I am so very in love with Kevin and Layla’s plate wall. Love I tell you.


Edie wrote an ebook. She’s one of my mentors in hospitality. Edie and her family lost their home to a fire two years ago. They rebuilt and have even been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, but mostly Edie went back to being a better version of herself. She has a baking center and a coffee station–in her house. I want to be Edie when I become an adult. Oh, wait, I’m probably older than her….crap. Ger book 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality for $5 here.

sharpie wall paper

DIY Sharpie Wallpaper–yes she used 3 sharpie paint pens and that’s it! via Vintage Revivals.

but wait, there’s more…


How Much Stuff Should You Own: The Answer is Simpler than you think @ The Frugal Girl

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 8.20.27 AM

I’ve had this sweatshirt from Hello Apparel on my wish list for a few months, they have some of their items (kids too) on sale for 50% off, go here type in code: GMA and see what’s available.

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best steak ever

I’m going to make steak like this.  Yes I am. For Valentine’s Day. Restaurant Style Steak by Whit’s Amuse Bouche


It happens ever year. After the holidays I want to paint everything in my life white. It’s a phase that’s always passed, no need to email me telling me the folly of my ways.


gold rush

 This show? Wears me out and is more depressing every week. They should rename it Big Machines that Break Down and make you want to throw things at the TV. However, my favorite moment this week? When that big machine broke down (hate me) and Mitch fixed it by hooking up a big tractor (400) to it.  Fixing things with all the wrong parts is my love language. I even like Fred when he fixes broken machines.  I want to like the show, really I do…I dread watching it every Friday night. Yes, the irony of what I just wrote doesn’t escape me.

penny tile

Photo: Stylepark via My Scandinavian Home

Penny Tile.  Let’s discuss…

We have a winner for the DIY blogger contest, click here to see the winner and the answers to who’s who. I recently posted some pics of me and Em when we were younger, here they are if you are wondering.