in older homes filled with interesting quirks. I wondered if you could “take it on the road” and bless someone you know “irl” and help them with a room upgrade. Didn’t you used to do that in your pre-blogging days?
    I’m not talking a huge, weekend or weeks-long project, just spending a couple of hours shopping their house and doing a mini-makeover of one room that has been bugging them. Maybe suggesting a paint color for them to do on their own.
    I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to come all the way to Missouri!
    Realistically though, that would take you out of your home and away from your family, so that may not be doable at all.
    You do have a great painting crew though. You could hire them out for the summer :)
    Thanks for a fun week!

  8. I think it would be fun to showcase other blogger’s homes…and sort of “critique” them. Not in a bad way, but YOU tell us from your perspective WHY it works…WHY it looks great. You did a post about Lindsey’s house once…when it was messy, I think? And though I’ve been there a million times (and SWOON every time), it was interesting to hear you explain why it was so great. And maybe not just the obvious home dec bloggers…but all kinds from different genres too?

  9. Tell me more about how you started blogging, how you kept at it, and how you balance. Also, how you figured out your own personal style. how you buy furniture. How you thrift. How come your hair looks so nice. Tell all!

  10. So many great suggestions! I love work/life balance chit chat myself. A day in the life kind of thing, which I realize varies a lot due to the nature of your work. But still, fun to hear about :)

  11. How about you teach us some blogging tips, like how to get started. How to link up with other bloggers. I would love that.

  12. Last week I wrote a list of topics i’d like to see you do and you did not disappoint! I mentioned your relationship with your sis because I have one and about the boys because I was having an issue with my adolescent son. When your kid has a problem it’s like the world stops, but that may be too personal for you talk about. One thing that’s been on my mind was that boy in Tanzania with the scripture on his hut. I wonder if he made the book because his story is so powerful. I just love how people who are so far away from us find a home in our hearts through blogs like yours.

  13. Do/did you homeschool? I’d love to hear more about that. I love the other ideas that have been suggested too. You have such a great following of readers. They are awesome and so are you!

  14. Melissa Cain says:

    I would love to hear about when/how you discovered your passion/calling was home design. I’m struggling with this and would love another heartfelt post such as that.

  15. Hi Nester,
    So here it is…it’s been burning in my mind since you have such a testimony of faith. I was wondering if you have a testimony of tithing while you were paying down your debt. The reason I ask is first of all, it would SO encourage me since that’s what we’re trying to do, second of all, no one talks about it (I understand the reasons though), and third of all, it would blow people’s minds. I quit my doctoring job to tend to my children and we are trying to pay off the debt from medical school. Your story has been such an encouragement and blessing to me. I could go on and on, but I’m not the wordiest of people and I just wanted to know your thoughts on this!
    Blessings and best of luck to you!

    • I can attest to the miracle of tithing! good luck on the medical school bills. my husband is a doctor, but i’m the one with loan debt! we made a real effort to tithe no matter what last year and it was the first year we ever got a tax refund…and it was amazing!

    • I can testify about tithing! I was raised in a Christian home, and have always been taught that you give God His part first. Not long ago, our pastor taught a series of giving. Not just money, but our time, efforts, etc. after applying these principles in my family’s life it’s amazing what blessings just come out of no where. It’s important to remember, you don’t give to receive but you give because He has already given!

      Wishing you the best while you search it out :)

    • I too have a testimony of tithing. We paid a consistent, full tithe all while getting out of debt, and I know that it helped us get out of debt faster. Nothing changes your heart like putting the Lord first, and when you are trying to get out of debt, having your heart in the right place is SO important!

  16. Can you please show us the imperfect spaces in your house? Like the kitchen you mentioned is never photographed for the magazines? :D I’m sure you’ve done something to those spaces, and a post like that would encourage renters who can’t change much about our houses.

  17. I only recently joined your blog and I LOVE it! It’s the first thing I read in the morning. I absolutely love your sense of humor and the way that you write is fantastic. Every time I read your short blogs, it encourages me to move on with my life and my day. (And, by the way, I am not religious. I like that you seem to be able to keep your topics light on the religion, but we can see that you are a kind, generous person and that is what matters to those of us who are not religious. Just a thought from a reader/subscriber like me. So, basically, the way you write still attracts the non-religious. I can really appreciate you and your beliefs. Hope you don’t take offense to that! You have quite a gift! Keep the writing coming.) Anyway, you can relate to our everyday events so well. I love your perspectives. I also am writing a book- sort of. I am finishing my Masters in Education and I am trying my hardest to wrap it up. I am on page 160 of my research project/book and my 7 yr old daughter proudly announced that I only have about 100 more pages to go! Seems like a lot, but apparently to a 7 year old, it isn’t! It’s nice to get a different perspective, sometimes! You do a great job of that.

    Along the lines of perspectives….I also wanted to say that your blog really helped me to accept that I can have a small, imperfect house and I can continually work with what I’ve got. Because of your blog, I don’t drool over Pottery Barn any longer. I use it for ideas and use the catalog as my coffee trivet, just to remind myself that nothing is perfect and that is good! You gave me a whole new perspective on life. I no longer covet other peoples’ houses. I can look at my rental home as a safe, comfy place that I’ve made my own. Thank you for this gift! It’s such a relief. I don’t know why I couldn’t come up with this conclusion on my own, but you seemed to validate this idea for me, through your writing. Thank you for not being just another Martha Stewart. You are REAL!

    I do have a question about YOU, actually. I am new to the blog, so maybe you’ve talked about this. Maybe you don’t want to. I know you don’t have time to answer emails, but just in case you wanted to add it to your blog some day…..I think you mentioned homeschooling once. I am curious…do you homeschool? How do you have time for that? Why do you homeschool? And, maybe what you might like to talk about- what does your homeschooling space look like?

    Congrats on getting your book done! I am envious that you now have time to do those little things for YOU and that your milk won’t sour and your laundry gets done! (My dream!)

  18. Your Faith, how your faith helped you as you went through the financial challenges and established your career as a professional blogger. I’m going through a challenging phase right now, financially, as a mom, wife, and establishing my career, and I know so many others out there are in a similar situation. You’ve been a great inspiration to me. I’m really looking forward to reading your book you poured your heart and soul! Congratulations on getting your book done!!

  19. Kristine says:

    I would love to read about your faith as well. And I dont think I have ever read about your testamony- did I just miss it? I would also love to read about how you keep balance- I am about a half-step behind you (My husband and I are in our early 30s and are raising 4 young kids). I feel kind of jumbled up on how to balance diaper changing with making my house a home, getting out of debt, and most importantly raising my kids in a home that loves Christ.

  20. I love you. And I have LOVED this week of posts. The one on debt was amazing; I forwarded it to my husband because it was so inspiring and completely non-preachy.

    I read every post you write and I’m pretty sure I’ve read every single one you’ve ever written since I’ve been a faithful reader since the near beginning. I knew you’d write a book at some point…or at least I hoped you would. But I can’t believe you’ve been doing writing a book and doing everything else too! Amazing.

    Congratulations on the book! I for one cannot wait to hold the finished product in my hands and buy some as gifts and prattle on and on about it to everyone I know. : )

  21. Nester, you are so precious! I haven’t been online much lately and just now got caught up on “getting to know you.” :-) And I love your name!! It’s funny because I never thought I didn’t know what it was. I was sure you or someone else had mentioned it before.

    All the suggestions so far are great! It’s nice to hear about people’s real lives. Only seeing snippets of everyone’s projects and perfectly staged homes gives a false picture. I look forward to whatever you share with us. Keep up the great work and congrats on the book!!

  22. I agree with many of the earlier comments! I’d like to see you help someone else with a room in their home. Shop their house in addition to a small budget, $50-100.

    I’ve also often wondered what your house looks like 2 hrs after the party or the shoot. It’s a mental struggle for me to get myself back in gear after some type of gathering.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Your words are the beginning of many changed homes!

  23. Michelle says:

    I feel I can relate to you on many levels that others have mentioned; being a long term renter, being the mom of all boys, homeschooling (even though you don’t really talk about it in detail) and sharing your faith as well.

    I really enjoy your posts about simple changes you make that have a big impact- painting a table, rearranging furniture, making a wreath,etc. Your ideas have had a big impact on my home. (My kitchen is favorite tan, I made some book page crafts, I hung a plate wall and created an awesome gallery wall, all thanks to your inspiration.)

    I enjoy reading about parties you have too. The slipcover party was awesome! ;-) the blogging world is an odd concept because we readers come to consider you a friend even though we’ve never met you! So I’d say keep doing what you have been doing. It is obvious for the other comments that you are a positive influence on many people!

  24. I have been hoping that you would write more about decorating from a design school student standpoint. For me, I can see how the color, texture, scale, proportion and lighting all looks great and works perfectly in the photos that you share of your home….. but for someone like me, I’m killing myself try to pick out the ‘rules’ you used to make everything work and look great. This would be so helpful! I hope you will share your wisdom.

  25. As another fairly new reader of your blog, I find myself agreeing with Eva’s comment above. It is obvious that you are a gentle, kind, loving and gracious person. If it is your religious beliefs that shape and polish your personality, then kudos to your religious beliefs. Without trying to offend you in any way, I would not like to see an increase of religious subject matter in your blog posts. I do like someone else’s idea posted above about helping someone in your own area re-do one or two rooms in their own home. I can personally attest to what a lifesaver that can be. After a life-changing event in my and my husbands lives, our home was a mess, and I just literally felt stuck in the mud, unable to even think of what to do to make it better, or even how to do it. My sister came for a visit, and she gently asked if she could help me fix up some areas that were especially bothering me. I was so relieved and pleased. I’m not kidding you, Myquillyn, what she was able to do was unbelievable, and made a tremendous difference in my view of our home. She accomplished all this by moving furniture, sometimes from one room to another, and just basically “shopping my house”. The changes were unbelievable. All the time (less than two days) that she was working on this transformation, she kept telling me to busy myself with something else, and to not be disturbed if I heard banging, crashing, and/or scraping noises. Ha Ha. She also kept saying, “Now if I’m doing something you don’t like, don’t be afraid to tell me. We can change back anything you don’t like”. Not only did I love what she was able to accomplish, but her kindness and talents have spurred me on to make some more changes by saving up $$ and doing them as I can afford it. (I love having no debt, too). Following along on your blog while watching you do something along this line would be so fun to watch. You have no idea what it may mean to someone else.

  26. Carly chase says:

    Can you write more about your boys, and what it is like being mom to all boys? I just gave birth to my fourth boy (my oldest is still only 5!) and I’m finding it a wee bit overwhelming!! Absolutely love your blog! It is such an inspiration.

  27. Hi Nester!
    I have to say how much I love your blog, I love to see your house and the snapshots of your family life. But most of all I love your writing, the relaxed and friendly tone makes me feel like we’re hanging out, having a cuppa! :) It’s such a gift and will keep me coming back – and makes me very excited that you’ve written a book!
    Something I would love is to hear more about what life was like for you say 10 years ago. I have 3 kids under 5 years old – and I adore interior design (it is my training and was my job before I had children) – but my home now, as hard as I try, often just looks like a bombsite. And the time to do the DIY projects of artworks and rejuvenating tired furniture just isn’t there, as much as I want it to be. These years are precious, I know, but there’s also a tendency to feel frustrated that things can’t quite look as you want! Anyway as I know this is unrealistic, I’d love to hear about what life looked like for you when your boys were small – OR your thoughts and tips on living in our homes with purpose & beauty (but not perfection) at different stages in life – small children, retirement, renting, not much money, small home, on the move, etc.
    I also like the ideas above of a helping others/on the road feature; features of other homes and your thoughts; and more thoughts on your faith and our homes and how that links up.
    Thanks SO much Nester, you’re a huge blessing :) xo

  28. I like when little bits of your life/day/view on things slips into your decorating posts. More of that would be fun and more personable, I guess. Now that we are all on a real, birth-certificate first name basis.

  29. I’ve loved this weeks posts! And I would love some tips on finding your decorating style. Maybe you’ve done that already. Or your personal story of how you got into decorating.

  30. I love your blog, and I love to decorate. I enjoy DIY and flipping through books or Pinterest for inspiration. Your blog has become part of that for me. But I’m single, and 25 and living at home with my parents and trying hard to make a small, in some ways transitional space into something lovely and of the present moment. Just like we can’t dress for the body we don’t have, we can’t decorate for the house we don’t have, at any point in our lives. I would love some posts about your time before kids, before marriage and what you did with what you had then, or what you would do now, knowing what you know.
    It’s lovely that you are further down the road than I am, and I’ve love a shout back from where you are.
    Thanks for writing and sharing.

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