Popping in real quick to show you the latest members of the family room team.  We don’t live super close a Wal-Mart but the other day I happened to be in another town and ran in and lo and behold, they had these simple little slipcovered ottoman/foot stool things–what are these cubes called? They have a little cush but are basically square wood boxes and they were only $15.  I’ve already changed one up to make it even better–but I’ll show you that later.  Just wanted to let anyone know if you are looking for extra little something to scoot up to your coffee table, these would be great place for the kids to sit and color or visit.  Actually, I can think of uses for them in just about any room.  And the slipcovers are removable!  Note to self, they already fit snugly, I wouldn’t wash and dry them on hot.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 7.57.32 AM

Have you found a great deal you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it, Sharon posted a great deal on my facebook page, Big Lots had the same type of wood vases that Target has, only it looks like the Big Lots vases are less expensive–thanks Sharon!  If you find a great deal feel free to share it here OR, even better, at the Nesting Place facebook page.

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  1. Leave it to you to find something super cool at Walmart. Maybe I will do my grocery shopping there today!

  2. Dang, woman. Now I have to run out shopping today…THANKS!! :)

  3. I’ve been looking for two poofs for the living room that can be set on or end tables. I LOVE these because I could DIY a cool cover. All the ones I’ve found were so expensive and $15??? Seriously?! I’ll have two of those this afternoon. Hope my Wal-mart has them! Can’t wait to see what you did with it :)

    • yee haw! By the way, for anyone without a Wal-Mart I looked online but couldn’t find them, if anyone buys them come back here if you can and tell us what it says on the tag so I can look them up on their website?

  4. go Walmart!

  5. Could casters be added to these?

    • I’m considering that too, I’m thinking you would need to add extra wood support to the bottom, the sides of the cube aren’t that thick so when you turn it over, I don’t think there’s room enough in the width of the wood to screw in casters. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to make it work but might involve extra wood. If any one does it, let me know!

  6. This is spookily like you read my mind…. I have been hunting down wooden vases all week and been so dismayed by how expensive they are! I am using them to display the bow ties I’ve made in a wedding show in April and really wanted to have a whole bunch. I bought one of the Target ones, which is gorgeous, but too expensive. I’m headed to Big Lots this weekend to see if I can get some more- thanks so much for the tip!

  7. Those are great! A wonderful opportunity to be creative and cutify them up!

  8. Do we have to wait until Monday to see what you did to yours? :-)

    • actually, you’ll have to wait longer than that, I ended up doing a project with Scotch BlueTape and they want me to wait a few weeks to post it. Meanwhile, we should totally have a contest here to see what you do with yours! If anyone buys one and fixes it up, send me a photo and I’ll post about it!

  9. These are great! I’ve been looking for footstools for a while. I have a black and white chevron rug, and just haven’t been able to find inexpensive stools with a pattern that doesn’t look too busy with the rug. I could add some trim onto these, and they’d be perfect. Headed to Wally World…….

  10. Hi! just wanted to say that i have the smaller wood vases from target and beware that they are not hollowed out all the way inside – only about 1-2 inches in. So you cannot use it as a real vase :( maybe they changed the construction, so just double check. thanks for an AMAZING, inspiring, real blog

    • I bought the small one from target too, mine is hollowed out all the way (almost) BUT, like you, I have a warning, they don’t actually hold water, because they are wood the water seeps out, so great for sticks and one flower that can be put in one of those plastic watering things.

  11. I already bought 2 about a month ago. Great prices!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done to spruce them up, cuz I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head about what I wanna do to mine. I’m sure yours will be great inspiration!!

  12. I found two almost identical stools at Ikea for I think the same price. We’ve been enjoying them in our homeschool room for months.

  13. Oh wow, I love these! You could totally group a set of 2 or 4 to make an ottoman in a room (with a tray on top? Awesomeness!). Thanks for the tip!

  14. Where did you find the drapes for this

  15. I bet some cute slipcovers could be done for those. I’m seeing one with a little pleated edging. I boycott Walmart but I bet those cubes would be easy to make.


  16. I have some similar footstools from Ikea. Mine are covered in charcoal gray. Also $15.00.

  17. Oooh, I wanted these to scoot under a console table. But just got back from my local Walmart and nothing even came close. They did have a lot of black beanbag chairs though :/ I’ll keep checking back – thanks for the great tip :)

  18. Amy Bertrand says

    Bonus….just picked up two of these at my local Walmart on clearance for $10 each!

  19. Can’t wait to see what you do with your ‘cubes’!

  20. big lots–i forget about that place….
    excited to see what you did to schnazz up those cubes!

  21. Will you please tell me where you purchased your curtains. I love them so much.

  22. I have recently discovered Kirkland’s. I picked up some fabulous throw pillows (2 for $15) that added some great color, along with some great framed art that allowed me to change up some living room decor. They are very inexpensive, have great stuff, and the store smells fantastic! Our local store gets new stuff every Monday, so there is constantly good products on clearance.

  23. I just bought 4 of those cubes!!! Drove across town to find them after seeing your post. Haha! They were still $15/each, but that’s a steal for a basic cube. I can do whatever I want to it now. Hip hip hooray!

  24. Gotta love Wal-Mart I will be there tomorrow will check it out hope they have them!


  25. Love these! I too had a great find from wal mart the other day. I had been looking for office chairs and stumbled upon some that were only $15!…And they were exactly the look I was wanting. So of course, I bought one for every member of my family! Here’s the post and a couple of photos
    Thanks for sharing the cubes!

  26. Kim Michalec says

    Hi! I super love the cubes, just wondering when you might share with us what you have done with them. I ran out right away and snagged two, so now I am anxiously awaiting the reveal. Before I go crazy, can you give us a sneak peek? Thank you for all your inspiration!

  27. jenngchicago says

    Hi – I have these cubes too and am making oilcloth slipcovers for them to use on our screened porch. Did you add casters to yours? Would love to see (or read) how that worked out for you! Thanks!

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