Weekend Links

no sew teepee

I’m in love: A No Sew Teepee


This girl? Genius.

flush mount light fixture

Kristen created a budget friendly flush mount.

tea towel frame

Frame a tea towel like Emily


My husband wrote about Freedom and Choices at Boy Dads

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 11.09.24 AM

PS, I did a little Podcast with Tsh, if you are doing something and need something to listen to as you pass the time, click on over.

Also, I’m totally stealing this from Tsh, I saw it at her place, enjoy the laugh

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  1. Mandi’s living room and that flush mount are both genius.

  2. Such an inspiring round up, thanks!! :)

  3. LOVE the video–that is pure awesomeness. :)

  4. I love your weekend links. Thanks for putting them together.

  5. awe, my friend thanks for the lurve. And I adore downton. That made me happy that someone had that much time to put it together! ;}

  6. That Downton Abbey video made me chuckle. Especially the end!

  7. I absolutely love that fort! What a great place for children to play.

  8. My jaw literally dropped on the tee-pee. It is fantastic! I’ve been wanting to build one for my daughter, but now I’m tempted to make grander plans :).

  9. Oh my gosh, I just loved that Downton clip! Never saw that one before… thanks for sharing!! :)

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