I Played With Barbies When I Was 15

peaches n'cream

Barbie Collector

At least, I thought I was playing with Barbies. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I thought back and realized I wasn’t playing with Barbies at all.  I was playing with their houses.

…I’m talking about what we played with as children and how that “comes into play”  (get it?) at incourage today. Join me?

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  1. i played with my babydoll and neighbors cat :)

  2. Peaches and Cream barbie, I had her! And I was 14 when I finally stopped playing with barbies and their homes. :)

  3. I had totally forgotten that I had that Barbie. It brought back so many memories when I read your post. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. I played with Barbies until I was 14+. I loved to dress them up and stage their house and then repeat, over and over. I have all my originals. All the clothes, the original dream house, 50’s soda shop and matching car, the original beauty boutique and original travel house. I love that I can pass it on to my daughter….And I loved the peaches & cream doll. I have my original (played with) and a collector’s of it.

  5. Totally had peaches and cream Barbie! Remember twist and curl Barbie?! Good times.
    I used to make a house for my Barbie. I didn’t have the dream house so I made my own. Kinda like now! Life is what you make it :)

    • well said.

    • me too!! Both of them! And a house made out of cardboard, and decorated with fabric scraps from my mom’s quilting stash!
      Funny, some of the curtains and pillows in my house now, are from scraps in her stash, too! :)

    • I did have a Dream House, but there wasn’t enough room in there to decorate so we just built off the back and stood up books to be our walls. The books created rooms that could be as big as we wanted them to.

  6. I am so with you!! I didn’t get my first Barbie house until I was 12. I re-decorated and re-arranged it until I was 16. Ok, maybe 17.

    Jenna @ rainonatinroof.com

  7. OH! Peaches and Cream Barbie!?!?! Oh, she was one of my favorites! I just saw that Tim Gunn has a Barbie…..I bet she has nothing on Peaches and Cream, though!

  8. When I was a girl, I would cut up my clothes to create wonderful fashions for my barbie. I love your whole idea of not being perfect. Sometimes we get so caught up in everything having to be just right when decorating and design should be fun and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Barbie lover here too…& I especially love the Peaches & Cream Barbie you have pictured above…she was one of my all time faves! But as much as I loved Barbie, I was also the little girl who liked to play with Legos…when they were all just primary colors and very gender neutral. My little girl isn’t a Barbie fan…yet…but she already loves Legos like her momma!

  10. This is me to a ‘T’ (whatever that means). Yes dollhouses, barbie houses and decorating them. I used to make them furniture too! My daughter just got a new dollhouse for Christmas and it’s so.much.fun. I had peaches and cream barbie too!

  11. Me too! My sister & friend love dressing up Barbie exotic outfits; but I had so much more fun building & decorating her home. One of my favorites was built outside under a shade tree. I used boxes, wood, stones (for the fireplace , of course!), and even used moss for the carpet.

  12. Peaches & Cream in the houz!

  13. I played The SIms untill I was 18 becasue I loved building different houses and decorating them. :)

  14. I am not sure I commented before, but I do read your blog on a regular basis. I had a Talking Barbie (I am bit older and so was my Barbie ;-). I remember making her a house every time out of what I could find in our home. A little box was the table, the ashtray a chair. And the lid of a box made of clear plastic was the window. I loved Barbie so much I started collecting vintage Barbies later in life.

  15. Oh my Barbies….how I loved them. My dad was a carpenter, so I used to find scrap pieces of wood, nails etc, and make my own Barbie furniture. I never got the “Dream House”, but my dad built me a “doll house” so that I could put all my handmade furniture in their for my Barbies. Good memories.
    I even had an ongoing soap opera in my room with all my Barbies. That Ken….he sure did get around ;)
    Thanks for reminding me of my sweet memories!

  16. Peaches & cream Barbie was my favorite! Never had the Dream House, but would use masking tape on the carpet to make the different rooms. I played with dolls until I was way too old. I had an American Girl doll that I “collected” in high school.

  17. My sister and I would have loved the Dream House, but in retrospect we probably had more fun making our houses and furniture out of shoeboxes. Empty spray deodorant and furniture polish lids became hassocks, our most “real” creations. Unfortunately, neither of us grew up to be talented at upholstering furniture!

  18. Peaches and Cream Barbie! That was my VERY favorite Barbie!!

  19. I played with barbies until I was too old to be playing with barbies:) The first thing I did was set up their house.

  20. Oh, yes, add me to the list too! And Peaches and Cream was my favorite!

  21. I played with Barbies until I was too embarrassed to tell people.

    Barbie came out when I was turning 5–and my birthday is 4 days before Christmas. I saved all my money that year and got enough for my birthday to go buy a Barbie–and being 5, I didn’t realize that a lot of the fun with Barbie is the clothing and the “stuff” that goes with her–so I got the doll –the original one in the tiger striped bathing suit–and didn’t have any stuff.

    That year, my dad was sick and my mom had to go to work cooking in a restaurant to support us–and I didn’t want to make her feel bad that I was disappointed in my Barbie so soon–so I kind of didn’t say much about not having anything to go with her. On Christmas morning my mom brought out a HUGE coat-sized box–and in it–she had made me an entire Barbie wardrobe–little hand made dresses, and coats, and hats and a wedding dress. She had a friend who was a seamstress who gave her scraps and she had come home from working on her feet all night cooking and had sewn Barbie clothes while I was sleeping for who knows how long. I was so happy I cried when I opened the package.

    We used to play Barbie all day –it would take us all morning to haul our stuff out in the yard–and we would build Barbie houses and rooms out of boxes–and we’d make furniture out of things like kleenex boxes and other odds and ends–we would play all afternoon and then it would take us an hour to pack it all up in time for supper. I remember my Barbie had teacups made out of the little tops of acorns that I would turn upside down. My mom and Grandma would give me fabric scraps to make tablecloths and bedspreads for my Barbie house.

    • That is the best mom ever. I want to be that mom!

    • Wow what a treasure to remember.. My mother also made clothes and we made furniture out of any thing we could find. Yep acorn caps were very valuable in the barby world. My sister had the black and whiute swim suit Barbie and I had Midge the red head freckled one. because I was a red head freckled one. Wonderful memories and wonderful Mom. you are so blesswed.

  22. The Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie! I remember her!

  23. i really wish barbie’s houses were more customizable kits like old school wooden doll houses. you can get some modern, plan toys style things, but i want a barbie sized town house with fuzzy walls and lots of design options like drapes and velcro flat screens and art. lol. so i could change it up. cut fabric and fit for new wall paper, then rip off and change my mind again. i can dream for my children. =D

  24. I LOVED my Barbies. I even kept all my doll furniture from when I was little. My hubby and I are in the process of building my daughter a Barbie house/bookshelf to use all my old furniture with for her birthday. I can’t wait. I may be more excited than she will be!

  25. I can’t wait to have cute little girls and have them play with Barbies. Although I probably will be playing with the doll house, decorating it while they’re introducing Barbie to Ken or something, haha.

  26. NICE! I did not play with Barbies or their houses, but I think I know the heart of what you mean. I was thinking the other day that if I had a blue day, as a preteen, I would come home and organize my room, make new art for the walls, etc.

  27. I had that Peaches and Cream Barbie (and a bunch of her friends) hidden under my bed well into my teens so no one would know I still played with them!

  28. I think I am the oddball out here. I never had a Barbie but I did have these fashion dolls that you could get from saving box tops from Fab. I also had one of those huge tall fashion dolls with the most gorgeous outfits. I think they came from the grocery store. I was a lucky little girl in that my Dad could make or build anything and I had a huge wooden doll wardrobe and cradles which I am getting read to pass on to the grandgirls. My favorite thing to play was “school teacher” and I went to college for a teacher’s degree. Funny thing though….I never did teach. :) Great post and subject. xo

  29. Me too! Good times . . .

  30. I’m thrilled, because as mommy to two boys and three girls, I still get to play with Legos and doll houses – time permitting :0) – and be a mommy doing her job at the same time.

  31. Peaches and Cream! – the first Barbie I ever bought with my own money. I loved her!

  32. monica thomas says

    i am truly the odd man out today. we did have barbies but i was not all that interested in them or all their stuff, instead i had more fun playing with my easy bake oven, glass cutting tool, and even made moccasins! my parents were always giving me crafting kits and i loved them all! still prefer to craft than play with barbies which was not fun for my daughters when they were younger and wanted me to play barbies.

  33. As a young girl, I too made homes for my Barbies, trolls, and even my brothers GI Joes. I was always more interested in making a three story home for Barbie than having tea parties with my stuffed animals. I have always known that my childhood interests of making shoe box apartments and closet condos was just the beginning of a lifetime love with all things home!

  34. Peaches ‘N Cream – She was one of my favorites. I played with my Barbies’ hair and clothes until some teenage year!

  35. I had that same barbie! I think my grandmother still has it tucked away at her house, she thinks all our old toys will be worth something someday! I remember going to Toys R Us and only going down the all pink Barbie aisle. Heaven.

  36. The Peaches and Cream dress. A yes. It sits on my desk. To remind me….

  37. Not only did I also play with Barbies at 15, I STILL have that exact one in the basement! Peaches and Cream Barbie. Talk about needing to purge!

    • Unless any kids are in the picture or future. Over Christmas, I saw my little niece playing with Peaches and Cream Barbie. I got ridiculously excited and said, “We had the same one when we were kids!!!” It was so cool to realize that she was playing with our old doll. There is something so cool about passing down toys. Not to turn you into a hoarder or anything…

  38. I had that Barbie and dress! You brought back a fun memory….thanks!

  39. I think I stopped playing with Barbies somewhere in middle school. But when I was younger, me and my mom would make clothes for them and that’s also when I became interested in creating things. After middle school that transformed into drawing sketches and things like that and today I still have that passion of creating/sewing/… :)

  40. Ahhhh, Peaches N Cream Barbie!!! They re-released her a few years ago and my parents bought her for me again! She is now disrobed and plays with a huge Thor figure my girls named “Power Man.”
    Saw the new DIY BHG SIP today, your spread was great! : ) Take care.

  41. is it bad that i still remember that was called the peaches and cream barbie? that was my favorite barbie dress of all time. i cut the straps off to make the dress strapless. funny how that all floods back to memory now. :)

  42. I went through this recently too! I loved science as a kid. I recently had the epiphany that I didn’t love SCIENCE, I loved journaling and writing and observing and analyzing. All things I now do through my writing.

    I’m interested to see the things my 5-year-old loves now, that we’ll one day realize is nothing that we thought it was.

  43. Peaches and Cream! How beautiful she was! My cousin and I were still playing Barbie’s when I was 15. I have never been ashamed to admit that though my daughter thinks it’s crazy. But we would take up our grandmother’s entire living room with our two Barbie “houses.” The houses you buy in the store were not big enough. We stood up children’s books as walls to separate the rooms. We would spend an entire day just setting up the furniture and often making a piece of furniture out of something else. When we finished, we would get to the point where we didn’t know what to do next. Sometimes we would rearrange or redecorate. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I came to realize that just maybe all of that decorating was the beginning of something I love doing now. It makes me feel good to hear somebody else say that, helping me know I am not too crazy. (fyi – We also spent a lot of time playing teacher and I became a high school math teacher, and my cousin used to cut her Barbie’s hair all the time. She is now a hair stylist in an elite salon.)

  44. You are not alone! I asked for the Barbie Dream House every year for Christmas and when I didn’t get it- I built my own out of boxes…and wallpapered with wrapping paper! Just goes to show you that passion shows even at a young age!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

  45. Peaches & Cream!!! My Peaches & Cream Barbies were my favorites. They were actually the first Black Barbie dolls I ever owned. Which made them special because they looked like me :) I ended getting two dolls from Santa that Christmas because my Momma and Daddy bought me one – and also my older sister! So, I had two Barbies but only one Ken!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  46. As a small child and then teenager I would get the Sears and J. C. Penny catalogs and spend days and days picking out towels and dishes and furnishing an imaginary home. Sometimes I would cut out the pictures and glue them to a piece of paper – making my first mood boards long before I knew what that was! I was always so excited to get the catalogs in the mail!

  47. Totally had her!!! haha!! And yeah…my sisters actually hated playing with me, because I took too long to “Set up house”. Really, I had more fun finding items to use as tables, couches, etc. Love love love this! haha!

  48. I love this post! So apropos, as I was cleaning out one of my daughter’s closets (um, she’s 38 and has been gone from home for 20 years) and what did I find tucked away on a top shelf in a non-descript plastic bag? Barbie clothes – lots of them! My daughter loved her Barbies and now collects the historical costume ones.

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