The Real Design Trends for 2013

1_stissingrdSisse Jonassen‘s Home via Design Sponge. Photography: Emily Gilbert

Invest in these trends that are in:

1. Being content with what you have even the old, imperfect, mismatched and loved on, yes, that is so IN (also, it never goes out)

2. Welcoming friends in your home without apology

3. Enjoying your home, wherever you are now, not waiting on some glorious, magnificent, presentable home of the future. I’m talking to you, renters, I’m right there with you.

4. Recognizing that this home is your next home compared to your last home.

5. Using your home as a place of connection, rest, refuge and fun.

6. Taking that risk to make your home a place you love.


Trends that are totally out, trust me, I know these things:

1. Complaining about what you have, that is so 2010

2. Complaining about what you don’t have, that is so 2011

3. Comparing your stuff to other people’s stuff. Even people you don’t know or don’t care about or want to be like in any way other than thinking you want their cute stuff. Like gosh that’s totally ’80s and all.

4. Green. Specifically Green with Envy.  It looks bad on everyone. For real, I don’t care what anyone tells you.


What uncommon trends are you banning or adopting for 2013?

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  1. I’m going to soak myself in CHANGE. 2013 is going to be a big year: baby is coming in 8-ish weeks and I’m taking a long maternity leave and am not going to worry or fret or lose sleep over it. It’s going to be so so sew different for me to not work full-time, but — CHANGE. Life does a fabulous job at bringing change and I’m going to fully adopt it, starting now :)

  2. Nester, I love this! I’ve been thinking about these things too as I make my “home goals” for 2013. I’m excited to work with what I have (and be content with that)!

  3. Brittany Rae says

    I totally rock green. Green Living Room, Green Classic Car, Green Eyes. I say go green. :-)

    • I love green too!!! Except the shade “Green with Envy”

      • We hosted thanksgiving this year for 8 people and I didn’t apologize once about our tiny apartment, how dinner was late (yum, appetizers anyone??). I don’t want to feel Green so I made it a point not to apologize about our apartment. It’s darling, cozy, colorful with beautiful hardwood floors. What else could I want??? :)

  4. Thank you for renting. I know you “get” what that means to nesters. :)

    It is about not coveting, even coveting our past, nice houses.

  5. Well, for a few months we’ve been “Living like no one else…so we can live like no one else.” And, We’ll be continuing that in 2013. That means we we’re on a “use what you have” decorating budget. It also means that were eating less meat, and using more inexpensive cuts. (But, it’s okay. We’re doing a lot more braising, roasting and crock-pot cooking…and it’s even inspired a new series.)

    We’re not giving up buying what little meat we purchase from the butcher. And, having milk delivered from the dairy twice a month. Those were things were tested and now have become intentional choices and priorities.

    We’ll be continuing our push for less kick-knacks and holiday kitsch and more natural rustic elements that we love year round.

    I will try to invite more people over.
    I mean, I WILL invite more people over for dinner and board games. (I so need to remember to just do it…and NOT apologize. Thanks for the reminder.)

    Happy new year!
    ~ Dana

  6. Oh, and purging. Then purging some ore. Then tossing everything else into the Goodwill bag, too :) I keep re-reading “7” and realizing how much stuff we have. UGH!

  7. What an awesome post! This new year is going to find me exploring what “home” really means to me and to my family. I love your “trends” list and it will give me much to ponder as I explore “home” this year. Blessings to you and your family Miss Nester in 2013! I appreciate all that you do to make your blog home so welcoming and inspirational to those who visit.

  8. Love this post.

    We are “trending” a new drain field for our septic system ;-)

  9. My one new trend this year will be to do one random act of kindness per day. I posted about it here

  10. This is a keeper. Thanks for the reminder to live fully in an imperfect world. Thanks so much for this post – I love it.

  11. love this. love you.

    nothing like going into the New Year already feeling behind. feeling like my home and myself aren’t ready to keep up with what 2013 expects of me.

    your words and inspiration are so perfect. I have already decided in my personal life it is okay to not keep up with the world. but yet my home struggles with feeling like it’s always got to keep up. but it doesn’t. thank you for this timely reminder. let’s all take a deep breath. tomorrow is just another day.

    thank you. you are my favorite for this very reason.

  12. Ah, last year’s trends were Change, Broken-heartedness, and Grace. Wait, wait……..I’m still thinking 2011. What an incredibly hard year that was. Which means THIS year’s trends were probably…Rest, Healing and Rebuilding. And next year? Maybe stretching. Hopefully. Time to break out new branches, bud some new leaves, flower again, and get serious about my root system (relationships, not hair). Stretch and Hope, those will be my new trends for 2013!

    • Thank you for saying this. It ministered to me so much! We have been in change and brokenness since mid-August, and we keep wondering why we feel so tired. We will (try to) unashamedly embrace the rest and healing time. Thank you for speaking just what I needed to hear!

      • To Heidi and Jennifer, Yes, yes and YES! Us too. It’s okay (especially after such heartache) to rest, relax, sleep and rest some more. It’s a gift from God. If we feel guilty about the resting and relaxing it kind of takes the “gift” part away. I’m with ya both!

        Love and many blessings to everyone, and thanks Nester!

  13. Love. This.

    Happy New Year!

  14. Love this post and this reminder that we don’t have to keep up with the “Jones”. Sometimes it is hard to remember this when we read about all these beautiful homes in blog land. But I have decided that I am going to be me – on my blog and in my life. While it might be hard sometimes to remember that it is okay to not have the best of everything – no big fancy house, or new cars in the driveway – not even boats or vacation homes etc – it is what it is , and it is more than enough!

  15. Hehe. This made me smile. Great post as always.

  16. Amen! Well put!

  17. Yes!!! Thank you, these “trends” have changed our home !!!
    Happy New Year.

  18. Love your “trends”! Thank you!

  19. The best imperfect design post to read for today. Thank you.

  20. This post is so you! I love how you stay true to your message and don’t try to be like anyone else. Thanks for being real…like the best friend every one should have!

  21. I love this! Thank you for these “trends” and I couldn’t agree more!! Happy 2013 to you!

  22. YESSS!! In a world where so many are losing their jobs and homes and in some cases their lives,I will be grateful for ENOUGH. My two words for 2013 GRATEFUL/ ENOUGH Thank you for this post:)

  23. A perfect word. I’m going to keep it.

  24. Wonderful reminder of where our hearts should be…thanks!

  25. Awesome post! So true! You can create beautiful with what you have. Life is too short to worry about what you don’t have. I’ve discovered being grateful for what you have… even the simple things, make you feel like your cup is over flowing. Happy New Year Everyone!

  26. My goal for 2013 is to grow in hospitality (I stink at this!), and this post is so encouraging to me!!! Thank you so much. I’m going to go read it again a few times…

  27. I love this post and recommended it on Facebook for my friends to read. Happy New Year to you Nester. I have to say that this year I discovered your dad. I read his story and it was one of the best for me from 2012. I love stories of redemption and how God can change anyone.

    Blessings and love,

  28. Amen! Well said!

  29. Well said!!!!

  30. 2012 was MY year of change..
    And I made it through!! Now on to 2013….I am seeing the LIGHT!

  31. Thank you! You are an inspiration.

  32. This is such a relief to read. So true. I really want to be more invitational with people this year. I want to invite others over and care about them. I want to throw away my perfectionism and find more contentment and peace. I know that God can continue to transform me (and my house) in a way that would bring glory to Him. You are such an inspiration Nester! :)

  33. What a great post! Thanks, it made my day.

  34. For me 2013 is the year to Have Experiences Not Things. I’m starting off my year by becoming a English as a Second Language tutor and then taking a calligraphy class.

  35. I love this! All great advice! Make sure to pop over to my blog and enter to win a ticket to design camp in Atlanta with Lori Dennis & Kelli Ellis. Would love to have you join us!!

  36. Great post. With the all the wonderful blogs and Pinterest, it is soooo hard not to feel inadequate. I just read Miss Mustard Seed”s latest blog post and she had a pic of her stained carpet. Now, while I love looking at beautiful pics for inspiration, these random “real life” posts are so refreshing. I also finally came to peace with the fact that why I love to look at the Shabby Chic, all neutral, style, I crave color and love mid-century modern furniture. Burlap, chippy paint, and old crates are cool just not for me. I have learned a lot about individually in the last year. I decided to stop decorating for other people and decorate for myself.

  37. Out of trend number 4 is so well written! I think we all struggle with this one. Fortunately, I’ve found as I get older and more grateful for what I have, I’ve come to realize that the grass isn’t always greener!

  38. SUCH a great post! This year I aim to be much more hospitable, not waiting for the perfect but celebrating the now. A little more casual, a little more comfortable in my dress, home and attitudes : )

  39. So hard to not play the comparison game. Your words were well said.

  40. this post…one of the many reason why i just adore you!

    happy new year!

  41. Nester, This is amazing. I face-booked it–which is rare for me. I’m so glad that these are trends I have a chance at pulling off well and not getting tired of them a few months down the road :).

  42. Very well said. I especially liked #3. :)

  43. I think you’re ahead of the curve, Nester, just in verbalizing the “new” trend of being satisfied with what we have…….it’s something that all of us who came of age in the 80’s – when acquiring was the name of the game – are learning and accepting and adapting to. And it’s a good thing! I love receiving things with history and hand-me-downs from older relatives. That makes my life animated all around me – not just me living amongst the things I’ve acquired.

  44. I love that green dresser. I love the green word art that I made this fall. I love that you and your sister and Ann Voscamp encourage women to be content. You know the saying, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Our contentment is the most important decoration in our home. Thank you for what you do.

  45. I love this post, you’ve nailed it!
    Debbie :)

  46. I love this post and just linked it to my latest post. We can be happy right where we are with what we have…and we can share who we are and what we have without fear. This is a message we should share with everyone we know, because it is so important to remind others that their value is in who they are not what they have.

    Blessings to all for the new year!

  47. I missed this post the other day; so glad I saw it today!

    Reading this is a balm to my soul, and I’d say to lots of other people’s souls, too. Thank you for thinking about it and praying about it and then writing it, in your wonderful inimitable style.

    I have to say, though, that reading this makes me want to actually SEE you, like in-person-sit-and-have-a-cup-of-coffee. You don’t ever get to this part of the state, do you?

  48. Thank you! This is just what I needed to hear…we rent and just had to move out of a rental I loved to one that just doesn’t feel as much like “home” to me. So I’ve been in a bit of a funk and needed to snap out of it! :)

  49. These feel like wonderful like trends for the next year on all fronts. I feel like the “less is more” approach is going to be so important this year. Thanks for pulling these sentiments together.

  50. What to say…? I think I have already lauded your amazing posts and mentioned the fact that we also rent and how close to home your words fall. So thankful for these posts. They keep me grounded some days. I don’t think we’ll move for at last another year or so. Who knows. For now… very content just embracing our space and looking forward to making it (even more) our own.
    Happy New Year! :) Claire

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