Weekend Links

haiti housethis


staircase makeoverthis

twins nurserythis


countertop paintthis


Bathroom Makeoverthis


Hinge Heads deerthis


clutter mythsthis


hidden storageand this.


OHHHH, and also THIS!

happy weekend!


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  1. Thank you so, so much for featuring my bathroom! It’s such an honor :)

    Everything you picked this weekend is amazing – as always!

  2. Wow! Ann’s post felt like a one on one conversation, so much emotion, love, and yearning of her spirit to understand. Thanks for sharing! Hope your day is warm and wonderful~

  3. Wow – that bathroom. That staircase. Whole bunch of goodness right here! :)

  4. Way to pierce my heart with Ann’s post.

  5. Living all if “this” :-0

  6. So appreciate you including my post :)

  7. Love the turquoise in the collage of pics and the numbered bins by the stairs! What a fun collection for the weekend.

  8. Heart beating with your crazy beautiful one.

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