Going Red & Pink

heart gram

I really don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day.  I’m so finicky and what’s a nice word for selectively lazy?  The idea of having a bunch of plastic red stuff to decorate my house for February 14th seems…not worth it.


one pink plate

pink notebook

a dash of pink never hurt

So usually I just pull out anything pink or red that I already have and put it front and center. But there’s one decoration I’ve been using for a few years. And they are in a different place in my home for the month of February. I cannot refuse anything made out of plushy velvet.



Today in honor of The American Heart Association Go Red For Women Day— The LoveFeast Shop is donating 15% of their sales of all HeartGrams to The American Heart Association. So if you’ve seen these sweet plush, velvet hearts (cousins of the Plush Pumpkins) around and you’ve debated purchasing some today is the day.


They are delivered all sweet and pretty in their own box (gift alert) and you may end up petting one for a few minutes while finding the best place to display it. Oh, and they come in other colors, not just red.

Don’t forget to wear red today, thanks for the LoveFeast Shop for gifting me with these darling HeartGrams it’s so fun to receive a gift like this in the mail! #GoRed


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  1. When I saw your plates on the wall, I thought – why doesn’t she cut out a few little hearts out of red cardstock and temp stick them on the bottom right of a few of the plates? Easy-peasy!

  2. Cute idea, Felicia! Make it even easier and use little heart stickers :)

    LOVE the plate wall!! Thinking of doing this in my dining room now. Thank you for the inspiration, Nester :)

  3. I won a set of those pumpkins on a blog giveaway last fall and was barely able to put them away at Christmas, that’s how much I love them. I am BEYOND THRILLED to see that they have a Valentine’s Day option!!

  4. I’m drooling over these! I’ve been wanting some of the pumpkins for ages, and now there are hearts?! I can’t stand it! Pretty far out of my price range, though. *sniff sniff*

  5. I like to think a nice word for selectively lazy is “low maintenance”. Men especially tend to appreciate this word;)

  6. Selectively lazy? I think you’re just selective! And that’s a very nice word!!

    Thanks for the heads up about today. I can’t believe it’s February 1st!!

  7. Those are fabulous!!

    Love all the decorations!

  8. These exact pumpkins and Hearts are at TJ maxx and Ross for like $5!!!

    • yes, I’ve seen the pumpkins at TJMaxx & Hobby Lobby and got so excited hoping they would compare, they are still cute there, but once you hold one of the real ones in person, you can really feel the difference. The Plush Pumpkin makers for the pumpkins and hearts use REAL (!) pumpkin/gourd stems so they are all unique, the velvet is really nice and the ‘kins and hearts themselves are heavy, not light and barely stuffed. It’s just the difference b/n mass, machine produced with less expensive materials and handmade. Nothing is wrong with either one BUT, there is a big difference, they aren’t just selling the same thing and charging more–if they were, I wouldn’t let them advertise here! ;)

  9. I’m totally with you about the Valentine’s Day decorating – I’ve just never really gotten into it. Love the velvet hearts though – simple but beautiful!

  10. I’m all about real in decorating for holidays. I love paper and flowers and twigs. :) Those velvet hearts remind me of the velveteen rabbit and Real. <3

  11. those plush velvet hearts to too cute. love it.

  12. Those velvet hearts are adorable! I never decorate for Valentine’s either, but they make it tempting…

  13. Those white plates hanging on the wall would be the perfect canvas for some paper hearts in red or pink or doiles…….simple and fun!!! If you do it would you take a photo? don’t mean to be bossy!!!


  14. Those little plush velvet hearts are just the cutest things I’ve seen. I’m still lovin’ your plate wall — so lovely!

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