Around the House in Mid-February

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This mid-February post is brought to you by Nesting Place’s long time friend and sponsor, DaySpring. If you are in need of something pretty with an encouraging message for your home you can get 30% off Jeanne Winters and Jones Designs canvases available from DaySpring.


The Jones Design Canvases have an optional handmade frame and can be personalized with the family name (this is the wedding gift we give new couples). These canvases are one of the few things in our house that have stayed in the same place for years.  Sometimes you just find the perfect spot. Also available are birds and pear silhouette, I adore silhouettes.



Jeanne Winters created canvases with a vintage feel and spring and summery colors, who isn’t in the mood for some of those? My new favorite is her This is the Day imperfect feeling canvas. I adore the colors. You can find out more about artists Jeanne and Emily at their blogs.


Use code ART30 when checking out to save 30% off Jeanne and Emily’s work. Meanwhile, I’m still searching for the best place for my spring canvas.

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Happy Mid-February, or Pre-Spring, or Late Winter to you!

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  1. your oldest son looks like a man. i’m sure that is scary and wonderful all wrapped up together.

  2. I love the decor and all your beautiful glass pieces on the mantel. The flowers in the artwork are stunning, too. Guess what caught my eye first? The photo of your son. I thought, “Wow. Her son is getting tall!” My middle son, Jacob, is 6’5″ and has had to leave behind ski bibs. We finally found ski pants in tall that are too big on his skinny frame, but that can be remedied with a belt. Recommendation to save you some future shopping time: shop Old Navy for tall shirts and pants. ;)

    • oh the wisdom of other moms of tall! Thank you! Yes, it seems like they never carry tall and slim in the actual stores, I always have to have him try on the waist or length and then order online and hope it fits! poor fellas. 6’5″!? I cannot even imagine! I think he is just barely over 6 feet and still eating everything in the house–oh my goodness, I have two more boys behind him, I’m going to have to get an additional part time job just to feed them! The other night about 45 minutes after having a steak dinner with two baked potatoes plus other things he was down in the kitchen making scrambled eggs! Any food tips?!

      • Yes, Old Navy carries slim and tall which is a huge blessing. They are pretty true to size so I usually order online. 32×36 is not something you’ll find in the stores.
        With food prices the way they are it’s hard. I just try to keep lots of fruit, granola bars and peanut butter on hand. It helps that he and his brother love pasta. Popcorn is inexpensive if you avoid the microwave type. It takes a while to eat and it fills them up. I should buy stock in popcorn. They love steak and ribs, but my pocketbook doesn’t. Recently Jacob’s not been eating enough while studying and working and lost 9 pounds! I’m on a mission to fatten him back up before he graduates from college and gets out on his own. 165 lbs on his tall frame is too thin.

      • Food tips for growing teen-aged boys… Just have lots of food – and teach them how to cook it so they can fend for themselves between meals. They each have a day when it is their turn to fix dinner. That way they learn to cook, I get a bit of a break, and I see what kinds of things they like. My boys (3 teens- all over six foot, with one stretching to 6’6″ – 2 pre-teens) eat lots of whole-wheat toast, fried eggs, and tacos for snacks. Anything can go in a tortilla! I try not to get too militant about how much they eat – we’re all better behaved when we are well-fed!

  3. Fellow North Carolinian here! I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months back and I am so hooked!! I am just so in LOVE with your style and can only hope to emulate some of it in my own home. I actually made your poster board sunburst mirror a few weeks back, but I used gold poster board and it came out AMAZING and I have received so many compliments! I also made a book page wreath with equal success. Thank you thank you for sharing such great and achievable ideas! I’m just starting to enter into my DIY projects around my home, and those were perfect easy starter projects to help to give me some confidence.

    I adore the silhouette prints…definitely adding one of those to my “wish” list! Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful site! :)

  4. Confession: In all other post, I always thought the boots in the last picture were actual boots!
    Yeah, I feel dumb. :)

  5. What a wonderful post to open on a cold, overcast day in Colorado. Makes me feel like spring is quietly tapping at the door:) Love, love, love all of your touches – my favorite is the itsy-bitsy coffee cup and spoon in the stone bowl – I love little surprises like that!

  6. I love how the light is different. I think Spring is right around the corner.

  7. Your disco ball lighting Rocks!

  8. I need a disco ball so badly…LOL Beautiful home, as always! Especially loving the wax-covered candlesticks. You’re following your own excellent advice, to BURN those candles. xoxo Happy wintering to you!

  9. I totally thought that was a secret spy camera in your succulents.


  10. Love the drippy candles and the tiny tea cup on the rocks. Made me smile.


  11. Nester! I love love love this (you are probably tired of hearing me say that I’m sure…)! The perfectly imperfect. Should a house with boys be any other way?

  12. It’s so nice to see people taking a little time out to enjoy the natural beauty of a February day! It tends to be a month of cold and snow that draggggs on and on, but there are precious moments tied up in the drudge! Thanks for capturing some of those moments and reminding me to look a little deeper to find beauty in all things!

  13. I’m fairly certain I gasped when I saw the photo of your dining area (with the disco ball, how cool is that?!). I just love how you decorate :)

  14. I just love the colors and ‘comfort” feel of your home! Hope your day is warm and wonderful!

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