Guest Room Reveal

guest room

Last time we talked about the guest room (I think it was September?) Here’s what it looked like.


I am the world’s slowest room put-er together-er.


HGTV magazine contacted me, wanting photos of the room so they could consider a feature. Such great motivation! Want to see the big reveal?


Not even HGTV can make me finish things. Then the over six foot tall 15-year-old’s twin bed broke. And he started squatting in the guest room. And I got smart and quickly figured out that his old room had a huge closet. So I told him I’d trade rooms with him. I’ll make his old room the guest room and he can have this room. We’ve got an extra mattress and he’ll move out the pink bed for me. Deal.

Hopefully this bed will be out next week. (It will look like this next year, won’t it? Tell me it isn’t so!) I even asked someone to stay at my house in hopes that would motivate me to finish it. Ends up they aren’t staying here. Thanks a lot. Don’t you want to come stay with us?!

DSC_0245 2


Meanwhile, this will be the site of my beautiful new guest room. The mattress is ready for you. My only encouragement–the worse the “before” looks the more impressive the “after”.

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  1. The “big reveal” looks familiar. ;)
    Enjoy the weekend!


  2. Oh yeah, there’s nothing like company coming {or HGTV showing up at the door!} to get us moving …

  3. Reality…thank you:)

  4. gorgeous! i love that dark wall and love he simplicity!

  5. I’ve been there sister!

  6. At least you don’t have 25 & 50 lb. bags of bulk grains and other bulk foods sitting in your guest room :-)

    Love the reality and humor–it’s what keeps me coming back!

  7. haha!! You are so funny! Seriously, though, love the asymmetry. Really fun. Good luck!!

  8. Ha! I love that you showed us this. I appreciate the reality check!!

  9. I always love your honesty! I’m sure it will be absolutely fab! ~Kerri

  10. is this the bonus room upstairs room that you’ve been working on or is this another extra room?
    i think i might be confused. sorry, i’m sure it’s me. :))

    can’t wait to see it…i saw that first picture and thought it already looks pretty fab. :)

    • I’m confused too, clearly we have waaaay too many rooms, this is not the bonus room, I will show you it next week for a good laugh! So upstairs we have 4 bedrooms and a bonus room, the only room that is presentable and not worthy of being condemned is our bedroom.

  11. This could totally be one of my big reveals. Seriously.

  12. Your finishing line is priceless!! I can only agree too much (thinking of my house not yours). Good luck on your makeover.

  13. You can do it Nester! I know you can! And we’re all on the edge of our seats for the big reveal! In the meantime I’m going to work on actually finishing like every room in my house too.

  14. I cannot possibly tell you how refreshed I am by your real-ness. Seriously. Thank you. Oh, and I totally live by the “the worse the “before” looks the more impressive the “after” ” creed. Love it.

  15. Ooh, Pick me! I’ll come stay with you and cook and clean for you so you can just decorate to your heart’s content :).

  16. Thought I was the only person who lived liked this! !! LOL! Not only do I have a junk drawer, but also I seem to have a junk room !!! I really do have good daughter moved out last year and I vowed to turn her room into a beautiful guest/sewing room (not that I sew all). Anyhow I seem to gather ( hoard) items I deem ” beautiful/useful” in this room. Well guess whose moving back ?? And guess who has to have a BIG GARAGE SALE?? YUP. Next time I’ll just have to move a liitle faster!!!

  17. Oh my… LMAO! It’s so reassuring to see that we are not alone out there… I can’t wait to see your reveal of the finished guest room- and yes, I’m SURE it will be to-die-for… your rooms always are. Thanks for the encouragement to us ‘regular’ people out there- it really does help!

  18. Hahaha – this just made me feel so much better about the state of my boys room right now. I remember when I posted my Master Bedroom Reveal back in October I was sure that those “before” pictures would put my readers in a state of shock. Scary. lol
    Always love your posts (subscribed via email so I don’t miss any!). Have a great weekend! Claire

  19. Hehe – this looks way too familiar. But if we don’t use a room very often it’s difficult to become motivated to do something with it. It’s easier to just close the door ;).

    • So true…I have the kids old playroom and what used to be a guestroom/office that just collect junk. I keep saying that I need to define their purpose and decorate accordingly or they will always be the dumping ground for stuff!

  20. The flowery thing on the wall above the bed looks like some sort of alien jackelope. LOL I like the color of the wall, though.

  21. I loved this. We all seem to agree that we want refreshing, honest, funny, and imperfect. Who knew design could be so human. Thank you so very much for NOT taking yourself seriously. You’re a bed(room) above the rest, no matter what you say.

  22. You are sooo funny….you make me laugh out loud! I love that you show us “real life” photos. Reading your post every day is a real pick-me-up. Thank you!

  23. Thanks for showing us “the real deal”. We’ve ALL been there, or are still there!! Hope your weekend is wonderrful! Mrs.C

  24. Whoa, Who is this Angela person who writes that she will come and cook and clean for you while you just go about decorating until your heart’s content?? If you don’t want her,…I’ll take her!!

  25. haha. yes. the big reveal!!!!

  26. I do love the charcoal wall with the light pink and white accents. I am a HUGE fan of pastel pinks, because it reminds me that life can be filled with sweetness :)

  27. hilarious!!

  28. Hey, you can still see the floor. And no dirty socks! I love how much light you have in your rooms. And congratulations on having a free moving company. That’s half the work right there! From a mom of three teen-aged boys over six foot – and one six-and-a-half-feet – I feel for you about the bed. Sigh. I’m not sure whether to be more worried about keeping their ankles in pants… or in beds. Love them!

  29. Love the color of the wall! I’m thinking of doing my daughter’s room in these colors. What’s the charcoal like color called? I’m thinking of doing the one wall that her bed goes against and using this color in chalkboard paint. I’m already imagining all the different headboards we can draw! lol

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  31. It all looks scaringly familiar

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