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Overhead lighting of the builder grade kind is often the target of mockery and disdain.  Poor overhead lights.  But even in a rental, there’s something you can do about it since they are so easy to change out. A boring, life sucking average overhead light can be replaced with a signature piece of lighting.  I used to not even pay much attention to my overhead lights until I realized what an impact they can have in a room. Scroll through these pictures and focus on the overhead lights.  And then think about how the room would look without the light. These lights add so much personality to a room…

basket pendant lightsCoastal Living

 country casual crystal chandelierTrine Thorsen

feather pendant planter chairGeorgia James

feather ceiling light…love Maegan

edison chandelierMaking It Lovely

nursery funky light fixtureProject Nursery

Chandelier (Time for a Change)LolliePatchouli (Same light 3 ways….)

Chandelier closeupLolliePatchouli


Chandelier Spring 2012LolliePatchouli

orange light fixtureSkonaHem.com via Modern Octopus

wash tub lightsAtelier Joya via I Love Farm Weddings

rope light fixturedesignskool

ship chandelierElle Decor

wine barrel chandelierHouse & Home via Decor Pad

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  1. My favorite: The washtub :)

  2. Loving the eye candy this morning! I guess I need to work on changing out some lights :)

  3. Great ideas here as always. I need to find some good way to deal with the fact that our overhead lighting in our main space is a ceiling fan. We need the fan but the light options available for it are really gross.

    • ‘gross’ so funny! Yes, one of use should come up with a fantastic fan/light combo that looks great, how hard can it be?

    • So with you there on the ceiling fan thing. We have three rooms that could use some funky lighting, and all three have ceiling fans. They are reasonably essential here in Australia, so I can’t just take them out. Even if we could get some funky lampshades for the lights on them – I went looking a few years ago and there’s either a frosted ball shape or stuff that’s floral and frilly and belongs in a home from several decades ago, not one in 2013!

  4. woah! those feathers, that rope, and my favorite galvinized tub … never would have dreamed this all up in a million years!

  5. I am going to show my age here, but the white fuzzy one reminds me of Phyllis Dillars hair or the trouble with Tribbles from Star Trek! Funny! I like some of these very much and some of them make me wish for the builder’s grade! I really like the one in the bedroom with the bare bulbs on wires–though I don’t think I would use it in a bedroom. I am particularly enamored with the Edison bulbs like the one with the rope. That galleon done in crystal is totally amazing! I would not want it in my room, but I totally appreciate the artisanship!

  6. wow… those look gawdy! I’m a subtle sorta of person myself. These are intended for BIG spaces… of which I do not have!

    • I tried to get a little of each style, they are big, they are bold so I for sure expect big reactions to some, love or hate! To each his own, but the point that I think is obvious is that they play a major role in these spaces. Too often I think we forget that we can change out that plain, ugly light for just about anything and it will have a big impact.

  7. Feathers! I have a feather wreath that I just can’t “hang on the wall”, all by it’s lonesome. Tonight, it goes around the ceiling fixture in the entry! Lots and LOTS of great ideas – thanks Nester!

  8. Forgive my bluntness here, but if the lights above your head are sucking the life out of you, then you’ve got issues that new lights will not fix.

  9. The sailboat chandelier! OH MY GOSH! That is the most original thing i have ever seen! Love it!
    Also, the rope lights…beautiful!

  10. It’s like my theater professor says, an artist controls Everything within the frame…so if your home is your art, then those lights (lighting is always key in the visual arts) are absolutely integral. And I would argue that every artist I’ve ever known finds each and every element of their art to be on the level of “sucking the life” or life-giving and super-satisfying.

    But I have trouble figuring out what would work best in my space! Like shoes. SO cute on the shelf, they never seem to look right on my feet, and I always second and third-guess and finally nix them with an outfit. I see the importance…I need better-defined taste.

  11. I think if I had cute overhead lighting like that I would want to take it with me if I moved. It really seems to enhance a rooms design.

  12. This is good for me to think about. One issue I struggle with is lights hanging down in my visual line, it feels like it’s closing in on me–and yet I can appreciate the style it adds to the room. Our home is pretty much untouched in every room since 1971 and has nothing but can lights. I love that they leave the room open and unblocked–but it’s true they aren’t stylish. I’ve recently seen the instant conversion kits that change can lights into pendants by just screwing it into the socket. They look amazing, but I’m afraid of messing up the line of sight and making head knockers, lol. Are there any tips or rules that help to choose the right kind of light? My ceilings are all 8 foot.

  13. I’m not much of a crystal chandelier gal myself, but if I had the opportunity to buy that sailing ship fixture, I would definitely change my policy. Unbelievably cool.

  14. These are all inspirational….even if one is not your style, it gets your creative juices flowing! Awesomeness!!!~Kim

  15. Thanks for sharing these!! I’m currently working on lighting for my living room so this is a huge help.


    Kristina does the Internets

  16. So true that lifting can change a room. Mm daughters’ room was transformed once I added a chandelier. I think it might have even added a spring in their step :)

  17. Haley Whittington says

    Love these!! They are SO much fun and really complete the room! Do you have any advice for us poor ones that live in the south and have ceiling fans in EVERY room. I love some air circulation but they are uuuuugly!! Would you snatch them down or leave them up?? Thanks! Haley

  18. What a fantastic selection of images – I am a light-o-holic, and these made by day. The crystal ship is wild!

  19. Love love the maps one! And the tin buckets!! We have mostly fan/light combos and I am forever fussing at my husband to turn them off and turn on lamps instead. Maybe if threw some large rope around them…maybe not.

  20. that rope lamp is amazing! i love that to infinity and beyond…!

  21. Does anyone have any ideas for making a flourescent light look ‘beautiful’? I live in a rented unit on a missionary training campus and the living room has three long tubes on the ceiling. Is there anything I can do with them?

  22. Claire Hill says

    Does anyone have any idea how to make a fixture like that one with the clips and the papers shown three ways? I am thinking embroidery hoops in different sizes and some chain and some clips, but how to put it together is not coming to me.

  23. Eye candy at its best! I just got some ideas for a great weekend project!!!

  24. amazing how simply changing out the light fixture can transform a room.
    i’ve found lots of cool ones at our local Restore {Habitat for Humanity}. great place!

  25. I have the “coastal living” photo pinned in my Home Style Tray–I’m smitten.

  26. Is it really that easy to change a light fixture, even if you’re in a rental? I always feel like you’ll end up having to screw something or do something permanent? I’m sure I’m naive, but can you just take off an ugly round builder grade light and replace it with any pretty fixture?

    • absolutely! depending on the fixture it takes about 20 minutes, sometimes faster. the only issue we’ve run into (we are renting to FYI) is with a really old/vintage chandelier, the holes in the top cover of it were a little off in size so my husband redrilled them. But, if you are buying new, everything should be standard these days.

  27. It’s so true, an overhead light can make (or break) a room! The pirate ship chandelier is fabulous but the industrial orange lamps over the table really stole my heart. The humble lampshade is still an effortless, low cost and versatile way to dress an overhead light but the statement pieces really add the wow factor to a room!

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