valentine craft party

My sister brought some senior girls from her small group to Charlotte on Saturday and I knew they we going to stop by our house and before I knew what was happening, I had streamers and crafts and iced coffees ready for their arrival. It’s a sickness, when I know girlie folk are coming I can’t help but pinkify things.

valentine s day crafts

valentine s crafts


We had such a fun time together and I had the supplies for a few different Valentine’s crafts:

valentine crafts

We made pinwheels from Lisa Leonard’s directions (I made them for the big girls slumber party too)

 Glittered feathers

 Embroidery hoop art (remember all the different ways you can use them?!)

And embellished gloves as seen in this pin

embellished gloves

valentine s day crafts



crepe paper garlandcrepe paper garland from this tutorial at Oh Happy Day

Many of the little decorations were left over from the Girls Weekend Slumber Party thing, lots more inspiration like a Ballon-dalier and paper dot garland back at that post…

valentine's day crafts

valentine's day crafts

valentines day crafts ideas

After everyone left I threw together a little hoop art display with thrifted embroidery hoops and 4 minute or less art on them. I used little command hooks so I didn’t have to make a million holes.

valentine crafts

valentines day crafts art ideas

I’m not a huge, let-me-pull-out-my-red-and-pink-plastic-bins Valentine’s decorator. But I’ll take a few minutes and gather up what I have that’s in the red and pink family and be happy to display it.  And now I have a few more little objects to use year around, and gather together during Valentine season.

Come back tomorrow and you can see how I got addicted to making cupid’s arrows all weekend too!  No need to run to the craft store unless you want, you can probably shop the house.

What about you, do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?