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I am so very in love with Kevin and Layla’s plate wall. Love I tell you.


Edie wrote an ebook. She’s one of my mentors in hospitality. Edie and her family lost their home to a fire two years ago. They rebuilt and have even been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, but mostly Edie went back to being a better version of herself. She has a baking center and a coffee station–in her house. I want to be Edie when I become an adult. Oh, wait, I’m probably older than her….crap. Ger book 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality for $5 here.

sharpie wall paper

DIY Sharpie Wallpaper–yes she used 3 sharpie paint pens and that’s it! via Vintage Revivals.

but wait, there’s more…


How Much Stuff Should You Own: The Answer is Simpler than you think @ The Frugal Girl

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 8.20.27 AM

I’ve had this sweatshirt from Hello Apparel on my wish list for a few months, they have some of their items (kids too) on sale for 50% off, go here type in code: GMA and see what’s available.

Do you follow Target Does it Again on Instagram and Tumblr?

best steak ever

I’m going to make steak like this.  Yes I am. For Valentine’s Day. Restaurant Style Steak by Whit’s Amuse Bouche


It happens ever year. After the holidays I want to paint everything in my life white. It’s a phase that’s always passed, no need to email me telling me the folly of my ways.


gold rush

 This show? Wears me out and is more depressing every week. They should rename it Big Machines that Break Down and make you want to throw things at the TV. However, my favorite moment this week? When that big machine broke down (hate me) and Mitch fixed it by hooking up a big tractor (400) to it.  Fixing things with all the wrong parts is my love language. I even like Fred when he fixes broken machines.  I want to like the show, really I do…I dread watching it every Friday night. Yes, the irony of what I just wrote doesn’t escape me.

penny tile

Photo: Stylepark via My Scandinavian Home

Penny Tile.  Let’s discuss…

We have a winner for the DIY blogger contest, click here to see the winner and the answers to who’s who. I recently posted some pics of me and Em when we were younger, here they are if you are wondering.

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout-out, Nestergirl! :-D
    And thanks for all the links…I’m off to start clickin’!

  2. I didn’t play the game because you and Chris from Just a Girl were the only two I knew for certain!

  3. I make that steak all the time now. It seriously is out of control good.

  4. My husband loves Goldrush and we watch it every Friday night. I would go mad with everything breaking all.the.time. I do, however, have mad love for John Schnabel. 90 years old and not a care in the world. I wonder if he’s always been like that or if he’s just become enlightened with age.

  5. Oh you are so right, 90 year -old John, he’s my boyfriend.

  6. Oh, I had to laugh about Gold Rush!! We’ve been watching too and I can relate about the machines breaking down ALL THE TIME! But I live in “coal country” so we have mines and surface mines and it is a reality about things breaking down. Actually, my pastor is a mechanic on a surface mine!! :) Thanks for the links! I too LOVED Layla’s plates. :)

  7. REAL copper penny tiled shower. Be still my heart. I’ve seen floors, but never a shower….

  8. Are those pennies? Or penny-shaped-and-colored tiles? Love the look but my first thought was – a lot more grout to keep clean. How sad to think first of how to clean something, which my mother always did. In a museum or stately home, I’d point out a carved chair or table, and she’d sniff, “I’d hate to dust it.” I swore I wouldn’t see the decorative world that way but it must come with – ugh – age.

  9. I was on a flight Tuesday from Portland to Dallas and right before we landed the guy next to me said, “Did you know the guys from Gold Rush are on this flight?” I didn’t even know what the show was, let alone that they were on the flight. I’ll have to check it out.

  10. Fun links!

    I love that quote from Downton Abbey. :)

  11. Thank you so much for including my link in your list! I’m honored to be mentioned on your blog.

  12. Oh my goodness, I have become devoted to Gold Rush too. My husband and all of his best friends have been in love with it for a while – my husband describes the allure of the show as “it’s basically about huge toys!” and I made fun of them until this season. My favorite is Parker. That kid and his terrible decision making gets me every time.

  13. Seriously,…Gold Rush is the show I hate to love!! my husband got me into it. That evil man! It’s like some sick joke :) I get soooo frustrated at it and promise I’m never gonna watch it.. ever again…. at least not until someone strikes it big!! Sadly, I continue to break all the promises I make to myself!!. Is it me or is Parker trying to outdo his man crush in the language department!! :) I do love his Grandpa!!
    PS-Words I hope to one day never hear again- wash plant, glory hole and bedrock

  14. I’m diggin’ all these links! And that wall from VintageRevivals.com — ooh la la! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Fun post! I love, love “Downton Abbey” with all of it’s great characters, some very quirky like Grand MaMa! But I love to hate “Gold Rush!” I feel like you do, mainly wanting to throw something at the TV. I really want Parker to hit it big — I love his relationship with his grandfather (and what a wonderful gentleman he is). Fred just makes me mad, as does Todd (want to take scissors to that ridiculous beard) and think they should make Dave the boss over the entire operation. Well, I said it’s a love-hate relationship for me, right?

  16. I’ve had my eye on those fun, quirky pullovers for a few weeks now but wasn’t about to plunk down $50 on one. I just used the code and got one for half off. Thanks so much for sharing the link!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

  17. The sharpie wall paper is my favorite – love the pattern but you really could get creative and go to town with what ever patterns you want! Great job

  18. Hmmm…I kind of love that penny tile, but I’m not sure about the practicality of it. The bathroom as a whole is pretty spectacular too. The sharpie wall paper is very cool, there’s no way I would have guess it was handmade, least of all with just three sharpies pens. People are so creative. It’s awesome!

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